When They Sung In Russian In Milan.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rybakova A.

Operators: Khavchin A.

Anouncers: Gerdt Z.


About a tour of the opera troupe of the Bolshoi Theater in Milan theater "La Scala". From October 27 to November 20, 1964, the opera troupe of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR toured in Milan, in the Theater "La Scala".

Temporary description

Tour of the Bolshoi Theater in Milan: Fragments from the opera "Boris Godunov" at the stage of Milan's La Scala "(synchronously). Among the artists working in opera: Ivan Petrov, Andrei Sokolov. Soviet artists walk the city of Milan, talking to Milanese, see the sights. Types in Milan: streets, squares. The preparation stage of the theater for the play "The Queen of Spades. Scenes from the opera "The Queen of Spades" (synchronously). Among the artists engaged in the performance: I. Arkhipova, Galina Vishnevskaya, T. Milashkina, M. Kiselev, Z. Andjaparidze, P. Lisician. Meeting of the Bolshoi's artists in the urban trade union center. Conductor G. Rozhdestvensky answers questions. Meeting at the Arts Club, visit the printing of the newspaper "Unita", the club steelworks. A. Present Ognivtsev, E. Obraztsova, Alexander Vedernikov. Fragments of the opera "War and Peace" (synchronously) on the stage of La Scala, the fragments of the opera "Sadko" (synchronously), fragments of the opera "Prince Igor" (synchronously). Visiting artists Verdi's home theater, museum-apartment A. Toscanini, with their daughters and granddaughters FIShalyapin. Visiting artists theater in Venice. Types of Venice: canals, palaces.

Reel №1

After the performances on the stage bows artists - MS.

Italian audience applauding - CU., MS.

Animation: photos and newspaper articles that tell about the success of the Bolshoi Theatre in Milan - MS.

Animation: (double exposure) on the back of the auditorium of the theater "La Scala".

Portraits of famous artists perform here: Caruso, Titta Ruffo, Galli Curci, Leonid Sobinov, Feodor Chaliapin - CU.

Posters of the Bolshoi Theatre, brought to Milan - MS.

Photo: Ivan Petrov as Boris Godunov - CU.

The conductor Yevgeny Svetlanov - MS.

Scenes from the opera "Boris Godunov": the area and the people in the theater with Shuisky - as Boris - Ivan Petrov, as Shuya - Andrei Sokolov (synchronously).

I.Petrov and Sokolov in costumes and makeup in the dressing room - MS., CU.

I.Petrov performs an aria - MS., LS.

Reel №2

Bowing to the audience, Ivan Petrov, Andrei Sokolov - MS.

Cheering - MS., MS. PNRM.

In the dressing room after the show I.Petrov declines hand rings, headgear - CU.

Soviet artists I.Petrov and A. Sokolov, Valentine Levko, Eugene Kibkalo Vladimir Atlantis and others on a walk through the streets of Milan, talking to Milanese - LS., MS., CU.

Sforza Castle, built in the XIV century - LS. PNRM. top to bottom.

Milan - LS. PNRM. with a / t


Streets with the modern high-rise buildings - MS.

Milan Cathedral, which began to build in 1386 and built up to now.

Sculptures and decorations on the outer walls of the cathedral - CU.

Artist Galina Vishnevskaya, E. Obraztsova, Korolev in the square outside the cathedral - CU.

General view of the city (removed from the cathedral).

Street, passers-by and traffic on the streets - MS., LS. PNRM.

Italian newspaper reading on the street - MS.

Playbill Theatre "La Scala" in Moscow and the Bolshoi - Milan - MS., CU.

The queue at the box office of the theater "La Scala" at the Bolshoi Theatre - MS., CU. PNRM.

Italians buy tickets - CU.

Panorama of the poster, "The Queen of Spades» - CU.

Preparing the scenery for the play, on stage the main artist V.Ryndin etc. - LS., MS., CU.

A scene from the opera "Queen of Spades" - romance Pauline performs Irina Arkhipova, Lisa's aria - Galina Vishnevskaya (synchronously).

Cheering - MS., LS.

Reel №3

Scenes from the opera "Queen of Spades" in the performance of Tamara Milashkina (Lisa's aria), Mikhail Kiselev (Song Tomsk), Zurab Andjaparidze (aria Germany) (synchronously).

Cheering in the hall - MS. PNRM., LS.

Paul Lisician Tamara Milashkina and others give autographs - MS., CU.

Reception in the city center of the trade union.

The participants welcomed the representatives of the Bolshoi Theatre, headed by M. Chulaki, the participants talk - MS.

Meeting with the artists in the club SABT Institute of Arts, the questions of the responsible conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky, theater director Michael Chulaki - MS., CU.

Soviet artists visiting workers Milan offices of the newspapers' Unita »- LS., MS.

A group of artists in the printing of the newspaper, the car with cast headline - Alexander Ognivtsev - MS.

Cheering at the club Italian factory - MS., CU.

At the Club bows young singer Elena Obraztsova - CU.

E. Obraztsova performing the song "I'm waiting for you ...» - MS., CU., Check-out (synchronous).

Artist presented with flowers - MS.

E. Obraztsova A.Vedernikov and sign autographs.

General view of the streets of Milan.

A group of Soviet artists on the street talking to the Italians, give gifts - LS., MS.

Reel №4

Italians read newspapers on the street - MS., CU.

Travel to the photo in the newspaper - protruding Soviet violinists - MS.

Performance of violinists Bolshoi Theatre under the direction of Julia Reentovich - LS., MS., CU.

Julius plays Reentovich (synchronous) - CU.

Poster of the opera "War and Peace» - CU.

Conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky bowed to the audience and stands for the panel - MS.

Score of the opera "War and Peace» - CU.

Scenes from the opera, Prince Andrew - Eugene Kibkalo, Field Marshal Kutuzov - Alexander Vedernikov (synchronous), the chorus of soldiers (synchronously).

Bolshoi artists to explore the city - MS. PNRM.

Signage - street name "Via della Moscow", st.


Leo Tolstoy (in Italian) - CU.

Streets - MS. (PNRM.).

The house in which he lived WAMozart - MS.

The plaque on the house - CU.

A group of artists - T. Milashkina, Vedernikov and others in the yard, where he lived by Giuseppe Verdi - MS.

The plaque on the house - CU.

Yard House removed through a metal fence - MS.

Visit the apartment leading conductors of our age - Arturo Toscanini.

Explains daughter Toscanini, his piano - MS.

Daughter and granddaughter I.Shalyapina backstage among the artists of the Bolshoi Theater - LS., MS., CU.

John Smith holds a ring that Shalyapin, put on during the execution of the party of Boris Godunov and are now presented to the Soviet artist M.F.Shalyapinoy - MS.

Rings - CU.

Chief conductor of the Bolshoi Theatre Boris Pokrovsky, chief artist Vadim Ryndin - in the office of the chief artist of the theater "La Scala", Nicholas Benoit - MS., CU.

Standing and talking in the lobby of the Mayor of Milan Bukalossi Pietro, director of La Scala Dr Girengelli, director Bolshoi Mikhail Chulaki - MS., CU.

Poster of the opera "Sadko» - MS.; PNRM. at least till.

In the dressing room getting ready for the play: Varangian guest - Alexander Ognivtsev, Indian visitor - Albert Maslennikov, Venetian Merchant - Yuri Mazurok, Sadko - Vladimir Petrov, Lubava - Larissa Avdeev - MS.

A scene from the opera "Sadko" (on stage Sadko with Novgorod, then Lubava) (synchronous

Reel №5

A scene from the opera "Sadko" - performed arias: Viking Guest - Alexander Ognivtsev, Indian visitor - A.Maslennikov, Venetian Guest - Yu.

Mazurok) - synchronously

Venice - LS. PNRM., LS. (With a / t).

The channels are moving boats, gondolas.

Soviet artists on a boat during a walk along the canals of Venice.


Mark's Basilica, the nuns and the Venetians at the entrance to the cathedral - LS.

Actors feeding pigeons on St.

Mark's Square.

E. Obraztsova talking to a boy in the square - LS., MS.

General view of the cathedral.

Promenade with traffic on the channel.

Area of ​​the "La Scala" in Milan - LS. PNRM. (With a / t).

Monument to Leonardo da Vinci - LS.

Poster of the opera "Prince Igor."

Evening plans Milan - LS.

To the entrance of La Scala approaching cars with spectators

the last performance of "Prince Igor» - LS., MS.

Are guarding the main entrance - Guards in full dress - MS.

The audience in the theater lobby visiting a photo exhibition, talk, take their seats in the hall - MS., LS.

Extinguished chandelier - CU.

Svetlanov conducts the orchestra, the musicians play (synchronous) - LS., MS., CU.

Cheering - MS., CU. PNRM.

Bows musicians.

Reel №6

Scenes from the opera "Prince Igor": aria Yaroslavna performs Tatiana Tugarinova (synchronously), Prince Igor - Igor Nechipaylo, Konchak - Ivan Petrov (synchronously), Polovtsian Dances (synchronously).

Cheering - LS., MS., CU.

Actors bows after the performance - MS. PNRM.