Karelia. Fantasy - impromptu (1989)

Documentary №60550, 1 part, duration: 0:09:33
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Livanova T.
Screenwriters:Livanova T.
Camera operators:Presnyakov V.
Sound mixer:Sinyak S.


The film tells about the sights of Karelia - nature, rivers and lakes, monuments of architecture and culture.

Reel №1

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Movie №1

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The night, the moon, on the water - a lunar path.

Reflection in the water - trees with yellow leaves.

View of the rocks.

Evening Karelian landscape (sunset).

Sunset sky, clouds, view of the wooden church.

Panorama of the lake.

The general plan (taken from above) is a lake, a small island, a boat is sailing.

View of the high steep banks, coniferous forest, panorama of a small waterfall.

A catamaran with two rowers in protective helmets is sailing along the river through the rapids.

View of the river from the top point.

Forest clearing, flowers.

Panorama of the river, current, rocks.

Large - wild strawberry bushes with flowers.

Shore, panorama of the river, visible streaks on the water.

View of the river with streaks, rocky shores, forest.

Streams of water flow over the stones, a panorama of the river, grass and yellow flowers near the shore.

A group of two-person kayaks is sailing along the river.

Large - water lily leaves and flowers, panorama of the river, forest.

A rowing boat with rowers is sailing.

River, rocky shore (removed from the water, from traffic).

Coarse yellow moss on the rocks.

The village of Virma, the wooden Peter and Paul Church.

An old, withered tree in the forest, a panorama of roots sticking out of the ground.

Panorama of rocks and bushes with small yellow flowers.

Meadow, grass, panorama of the lake - small sailing boats are sailing.

Kizhi, wooden chapel of the Sign of the Virgin (removed from the water, from the movement).

The village is a panorama of wooden houses, a chapel, children at a table by the shore, boats by the water.

Sailing boat is sailing.

In the window of the hut - an elderly woman.

Wooden chapel - a panorama of a meadow, wildflowers.

Large - there is a bee on the flower.

Wildflowers, a panorama of the river, in the frame - the Assumption Church in the village of Kondopoga.

Sailing boats on the water.

View of the complex of wooden churches and buildings in Kizhi (taken from the water, from traffic).

Sailing boats on the water.

View of the museum-reserve in Kizhi at sunset.

River, strong current, small rapids.

A fisherman with a fishing rod on the shore.

Seagulls over the water.

Panorama of the river, motor ships near the shore.

Nikolsky skete on Valaam.

Wind, panorama of trees.

River (removed from traffic).

Sky, clouds.

The dome of the church.

Panorama of the roofs of houses, autumn forest, lake, small islands.

Panorama of the forest, rocks, walking figure.

Large - cranberry bushes with berries, cloudberries, mushrooms, cranberries.

Two people are sitting near the rocks, a panorama of the forest, the lake.

Panorama of the forest, rocks.

Large - rowan berries on a branch.

Panorama of a tent city in a clearing in the forest, tourists are sitting at a wooden table.

Large - a bonfire is burning.

Tourists at the campfire.

A man plays the guitar.

Different shots with tourists.

Large - a bouquet of wildflowers in the hands.

Shots with tourists - playing football, cooking, sitting by the campfire.

River, panorama of a man in a boat with berries and mushrooms in buckets.

A fisherman near the shore with a fishing rod, a view of a bucket of caught fish.

Large - hands tamp the fish in a bucket.

Tourists collect things on the shore.

Large - buckets with cranberries and fish.

View of the boats and tourists collecting things.

Wooden boat on the water.

Raindrops on the water.

It's raining, a view of the lake, the shore, wooden huts in the thickets of trees.

Ducks are swimming on the lake.

A small island in the center of the lake.

Panorama of yellow leaves on a tree.

Sunset, shore.

Panorama of the winter forest, rocks.

View of the frozen river, figures on the ice.

Museum-reserve in Kizhi in winter.

Flight over the museum-reserve in Kizhi.

Winter river, small waterfall - panorama of the river, banks, forest.

The ice is melting, the snow is melting, the river is flowing.

View of the river at sunset.

Key words

Kayaking, wooden church, museum-reserve in Kizhi, hiking, tourists, tents

Locations: Republic of Karelia [746]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

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