On Land, In the Sky And In the Sea.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Boykov V.

Operators: Aslanov G., Boykov V., Kiselev S., Sher B.

Text writers: Prok I.


About final competitions of the 3rd All-Union Sports Day in Technical Sports.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated III-Union sports day in technical sports. City of Moscow. Tushino airfield. In the air planes flying clubs All-Union Voluntary Society for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy. Pilots athletes performing stunts, among them the champion of the USSR Ovsyankin. Newsreel. Start multi-day road race (1912) model aircraft are aircraft model (1920's), the first Soviet motorcycles "IZH" (1929). Athletes-jumpers in the air during the landing. Champions Spartakiad Vasin, Solovieva, Gorshkova, VA peasant. Latvia. The city of Daugavpils. Scooter the distance. Winner of competitions V. Slinky. Participants Carting at a distance. Competitions shooting at a shooting range near Moscow.

Reel №1

Pilot-athlete on a jet plane performs aerobatics - LS.

Spectators watch the flight of the aircraft - MS.

Motor racing on rough terrain - LS., MS.

Motorcyclists dirt track stadium - LS.

Racing on a scooter on a water expanse - LS., MS.

Sportsmen-divers on the sea depth - MS.

Mass paratroopers - LS.

Spectators gathered at the Tushino airfield opening finals III Games of All-Union in technical sports - LS.

Air gymnast performs exercises on the trapeze, suspended in a helicopter over the airfield - MS.

Aerobatics "head to head" perform pilots athletes - MS., LS.

Link - the three planes of the Moscow Air Club DOSAAF - in the air performs aerobatics - MS.

Piloting "diamond" athletes perform in Kiev.

A paratrooper with the flag Olympics down to earth - CU., MS.

The audience applauded at the airport - MS.

Posters on the technical sports: Air sports, motor sports, motor sports and other sports.

Newsreel 1912:

Start a multi-day road run - MS., CU.

Wheel car - CU.

Newsreel 1920.:

Meet the first model aircraft in circles Osoaviahima.

First Soviet glider flights.

The first Soviet motorcycle brand "IL" issue in 1929 - CU.

Rodeo on the machines' IL »- LS., MS.

Motocross III Union Olympics on the track near Kirovograd: riders on the course of a very complex terrain - LS., MS., CU.

The winner of the All-Union Games of motocross Muscovite Viktor Arbekov Andris Klavins, Igor Grigoriev on the podium.

The winner of the race at the motorcycle for women Ruth Aase of Latvian team on the podium - CU.

R. Aase with other athletes - MS.

Olympics competition on motor-boating in the Latvian city of Daugavpils: racing on scooters - LS., MS.

Scooter race on water spaces with up to a hundred miles an hour - MS.

Vladimir Slinky races Airboat his own design - MS.

Vladimir Slinky - the winner of the race Airboat - CU.

Carting in the town square in Kursk on machines made by the athletes - LS., MS., CU.

Mikroavtomobili "map" on the course - MS., CU.

The audience in the square during the competition karting - PNRM.

Competitions hunters "foxes" near the town of Dzerzhinsk, Gorky Region - athletes, military receivers and antennas, which receive signals from the transmitter and the corresponding satellites seek out target.

Gorkovchanin Anatoly Grechikhin two-time winner in the European championships reveals "the fox."

Stopwatch in hand - CU.

Anatoly Grechikhin - winner in the Games of the All-Union competition "hunt" foxes »- CU.

Shooting competition from small-caliber gun on the five silhouettes range near Moscow "Dynamo" (Mytishchi) - MS.

In the Line of Fire - Estonian athlete Helve Arus: Ready, shoot - MS., CU.

Targets hit X. Arus - CU. (579 points).

Fires from Moscow Larissa Petakovskaya - CU.

Targets hit Larissa Petakovskaya-CU. (580 points).

Reel №2

Spectators at the shooting range "Dynamo" in Mytishchi - MS.

Gong - CU.

Competition "dueling shooting": shoot competing teams of five people from the army rifles to 300 meters by the curly-cut targets - LS., MS., CU.

Judge the competition - MS.

Stopwatch in hand - CU.

Shaped target - LS.

At the end of "dueling shooting" team are the Russian Federation and Belarus: rush, shooting at targets - MS., CU., LS.

Target sector of the Belarusian team - MS.

The audience applauded - MS.

The Belarusian team - Olympics champion on "dueling shooting» - CU. PNRM.

Moscow team, won the general team championship in shooting competitions, awarded the cup.

Parade participants Olympics on small sport - MS.

Sea decathlon competition: I - athletes shoot at targets - MS.

II - a cross - to marine-round on the course.

III - the participants in the all-around sailing boats are 6-8 miles in distance - LS., MS.

Sailing boat in the sea - MS., LS.

IV - rounder competition swimming in the pool at speed.

V - rowing races shestiveselnyh Yalah - the final race of sea-round.

Sea-round winner - the team of Moscow - MS.

Olympics competitions Ship Modeling Championship in Tashkent - LS.

Shows a model of the vessel, controlled by radio - MS.

RC model submarine submerged in the water, the distance is set and floats in the specified box.

Radio-controlled model boat finds a target and hit it.

The same model with radio signals back to its owner.

Demonstrates the speed sudomodeli: walk on water to kardetonkom steel cable at speeds of over 130 kilometers per hour.

Aircraft modeling competition sport in Tbilisi complex aerobatics shows a model Muscovite Yuri Sirotkin.

Yuri Sirotkin controlled models.

Competition racing airplane - LS., MS.

Athletes controlled flight of its models, representing a kind of "dance" on the ground.

One model lands, mechanic runs its fuel, and it still continues its circling.

Judge the competition - MS.

Spectators watch the flight of model airplanes - LS., MS.

Athletes and spectators shaking their Ukrainian modelers Valentine Shapovalov for the victory of his model in flight.

Spectators at the Tushino airfield in competition for an aircraft sport - MS.

Pilot-athlete in the cockpit - CU.

Sport plane in the air - MS.

Belarusian athletes - the absolute champion of the USSR - Vadim Ovsyankin perform exercises in the air aerobatics.

A pilot in the cockpit - CU.

Aircraft under Vadim Ovsyankina performs aerobatics.

Preparing for flight Taisa Peresekina - absolute champion of the country - CU.

Aircraft pilots under-athletes from Kazan Taisii Peresekinoy performs aerobatics - LS., MS.

Taisa Peresekina in the cockpit during the flight - CU.

Spectators watch the flight of the aircraft.

Jumping on the accuracy of the landing parachutists - LS., MS.

The purpose of the jump - center of the circle at the airport.

Athletes parachutists landing one after the other with different accuracy.

Group jump on the accuracy of the landing parachutists perform Moscow aviaklube DOSAAF: jump from an aircraft flying in the air, the time of landing.

Winner in a group jump - Muscovite Vasin, Solovyov and Gorshkov - Champion Games.

Team athletes paratroopers Kazakhstan - winner in group jumping precision landing.

Airplane preparing to pounce Vyacheslav Krestyannikov - CU.

Vyacheslav Krestyannikov jumps with precision landing - MS.

Vyacheslav Krestyannikov - undisputed - CU.

Parachutists from the ground watching the jumping comrades.

Fluttering banner Olympics - CU.

Athletes skydivers jump for group figured - LS.