The Peace to Vietnam.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medvedkin A.


Protest rallies held in Moscow against the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War newsreel.

Temporary description

USA. City of New York. White House. Speaker President Johnson. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara told reporters. City of Moscow. Protests against the Vietnam War at the factory "Dinamo", the American Embassy. Democratic Republic of Vietnam. City of Hanoi. Protests. South Vietnam. The city of Saigon. Demonstration of students against American aggression. The police cracked down on demonstrators. Pagoda. Buddhist monks pray. Newsreel military action in Vietnam: burning villages, destroyed the building, U.S. soldiers are the Vietnamese guerrillas, passing tanks, an American helicopter in the air, the soldiers fired from a helicopter, jungle.

Reel №1

Drawing, Animation: U.S. Defense Secretary McNamara at the map.

McNamara talks to reporters and delivers - MS.

Animation: McNamara on the phone (photo), NPL photo U.S. Defense Secretary Forrestal.

Protest against the war in the Democratic Republic of the Pentagon's Vietnam.

Students with slogans in front of the American Embassy in Moscow - MS., PNRM.

Animation: Newspapers, hit a joint statement by the USSR and the DRV delegation.

A rally in support of the Democratic Vietnam at a Moscow factory "Dinamo» - MS., LS.

Demonstration of workers in Hanoi.

American bombs destroyed a building - CU., PNRM.

Soldiers shoot DRV.

Flaming American plane.

Fired anti-aircraft guns.

Animation: Photo: Meeting of the American military.

Map of the U.S. magazine "News-Week", which are areas controlled by patriots in 1964 and greatly expanded the areas controlled by them in the present (1965).

Pictures taken in South Vietnam: against the burning village runs people; ruined house, weeping woman, fleeing women with children.

Rice fields in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - LS.

Women work in the fields - planting rice, harvested rice.

Farmers irrigate fields.

City - removed from the aircraft.

Smiling mother shakes her baby lying in the cradle - MS., CU.

McNamara out of the helicopter - MS.

Animation: Photo: young man from South Vietnam blindfolded.

American soldiers are arrested Vietnamese guerrillas with their hands tied.

Photo: South Vietnamese guerrillas.

American pilots of the helicopter on the ground.

Runs away to escape the partisans, the American pilot.

U.S. soldiers from persecution Vietnamese patriots, is pushed out of the helicopter Saigon wounded soldiers themselves get in the helicopter.

The helicopter lifted into the air.

Go newcomers to South Vietnam for the war, American soldiers and officers.

From the helicopter go generals.

U.S. helicopters fly.

Street passing by an American tank.

Animation: American officer-instructor teaches soldiers to shoot Saigon - MS.

South Vietnamese soldiers are put in an American helicopter.

The soldiers in the helicopter.

The helicopter lifted into the air.

Flaming American plane.

U.S. helicopter flies, soldier shoots a machine gun, while in a helicopter.

The soldiers in the jungle and at the destroyed house.

Prisoners sit Vietnamese guerrillas - MS., CU.

Animation: Photos American captain Schenk.

Animation: The funeral of an American soldier.

Animation: Photo: American widow with children.

Animation: turns the American newspapers.

Dispersal of a demonstration in Saigon residents.

Animation: the self-immolation of a Buddhist monk in protest against U.S. aggression.

Buddhist monks pray in the temple - MS., CU.

Pagoda - MS.

McNamara out of the plane, there is - MS.

Field and the city in the RTD (removed from the aircraft).

To the President of the United States Nixon - MS.

Animation: Goldwater - CU.

Sea Coast (evening).

Mountains - PNRM.

On the streets of Saigon is a group of political leaders of South Vietnam.

The demonstration in Saigon, the crackdown.

Students blamed the statue from its pedestal.

Animation: trick photography - a statue with successive heads of the South Vietnamese rulers.

Skyscrapers and the White House in the United States.

From the platform supports Johnson.

Dispersal of a demonstration in Saigon.