The manifestation of emotions in primates. (The expression of emotions in monkeys) (1990)

Documentary №61079, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:59
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:Bakenbaeva M.
Screenwriters:Kuznecova T., Sirenskij V.
Camera operators:Artamonov Yu.


The film tells about unique experiments with chimpanzees at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology. An experiment is shown to study the needs for achieving goals.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The girl shows her tongue.

The monkey is playing with a pen.

Alleys of the park, children ride on a cart with a horse.

Children on a cart, waving their hands.

Children on swings, playing in the sandbox.

Different shots with children, showing their emotions, mood.

Two men in the park on a bench playing chess.

A teacher with children on a walk.

Children are playing, laughing.

Zoo, monkeys in cages - visitors look at animals.

The sign - "Institute of Physiology named after

Pavlova", a bus, a cyclist passes by the building on the way.

Pavlovo village, scientific town, view of the monument to Pavlov and the dog and the white cottage (removed from traffic).

The laboratory building, a man enters the gate, the camera hits the windows.

Baby chimpanzees walk, play in the yard.

Chimpanzees are sitting at a table in the yard, eating from bowls with spoons, expressing different emotions.

A chimpanzee drinks from a mug.

Chimpanzees eat at the table.

Different shots of chimpanzees at the table - eating, messing around, playing, etc.

Next to the monkeys at the table is a scientist, an employee of the institute.

Employees feed chimpanzees with a spoon.

A man with monkeys on a bench at the table - feeds, deals with them, observes behavior.

Different shots of monkeys at the table - their different behavior, emotions, manner of behavior at the table, etc. are shown.

A male employee of the Institute surrounded by monkeys at the table.

A large chimpanzee tries to put a ring on a rod (assemble a pyramid).

A chimpanzee collects a colored pyramid, a male laboratory employee watches her actions.

A female employee with another monkey collects a pyramid - the monkey asks for her hands, the woman strokes, calms her.

A woman and a monkey assemble a pyramid.

The Alpha chimpanzee easily collects the pyramid itself.

Little chimpanzee Stepan indulges, is capricious - does not want to work, collect a pyramid.

Another monkey, under the supervision of a male employee, collects a pyramid, then disassembles it, throws rings, and so on.

Monkeys in a cage - playing, jumping on branches, swinging on a rope, etc.

An employee of the institute plays with monkeys in a cage.

Different shots of chimpanzees playing.

Monkeys throw a ball into a cage, they run away in fear.

Then they gradually start playing with the ball.

Different shots of monkeys in a cage - crawling on walls, running away, playing, swinging on a rope, etc.

Little chimpanzee Stepan is playing with a ball, swinging on a branch.

Chimpanzees play in a cage, swing on a rope, jump, etc.

Little chimpanzee Marta is afraid to play, crawls on the walls of the cage.

Chimpanzees play, fight, conflict - an older monkey, trying to drive a baby off the rope.

The little monkey Marta screams, calls her older friend Alpha and climbs on her back.

Chimpanzees Lesya and Stepa are sitting in an embrace.

In the frame - Alpha chimpanzee.

Marta calls Alpha, climbs on her back and the two of them jump around the cage.

Key words

Monkeys, primates, zoo, chimpanzees, scientific institute

Locations: Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Small children in a large playpen, in a nursery group.

The child is swinging in the playpen, holding on to the side with his hands.

Kindergarten - a boy is sitting at a table, sucking a finger.

A boy sucks a finger, a panorama on the table with other children, a teacher plays cubes with children.

Children with their parents at the zoo, near the cages with monkeys.

There is an adult chimpanzee in the cage.

View of zoo visitors near the cages, large - boy looks at the animals.

A large -sad face of a chimpanzee in a cage.

Panorama of two chimpanzees in a cage.

The territory of the scientific town, along the alley there is a doctor of medical sciences Valery Ivanovich Syrensky.

Panorama of the laboratory building.

Syrensky is at the table next to a special installation for studying the needs to achieve the goal, looking at the monitor.

View of the installation.

Close-up - the finger presses the button.

The bait tape is moving.

The chimpanzee touches the lever.

Bait tape.

Close-up - the finger presses the button.

Bait tape.

An employee of the institute works on the keyboard.

Close-up image on the monitor (graph).

An employee of the Institute installs a tripod with a lighting device.

A chimpanzee is sitting on a chair.

In the frame - Syrensky.

The chimpanzee is sitting on a chair, nervous.

The experiment begins - a chimpanzee is sitting in a chair, Syrensky is next to her, a bait tape is moving.

The chimpanzee is nervous, hits the device with his hands, Syrensky calms her down.

Another monkey, Lesya, is also nervous at first, sits restlessly in a chair, gnawing on the armrest.

Syrensky calms her down, gives her a treat.

Lesya calms down, starts working.

The bait tape is moving.

An employee near the lighting device.

Syrensky with another monkey - chimpanzee Stepan.

Stepan is nervous, refuses to work, hits the device with his hands.

Close-up - the finger presses the button.

The monkey works with the lever, stops the tape to take the bait.

The bait is moving along the tape.

The monkey Lesya is interested in the bait and tries to grab it, take it from the tape.

Lesya is comforted by an employee of the institute, sits on a chair.

The bait is moving along the tape, Lesya grabs a treat, indulges, beats the employee with her hands, fights with her.

Large - the bait is placed even further on the tape.

The monkey does not notice the bait, gets distracted, turns away.

The chimpanzee pulls the lever.

The bait tape is moving.

The bait reaches the chimpanzee on the tape, falls into the tray, the chimpanzee picks it up.

In the frame - Syrensky.

Syrensky is engaged with the Alpha chimpanzee.

The speed of the bait tape slows down, the Alpha is scratching.

A large monkey takes a treat from the tray.

The little monkey Lesya is working.

The bait tape is moving.

Lesya takes a treat from the tray - a bait that has fallen from the tape.

Close-up - the finger presses the button.

In the frame - Syrensky, looks at the tape, looks at the monitor.

The tape moves slowly, the Alpha chimpanzee gets distracted, turns away, chews the arm of the chair, gets nervous, hits Syrensky on the hands, waits for the bait to fall and eats it.

The employee puts a bait on the tape.

The chimpanzee Lesya expresses dissatisfaction because the bait moves very slowly along the tape.

Lesya's favorite candy is placed on the ribbon.

The monkey touches the lever, carefully watches the tape.

View of the monitor with indicators.

Lesya is sitting on a chair, an employee is talking to her, calming her down.

The bait is moving along the tape.

Stepa the chimpanzee is sitting in a chair.

Stepa is nervous, rushes around the chair, angry at the slow speed of the bait tape.

In the frame - Syrensky.

Styopa rushes around the chair, gets nervous, hits the device with his hands.

A candy is placed on the tape in the form of a bait, a child is sitting in a chair.

At the average speed of the tape movement, the girl becomes focused.

The candy is on the ribbon, the ribbon is moving very slowly.

The girl's concentration is replaced by a negative reaction - the child is often distracted, feels the need to communicate with the experimenter.

Fast speed of the candy ribbon movement.

The girl has positive emotions, she smiles, rejoices.

The chimpanzee is near the device, touches the lever, the bait tape moves.

Instead of a live experimenter - his image on the TV monitor.

The chimpanzee reaches for the TV, looks at it - there is a need for communication.

Syrensky is near the monitor, gives remote commands to the monkey (on the monitor you can see what the monkey is doing).

The chimpanzee looks at the monitor, touches it with his finger, executes commands.

The chimpanzee from the chair goes to the employee's arms, hugs her.

An employee strokes a chimpanzee, talks to her.

Key words

Children, kindergarten, nursery, zoo, monkeys, chimpanzees, primates

Locations: Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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