A Waltz of Freedom.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Koloshin A.

Operators: Koloshin A.


About the 20th Anniversary of the Liberation of Austria from the fascist regime.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to Austria. The film documents used film archives of the Soviet Union and the Austrian newsreels. Austria. Landscapes of the Austrian Alps. Avalanches. Climbers in the mountains, at the top. Skiers on the slopes, hills, jumps. Funicular. Tourists admire the scenery, visiting the sights. Towns and rural settlements. Chimney sweeps on the roof. Work concrete diamond machine. Movement cartage, road transport, tourist buses. Residents of towns and villages for work, at home. Livestock. The shepherds graze their flocks of goats and sheep. Lumberjack in the woods. Raftsman driven forest along river. Popular holiday dedicated to meeting the spring. The carnival procession. Dancing. Construction of a hydroelectric dam. Production processes at a metallurgical plant. Scientists at the nuclear reactor. Nuclear reactor. March participants 2nd World War (Austrian Nazi). City of Vienna. Modern and ancient buildings. Cathedrals, palaces, fountains. Monuments Strauss, Haydn, Mozart, Z. Marcus. The building of the International Atomic Energy Commission. Opera House. Movement cartage (the drivers), road transport, motorcycles. Street cafes. Sale of flowers and other street trade. Residents of the city on the streets, in cafes, in the park. Attractions City Park. Monument to Soviet soldiers, laying of wreaths. The cemetery of Soviet soldiers. Workers Quarters. Demonstration of neo-fascists. A protest demonstration against neo-fascism. Concentration camp at Mauthausen. Monument to General D. Karbysheva. Visit Mikoyan. Descent to the water vessel "Vienna", commissioned by the Soviet Union. Newsreel. Austria. 1938. Dispersal working demonstrations by police and troops. The arrests of the workers. The occupation of Austria. German troops on the border, in Vienna. The movement of troops. Head of Austrian Nazis Seyss-Inquart welcomed the German and Austrian Nazis. A. Hitler rides in a car on the streets of Vienna. Mobilization of the Austrians. Recruits at the exercises. Production processes in a munitions factory (1938-1944 years). 1945. Fighting the Soviet and German troops. Wounded. Killed. Prisoners. Marshal F. Tolbukhin at the command post. Street fighting in the city of Vienna, the Soviet troops entered the liberated city, the people welcomed the troops (April 1945). April 27, 1945. Living in Vienna welcomed the Provisional Government. Chancellor Karl Renner. Living in the Vienna waltz dancing in the square. The meeting of Parliament. Advocates I. Koplenig. 1945-1950 gg. Restore the ruined economy. Return of refugees, prisoners of concentration camps, prisoners of war. Life residents. Supply of food. Construction of a bridge over the Danube River with the help of Soviet soldiers, the opening of the monument to Soviet soldiers. Laying of wreaths at the graves of Soviet soldiers. Demonstrations disabilities, doctors, workers. Police disperse demonstration of working, to make arrests. Construction of an American military base. Maneuvers of NATO troops. 1953. Speech Communist deputies E. Fischer, demanding the imposition of the neutrality of Austria. 1955. The people welcomed arriving from Moscow Chancellor Y. Raab. The signing of the State Treaty for the restoration of independence and democracy in Austria. Attended by representatives of U.S., USSR, Britain and France. Ratification of the treaty in the Austrian parliament. Derivation of the allied forces. 1960. The meeting in Vienna of an international congress. Festival of Youth and Students (1959). City of Moscow. Visiting President of Austria A. Scherf (1959).

Reel №1

Alps mountains covered with snow, the clouds in the mountains - LS.

Climbers ascend to the top, climb the steep slopes - LS., MS.

Alpine Village - LS., PNRM. (Top).

The villager hangs out in the street clothes - MS.

Men load hay carriage and lowered them to the mountains - LS., MS.

Cows are selected out of the snow - MS.

Sheep and goats on snowy mountain slope - MS., LS.

Schoolchildren walk in deep snow - MS.

Avalanche in the mountains - LS., MS.

Snow clearance machines work - LS.

Skiers ride the bus - MS.

Skiers on the ski lifts and cable cars take to the Alps - MS., LS.

Skiers sunbathe in the spring sunshine - MS., PNRM.

Children stand on skis - MS., CU.

Skiers - CU., MS.

Skiers jump from a springboard - LS.

Skiers descend from the mountains - LS., MS.

Spring carnival in the Austrian village - LS., MS., PNRM.

Passing carts with masked faces.

On the streets of men marching with Hitler's orders - LS., MS.

Dancing in traditional costumes on the street - MS.

Orchestra - MS.

Boat float decorated with flowers - MS., LS.

Competition on scooters - MS.

Athletes on water skis - LS.

Fog in the mountains - LS.

Belfry - LS.

Deer out of the woods - LS.

Loggers sawing and cutting trees - LS., MS.

From the mountain to the river falls a tree trunk - LS.

Raftsman spend on the mountain river raft - LS., MS.

The man on the shore near the waterfall - LS.

Mowers, with insurance, mow grass on steep slopes - MS., LS.

Shepherds herd driven - LS.

Break ground on the hillside - MS.

In the mountains, moving funicular - MS.

Construction of hydroelectric power in the mountains - MS., LS.

Austrian steel plant in Linz - MS., PNRM.; Mill - MS., LS.; Steelmaking shop - MS., LS.

About Mill says technical director Mr.

Plachý (simultaneously in German).

Working in the shop - MS.

A team of scientists at the controls of the Austrian nuclear reactor - MS.

The cable car is moving funicular trolley laden with planks - LS.

The movement of vehicles on the road in the mountains (the top point).

Tourists at the bus stop at the tables - LS., MS.

Motor vehicles on the streets of Vienna - MS.

Number of cars and tour buses have arrived in Vienna - CU.

General view of Vienna.

Sculpture - MS., CU.

Reel №2

Palace, decorated with sculptures - MS., LS.

The facade of the building - MS., PNRM.

Passengers and meet in the station building - LS. (Top point).

The building of the International Atomic Commission, a sign on the building - MS.

Meeting of the World Congress - LS.

7th World Youth Festival in Vienna: the march of young people of different nationalities, dancing in the streets and the stadium.

Interview Joseph Laushera - a prominent figure in the Austrian Communist Party, an adviser to the Vienna municipality (synchronously in German) - MS.

Street Vienna - MS.

Pedestrians on the streets - MS., LS.

The flow of cars on the street - MS.

Traffic regulator - MS.

Monument designer car with a gasoline engine Siegfried Marcus - MS., PNRM.

Couple on a bike - MS.

A man on a bicycle with a trailer wheeling fresh flowers - LS.

Racing in the country and in the stadium - LS.

Viennese in the small two-seater - MS.

Dump old cars - LS., MS., PNRM.

By vehicles passing cab driver with passengers - MS.

The streets of Vienna, the tourists - MS.

Men in the cafe - MS.

Outdoor outdoor cafe - MS., LS.

Construction and road works in the street - LS.

Working-class district of Vienna - LS., PNRM. (The top point), MS. PNRM.

Monument to those killed in 1934, the plaque on the monument - LS., MS.

Buzzing factory whistle - MS.

Machinist remove hats - MS.

Newsreel 1934:

Demonstration against the Nazi threat - MS., LS.

Police and troops of the reactionary government Dollfuss disperse and shoot workers with machine guns, arrested demonstrators - MS., LS.

On the streets of conduct arrested antifascists - MS.

Newsreel 1938:

Hitler's troops in Austria demolished border post, the German troops crossed the border.

Troops in the city, they are greeted residents - MS., CU.

The air leaflets with a swastika - LS.

On the balcony of the Austrian people traitor Seyss-Inquart welcomed German troops - CU., LS.

The newspaper "Red Flag" article on the inevitability of the collapse of fascism - MS., PNRM., Hitting.

On the streets of Vienna passing car with Adolf Hitler - LS.

The arches of the cathedral and sculptures of saints that adorn the cathedral - MS., PNRM.

PNRM. the cathedral.

Hitler's words about Vienna, engraved on the wall of the cathedral - MS.

Explosions, fires in Vienna - LS., MS.

Destroyed buildings, ruins - MS., LS.

Austrian youth - MS., CU., LS.

Military factory shop: making shells for Germany.

Soldiers' helmets on the crosses on the graves of dead German and Austrian soldiers - MS.

Fence with barbed wire, prison cell, prison yard - MS.

Stone with a carved inscription in the home by the Gestapo - LS.

Eternal flame burns - MS.

Torchlight procession and rally in memory of those who died for the liberation of Austria - LS., MS.

Interview Johann Koplenig - a veteran of the labor movement, the chairman of the Communist Party of Austria (synchronously in German) - MS.

Austrian Communist Party ticket, and portraits of twelve members of the Central Committee, died in the war for Austria - MS.

Photo: Austrian Nazis hanged patriots.

Photo: Austrian partisans.

A plaque in memory of the dead - CU.

Flowers at the memorial plaque.

Eternal flame - CU.

Reel №3

Ascend the escalator crowns underpass - MS.


Young people at the tables in cafes, on the street, on the rides at the park - different.

Mannequins in store windows - MS., CU.

The cafe at the table two girls - Ernie and Wilma Titlbah Tumanek - are interviewed (synchronously in German) - MS., CU.

Newsreel 1939-1945.:


Soviet soldiers go into battle.

Nurse bandaging the wounded on the battlefield.

Moments of battle.

The soldiers buried their fallen comrades.

Soviet soldiers in the trenches.


Shooting guns, "Katyusha".

Fighting for the liberation of Austria.

Soviet troops crossed the Austrian border.

Marshal FI Tolbukhin in Vienna Card - MS., CU.

Newspaper with a circulation Tolbukhina to the Viennese, not to mine the Germans and destroy the city.

FI Tolbukhin at the command post.

Street fighting in Vienna.

Ruined streets of Vienna.

Dumped from the post Nazi flag with a swastika - MS., CU.

The streets of Vienna are the Soviet troops.

Viennese welcome the liberators.

Beat the bell.

On the area of ​​the bands play.

Viennese waltz on the square dancing - LS., MS.

Above the town hall rises Austrian national flag - LS.

By area, are members of the Provisional Government led by Dr.

Karl Renner - LS., MS.

Crowns welcome interim government - MS.

Karl Renner may come from the Soviet command keys from the parliament building.

The meeting of the Provisional Government in Parliament - MS., LS.

The interview Johann Koplenig (simultaneously in German) - MS., CU.

Newsreel 1945:

Refugees and former prisoners of concentration camps back home.

Most Austrian family in the crowded room.

Children on the ruins.

Soviet soldiers handed out food people.

Crowns out of the store with black bread in his hands.

Reel №4

Newsreel of the 40-50's.:

The inscriptions on the walls: "Checked", "House Defused - MS.

Viennese rubble, clearing the streets - MS., LS.

The Soviet soldiers are working on restoring the bridge over the Danube River - LS., MS.

In the streets of the city is the first tram.

The bridge over the Danube - MS.

On the bridge a people - LS.

The opening of the monument to the Soviet soldier-liberator Square Schwarzenbergplatz.

Standing Soviet and allied troops.

A volley of guns.

Soviet officers and soldiers salute.

Are the residents.

Laying of wreaths at the monument - MS.

Graves of Soviet soldiers in the cemetery - LS., MS.

The people at the cemetery - MS.

The woman at the graves of Soviet soldiers in the desert - MS.

The inscription on the tomb - CU.

The street is a woman with children - MS.

The people on the platform of the station - LS.

Sellers of cigarettes, grinder, Fiddler on the streets of Vienna - MS.

Strauss monument on the background of a ruined house - MS.

The inscription on the fence in the German language - MS.

Held two protesters - CU.

Strikers at the rally.


Demonstration of persons with disabilities (wheelchair).

Demonstration of doctors.

Demonstration of youth.

Police disperse and arrest demonstrators.

Protesters come to the fight with the police.

Meeting of workers.

Flags of the Allied forces on the building - MS.

Are officers of allied forces - LS., MS.

U.S. troops pass - MS., LS.

General Clark inspects the troops of the American occupation zone of Austria.

The hotel "Bristol", where he stopped, General Clark, gathered Austrians expressed outrage presence of American troops - MS., CU.

NATO troops marching - MS., LS.

The officers of NATO troops from the map.

Soldiers on maneuvers - MS.

The maneuvers of NATO troops.

Construction near Salzburg large U.S. military base.

Acts Communist deputy Ernst Fischer - MS.

MPs listen to - MS., LS.

Newsreel 1955:

Federal Chancellor J. Raab at the airport upon his return from Moscow, where the decision of the immediate signing of the contract with neutral Austria.

The people in the streets welcomes Raab.

Demonstration of workers - LS., MS.

Cheering Austrians - MS., CU.

The last meeting of the Allied Commission - MS.

The last parade of the allied troops.

Down allied flags.

Parliament session, at which the law on permanent neutrality of Austria - LS., MS.

Farewell meeting at the Town Hall, marking the Soviet troops (evening).

Children presented flowers to the soldiers.

Soldiers say goodbye to people.

The composition of the Soviet troops departed from the platform.

Residents waving hand departing.

Interview of the Austro-Soviet Society Professor Hugh Glaser (simultaneously in German) - MS.

Reel №5

Newsreel 1961:

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin welcome crowns, hosted by President of the Republic Adolphe Scherf - MS.

Newsreel 1959:

In the hall of the Moscow State University Rector Academician IG Peter presents Adolf Scherf Honorary Doctor of Laws.

Newsreel 1957:

AI Mikoyan during his visit to Austria in the mountains in one of the industrial enterprises, at the reception of the members of the Austrian government.

Newsreel 1963:

The launching of a new ship "Vienna", built by order of the Soviet Union.

Soviet engineers and workers on the "Festa" master new technology.

Interview with members of the works council communists and socialists Kyurera Knasmyullera on Soviet orders for equipment and the nationalization of industry (simultaneously in German) - MS.

Shipment of the equipment purchased by the Soviet Union.

Work at a metallurgical plant.

Bonn revenge-seekers and troops in West Germany.

Neo-Nazis with swastika patches on the sleeves in Vienna.

Protest Working Youth of Austria against provocations monarchists.

Protesters clash with police.

Revanchists gathering in West Germany and Austria.

Cover and pages of "Soldier's calendar" of West Germany with a list of their Austrian and the Soldiers' Unions »- CU.

Fascist medals and decorations - MS.

Demonstrations and rallies in Austria.

Collision with revanchists.

Newsreel 1939-1945.:

Hitler's troops marching.

Hitler and others - LS.

Corpses - PNRM.

Crosses on the graves - LS., PNRM.

Eternal flame - CU., PNRM.

Monument to prisoners who were tortured in Nazi concentration camps (Mauthausen) - MS., LS.

Monument to Soviet General Karbysheva, who died in Mauthausen - MS.

Are former inmates and residents, a woman crying - MS., CU.

Vienna's opera house - LS., PNRM.

Near the theater at the booth huge letter «W» - the emblem of the World Music Festival - LS.

Monument to composer Haydn, Mozart - MS. (With motion).

Brass band plays - MS.

Sculptures (evening).

Streets of Vienna (evening) - LS., MS.

Cars on the street lit - MS., PNRM.

Illuminated cathedral, building, fountain, palace - LS., MS.

Ballet dancers on stage dancing the waltz - MS., LS.

Flashing lights of buildings and signs.

Skaters on the ice dance waltz - LS., PNRM.

Newsreel 1945:

Crowns and Soviet soldiers in the square dance the waltz - MS., LS.

Framing plans: life of the Viennese.

The sun is shining.

The mountain peaks covered with snow.