We Are with You, Vietnamese Friends.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Eshurin V.

Operators: Leongardt U., Serov G.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Sazhin A.


On the solidarity between the Soviet and the Vietnamese peoples.

Historical background

At the invitation of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with Asia and Africa 12/12, 1964 in Moscow, a delegation of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam to participate in the celebrations of the four years since the founding of the National Front.

Temporary description

South Vietnam. Landscapes. Peasants working in the rice fields. The landing of the American landing. Explode a bomb. Partizan campfire. Military action. Protests. Newsreel. City of Moscow. Speech in 1918 on Red Square, Lenin, the Red Army soldiers pass through the area, the landing of foreign vessels in the territory of Russia during the Civil War, the construction of power plants, steel plants, the blockade of Leningrad, a space rocket taking off, meeting astronauts Komarova, Yegorov, Feoktistov. City of Moscow. Sheremetyevo Airport. Arrival of the delegation of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam. Members of the delegation at a reception in the Council of Solidarity with Asian and African countries, in the museum-apartment of Lenin, the Lenin Mausoleum, the Committee of Soviet Women, Moscow State University. Visit cities: Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Leningrad, Baku, Sumgait (Azerbaijan). City of Moscow. Column Hall of the House of Unions. Public meeting devoted to the 4-th anniversary of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam. By the Deputy President of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with Asian and African Safronov (synchronously). Moscow pioneers pass on gifts to children of Vietnam. Women packaged medicines, industrial and consumer goods.

Reel №1

Landscape of South Vietnam: forest, fields, boats on the river, palm trees - LS.

Farmers work in the flooded rice field to drag himself across the field SH instrument differently.

Spinning wheel for irrigation.

Flying bomb explosions on the ground (removed from the aircraft) - LS.

Burning house - MS., LS.

On the way refugees are left without shelter.

Crying woman with a child, sits Vietnamese - CU.

Fire - LS.

Fog over the forest, the mountains - LS.

In the forest, sitting by the fire guerrillas - MS., CU.

Palma (evening) - LS.

Illuminated sign at the airport: "Moscow - Sheremetyevo» - CU. (Evening).

Descend the ladder member Vietnamese delegation, greet welcomers - MS.

12.12. The delegation of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity with Asian and African countries - Central Committee member of the National Front Nguyen Van Chien (head of delegation), a member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Women for the Liberation of South Vietnam's Le Thi Cao, social activist Le Tung Son.

The delegation was received deputy chairman of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity VP Vaska and AV Sofronov - CU., MS.

Red Square, all in the Mausoleum - LS. (Winter).

The Vietnamese delegation is on the Red Square, is a Mausoleum Lenin - MS.

NDP on the Mausoleum "Lenin» - CU.

Kremlin chimes - CU.

Newsreel 1918-1922.

In Red Square stands VI Lenin.

Listening to the people.

By area, go Red.

Animation: map intervention young Soviet republic.

Troops and ships interventionists.

Newsreel 1921-1936 gg.:

Plowman to plow.

Destroyed buildings and bridge.

Broken ship.

Workers manually take out the tub oil from the well, the well of raising a half-naked, smeared with oil worker.

The rally in the square.

Sculpture of Lenin - CU.

Construction work of the welders, crane operator, rigger and other workers - LS., CU.

Dam power plant, boiling water - LS.

Metallurgical plants, smoke pipes (appearance) - LS.

Persons working - CU.

LS. kind of open-hearth furnace.

Steelmakers face - CU.

Pouring metal - CU.

On Red Square during the parade passes military equipment - tanks, ballistic missiles - LS., MS.

Along the Kremlin wall are the Vietnamese guests (winter).

A study of Lenin (a table, a shelf with books) - LS.

Guests in the office.

Living room of Lenin - LS.

Anniversary rally of the Democratic of Vietnam in Hanoi - different.

The Moscow Planetarium - LS. (Winter).

The Vietnamese delegation at the planetarium.

Lunar Globe - CU.

Models of Soviet satellites and spaceship model - CU., PNRM.

Portraits of the first Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin, Titov, Nikolayev, Popovich, Autograph, Tereshkova.

Newsreel 1961-1964.:

Starting rocket - LS. (Evening).

Earth taken from a spacecraft.

Photo Komarova Feoktistov, Yegorov.

VM Komarov, KP Feoktistov and BB Egorov passing on an open car during their meeting in Moscow after returning from space - LS., CU.

Muscovites space characters meet in Red Square - LS.

Moscow Street - LS.

Shop factory "Red Proletarian» - LS.

Machinist - CU.

On the shop floor are members of the Vietnamese delegation.

Greet guests and talk with members of the Communist Labor Brigade, named after the heroine of South Vietnam Tran Thi Van - MS., CU.

MSU - LS. (Winter).

The members of the Vietnamese delegation held by the assembly hall, the students greeted them.

The crowd was playing Nguyen Van Thien - CU.

Listen to students, among them - Vietnamese youth - CU.

Landing of American troops in South Vietnam - different.

Burning houses, broken machines - MS.

Passing on the street and shot by American soldiers.

Residents clash with police arresting demonstrators.

Flying over the forest American plane explode bombs (removed from the aircraft).

American soldiers are arrested Vietnamese.

Arrested by barbed wire.

The corpses of adults and children - CU.

Awarding American soldier - CU.

Cheering students - LS., PNRM.

Reel №2

Students in the MSU Assembly Hall to protest the actions of the interventionists in South Vietnam - LS., MS.

Serving students - CU., LS.

The Vietnamese delegation left the hall, the students escorted guests.

14.12. Plane takes off "IL-18» - LS.

On the streets of Almaty passing cars with a Vietnamese delegation - LS., PNRM.; Delegates are - MS.

Street of the city - LS., MS.

Guests at the reception of the President of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR, AZ Zakarin, who tells them about the country.


Nomadic Kazakhs navyuchivayut a camel your home belongings, put on a cot with a child.


Kazakhs on horseback and on camels gallop for reaching the first steam locomotive railway, built in Central Asia - MS., CU.

Camels are scared locomotive whistles.

Is the engine - LS.

Wheels coming locomotive - CU.

Rushes to the composition of a modern diesel - LS.

Miners go to work (evening).

Mechanized work in the mine and open pit.

Skin and Steel Works - LS., PNRM. the top point.

General view of the open-hearth furnace.

Pouring steel - CU.

On the conveyor moves breed - LS., CU.

Samples of minerals on the stand under glass - CU., PNRM.

Tractor in a field on the State Farm - LS.

Tractor plowing the land ploughshare plow - CU.

In the ears of wheat - LS., PNRM.

Harvesting combines - LS., CU.

Strewed grain - CU., LS.

Elevator - LS.

Workers rally in Almaty.

Chairperson of the Republican Committee of Solidarity with Asian and African Ramazanov.

Listen to the Hall - CU.

Nguyen Van Tien passes workers Kazakhstan banner of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam.

Cheering - CU., LS.

Baku - LS., PNRM. the top point.

The Vietnamese delegation at a reception at the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR MA Iskenderova.

Street Baku.

Delegation on the street.

Monument to the Heroes of the Baku Commune - 26 Baku commissars - CU., PNRM.

Eternal flame - CU.

Members of the delegation laying a wreath at the monument.

Wreath of roses - CU.

Oil rigs and fishing.

Oil Rocks - LS.

Overpass at sea.

Powered Rocking - MS.

Storm at Sea - LS.

Waves - CU. (Evening).

Oil industry equipment attached, are struggling with disasters.

A man carrying injured comrade (evening).

Welder works - LS. (Evening).

General view of the oil stones.

Vietnamese boys and girls - students of the preparatory department of the Baku Oil and Gas Institute at Russian lessons - LS., CU.

Rotating disk recorder - CU.

Group of Vietnamese students wrote a letter to the South Vietnamese patriots - different.

Street Mountains.

Sumgayit - LS. with movement

Appearance of Sumgait Chemical Plant (synthetic rubber) (with motion).

Delegation members talk with the workers combine.

Republican rally in the Philharmonic Hall on the Fourth Anniversary of the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam.

Among those present at the meeting many Vietnamese.

Acts Nguyen Van Thien - CU.

Listening and cheering in the hall - CU., MS.

Animation: Soviet newspapers - CU.

Street Leningrad (with us).

The members of the Vietnamese delegation are on the waterfront.

Monument to Peter I - LS.


Isaac's Cathedral - LS.

Cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva - LS.

Instrument "Aurora" - CU.

Vietnamese visitors on the ship.


Smolny - LS.

Sculpture VI Lenin at Smolny - MS.

Delegation at Smolny.

Room VI Lenin - MS.

The first decree of the Soviet government - CU.

Guests on a city street.

LS. view of the Neva.

Newsreel of 1941-1944:

Leningrad during the blockade: take water in the street, cut into small pieces and weighed bread, machinist, assembly of the tank and shoot "Katyusha", Soviet soldiers skiers.

25.12. Eternal Flame at the monument to the victims on Piskarevsky - LS., CU.

Delegation to the cemetery.

Monument - CU., MS.

Reel №3

Launching a ship the stocks Leningrad shipyard - LS.

Rolling mill shop - LS.

Work in the shop in different ways.

Vietnamese guests went through the shop, talk to a member of the brigade of communist labor, working the hot shop rental Basil Sevastyanovich Grinko - MS., CU.

Solidarity rally at the factory.

Acts foreman Valery Levashov - CU.

Guests cuddling with workers.

Cheering in the hall.

Moskva river, the ice on the river - LS.

Moscow Street - LS.

12.12. In the Soviet Women's Committee to the gathering were members of the Executive Committee of the Association of Women for the Liberation of South Vietnam, Le Thi Cao - CU.

It shows a picture of a patriot who was executed Nguyen Van Choyya.

Watch and listen to women - MS., CU.

Group of Moscow Pioneers presents guests gifts for the children of South Vietnam and the pioneering form of thirteen Han Wan Botha, burned an American napalm.

Le Thi Cao hugging children.

Women are packed in boxes of shirts, underwear for the patriots of South Vietnam - MS., CU.

Production and packaging of drugs in the pharmaceutical factory shop, work machines - MS., CU.

Packaging of drugs for South Vietnam.

Food Packaging - LS., CU.

A textile factory worker prepares for shipment to South Vietnam blankets, puts into one of the blanket letter from scouts.

On the boxes with the goods do stenciled inscriptions (from the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies).

Boxes with the goods for the patriots of South Vietnam loaded on the plane - CU., MS. (Evening).

18.12. MSU, the Kremlin - LS. (Night).

Meeting in the Hall of Columns, devoted to the Day of Solidarity with the struggle of the people of South Vietnam.

The report supports the deputy chairman of the Soviet Committee for Solidarity of Asian and African A. Sofronov (synchronous) - CU.

Listening and applauding - different.

American pilots of the helicopter.

Running through the forest partisans.

American pilot runs.

Vietnamese patriots are arrested.

The explosion on the ground - LS.

Clash of the Vietnamese people and the police - LS., MS.

Vietnamese person - CU.