A Voice of People of the World. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kopalin I.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


About the All-Union Congress for Peace in the city of Helsinki.

Temporary description

Types of Helsinki. Speech at the rally held before the opening of the World Congress of the World, the representative of South Vietnam. Members of Congress sent to the meeting. Among the delegates to Congress, Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the President of Finland, Kekkonen and others. Addresses Congress delegates. Session commissions set up during the congress. Newsreel of the war in Vietnam: fighting U.S. troops with the participation of aircraft, helicopters, sending coffins with the dead. The actions of the Vietnam People's Liberation Army.

Reel №1

The City of Helsinki - PNRM., LS. (Summer).

The streets of the city - MS.

Traffic - MS.

People on the streets - PNRM.

Area of ​​the city - LS.

Streets and buildings adorned with flags of countries participating in the World Congress for Peace.

The streets are delegates from around the world and representatives of various international organizations, residents greet them - LS., MS.

A meeting of solidarity with embattled Vietnam in Helsinki - LS.

Rally participants warmly welcomed by representatives of the heroic Vietnamese-kind: the head of delegation of the DRV Le Dinh there and head of South Vietnam Peace Committee Dinh Thi Pa - LS.

Le Dinh There and Pa Thi Dinh in the stands - MS., LS., PNRM. the rally.

From the podium stands Dinh Thi Pa - MS.

American aggression in Vietnam:

U.S. military aircraft on the ground in Vietnam - LS., MS.

Explosions bombs on the ground.


U.S. warship in the coastal waters of Vietnam.

With the rising planes aviamatki - LS., MS.

Aircraft ground fires from the air.

Vietnamese children run crying.

The villagers away from the burning houses.

Refugees on the road.

Long line of helicopters landing on Vietnamese soil.

American soldiers landed in helicopters.

Armed Americans go to the jungle, surrounded by huts civilians.

Burning huts - LS.

Americans taken prisoner by the Vietnamese civilians in the village, they are connected by two.

Americans and hired Vietnamese soldiers prepare prisoners to violence.

Are prisoners of Vietnamese adolescents.

Prisoners with hands tied behind their backs put in truck.

Vietnamese women cry - LS., MS.

Armed Vietnamese patriots - MS., CU.

Peace activists rally in Helsinki - LS.

Dinh Thi Pa presents a commemorative pennant Chairman of the Finnish Peace Committee Vitke Sinhuvudu.

Delegates gather for the meeting of Congress.

Female Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Nikolayeva - Tereshkova delegates - CU.

V. Nikolaev - Tereshkova give their autographs.

Session of Congress for peace, national independence, and general disarmament - LS., MS.

Congress participants of different nationalities - CU.

The delegation of the Soviet Union: the writers Nikolai Tikhonov and IG Ehrenburg, VV Nikolaev - Tereshkova, and others in the meeting hall of the congress.

Clergy - MS.

Delegates of India, African - CU.

Arrival of the President of Finland Urho Kekkonen opening of Congress.

The delegates in the hall of applause greeted the president.

With the opening speech at the Congress stands winner of the International Lenin Prize, Professor John Pernal.

Finnish Prime Minister Johannes Virolainen welcomes Congress on behalf of The Government of Finland and is the delegates of the World monument project for the City of Helsinki.

Everyone in the room applauded - PNRM., LS., LS., MS.

Monument of Peace project - PNRM., LS.


Members of Congress applauded - LS.

Reel №2

The World Congress of the meeting welcomed the representative of Viet Nam Dinh Thi Pa - everyone was applauding - PNRM., LS., MS.

Speech Pa Thi Dinh at the Congress.

Congress delegates on the sidelines talking, discussing issues of the day.

Meeting of the Commission on the creation of an environment conducive to peace - MS., LS.

Speakers: delegate Vire Tuominen of Finland, the Soviet writer Ilya Ehrenburg, the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Delegates listen - CU.

Meeting of the Commission on the liberation of peoples from colonial rule for national sovereignty and to protect it from invaders.

The delegates from Southern Rhodesia - CU., MS.

Meeting of the Commission on the elimination of the remnants of the Second World War, European security - PNRM., LS., MS.

The meeting of the delegates of different faiths on the fight against the instigators of military adventures - PNRM., LS., CU., MS.

Meeting of the Commission on Vietnam - MS.

At a meeting of a member of the South Vietnamese Peace Committee Ma Thi Chu (female).

American aggression in Vietnam:

In the air, U.S. military aircraft - LS., MS.

American pilots - MS., CU.

American soldiers descend from the ship on Vietnamese soil.

Americans in the Vietnamese jungle.

Patriots DRV shoot at American aircraft - LS., MS.

Falls downed aircraft - LS., MS.

U.S. plane wreckage strewn - PNRM., MS.

The Vietnamese are a captive American pilot.

Lit a large American airport, Vietnamese guerrillas exploded - LS., PNRM., LS.

Americans extinguish a fire at the airport - LS., MS.

The coffins with the bodies of American soldiers preparing shipment from Vietnam to the United States.

Carry the wounded to the helicopter.

Helicopter takes off from the territory of a field hospital.

Corpses Saigon puppet troops without coffins in synthetic bags ready for burial.

Vietnamese patriot with a rifle - CU.

On the podium of the World Congress in Helsinki delegate Vietnam Ma Thi Chu (continued performance).

Peace meeting with delegates from the U.S. to Vietnam Congress in Helsinki - MS., CU.

World Congress meeting in Helsinki - LS.

Eugenie Cotton in the presidium - MS.

Members of Congress voted for the draft joint statement of the Congress, with the decision of the congress for peace, national independence, and disarmament.

Rally Hall of Columns after the meeting with the delegates of the World Congress of Peace in Helsinki - LS.

Participants in the rally applause greeting Soviet Congress delegates and delegates from other countries, staying in Moscow on his way from Helsinki.

Are the representatives of the public in Moscow.

The demonstrators applauded in approval decision by the World Congress in Helsinki.

Mass rally at a Moscow factory in solidarity with the Vietnamese people, fighting the U.S. aggressors.

Participants in the rally to vote in support of the Vietnamese people in their struggle against the aggressors - LS., MS.

Protest march against Roma people aggressive U.S. actions in Vietnam - LS., MS.

Protest rally in London's Trafalgar Square against the warmongers.

Priest stands Kollanz.

Demonstration of progressive Americans in Washington against adventurous policy of the ruling circles in the U.S. - LS.

Tokyo workers' demonstration outside the U.S. embassy against the threat of war in Washington.

Demonstrations in Helsinki for peace in Vietnam.