Journey In Ice.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev S., Yatsun E.

Operators: Kiselev S., Yatsun E.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Shpikovskiy N.


About armada's crossing the Barents Sea across the Arctic Ocean to the Far East.

Arctic and Antarctic | Fleet

Temporary description

Caravan of warships and a submarine in the Barents Sea. The officers and sailors on the ship: in the chart house, in the radio room, engine room, on deck, working with instruments and maps, the cook prepares a meal, relax in the wardroom, bear watch. Seascape through the porthole. Sunset at Sea. Night sea. Ships in the Kara Sea ice. The polar bear on ice. The officer gives membership cards in the mess icebreaker for new members of the CPSU. Ships sailing in the fog. Type of the polar station on the island of Dixon, wireless house station. The plane takes off from the station to determine the ice conditions in the way of ships. Ships and submarines are in the ice of the Arctic Ocean. The officers and sailors working on board the submarine, the work of divers. On icebreaker flies a helicopter. Icebreaker takes tow the submarine to pass through the ice. The Soviet ships in the Arctic icebreaker USA. Ships in the Chukchi Sea. Check the ships to shore in the place of destination.

Reel №1

Wake column warships of the Soviet Navy is in the north-east.

Warship in the Barents Sea.

Submarine on the surface.

Radar on a warship.

Team warship at work at their posts.

Work in the chart room.

Sailor reports on the radio observations about the quest to watch.

Work in the radio communicators.

The hand on the key.

Sailor reports Lieutenant-Commander in the service.

Bear "Anton" - a favorite of the crew with the sailors on deck.

Ship cook cuts vegetables for dinner.

Officers in the wardroom rest.

The officer plays the piano.

Landscape evening Barents Sea.

Two sailors on the deck at sunset.

Ship at sea, in the evening sea.

The sun sets in the cloud on the horizon.

Sunset over the Barents Sea.

The Barents Sea at night.

The sailors on the ship are reading, listening to a song.

Sailors sleep.


Individual floe near the Kara Sea.

The warship is part of the Kara Sea ice.

The accumulation of individual ice floes.

Arctic ice desert.

Polar bear in the icy wilderness.

The frozen ice blocks.

Sailors at the headquarters of the expedition are working on maps and plans promotion caravan warships in the Arctic ice.

Ships going through a blizzard.

Sailor measures wind speed.

Outdoor thermometer.

The sailor on watch in windy conditions.

On a warship during a campaign at a party meeting sailors handed membership cards.

Sailors with party cards.

Sailor on the deck in the spotlight.

Ships go through the ice in the foggy weather.

Ship, shrouded in mist.

Sailors at the locator.

Radar in action.

Powered instrument meteorological station.

Printed meteokarta.

Ready meteokarta.

Polar station "North Pole."

Polar station in the snow.

Polar station on the island of Dixie; window dwelling polar, snow-covered. the door to the radio room.

Work devices radio center at the polar station.

Polar pilots ready to fly to survey ice conditions.

The shadow of an airplane on an icy wilderness.

Endless ice.

Map of the ice from aircraft exploring the boundaries of ice.

Polar pilot at the controls.

Ships in ice.

The plane flies over the flagship and resets the pennant with a map of ice conditions.

On the ship, studied maps of ice conditions.

Icebreaker paves the way for ships.

Breaks the ice.

Ships and submarines, maneuvering between heavy blocks of ice, slowly moving forward.



Reel №2

Submarines cautiously moving between heavy ice floes.

Large floe.

Sailor monitors through binoculars.

The officer instructs the helmsman.

The sailor at the helm officer executes the command.

Control devices submarine.

Ice form a solid jumper.

The pilot sits on a reconnaissance helicopter on the deck of a ship for departure to explore the ice.

Ice, taken from a helicopter.

Caravan, stuck in the ice bridge.

Multrabota - influx of historical footage of the nipped in the ice "Chelyuskin", the struggle with heavy ice "Sibiryakova."

Warships given the team prepare to tow behind the icebreaker.

Diver descends into the water from a submarine; examines the boat.

Submarine towed by an icebreaker.

Commanders and sailors at work on ships and submarines during the storming of the ice bridge.

A huge ice floe passes alongside the submarine.

Sailors in the engine room on the team run swing boats.

Floes outside the ship.

Sailor in the spotlight.

Caravan ships and submarines passes for the icebreaker in heavy ice.

Hands turn the steering wheel of the ship.

Ship radar.

The duty officer reports to the commander.

Call (electric) gives alarm.

Sailors alarm take their places on the ship.

Operate radars.

The officer looks through binoculars.

American icebreaker Soviet ships in the Arctic ice.


American icebreaker in the Arctic - shot through the detail of the Soviet ship.

Caravan Soviet warships out of the Kara Sea ice and water is included in the Chukchi Sea.


Overboard seen the beach.

The sailors on deck.

The sailors on the deck built for the report Admiral.

The arrival of Admiral on the ship.

Captain First Rank Egorov gave a report on the completion of the transition Admiral ships through the northern seas.

Admiral greet the officers and sailors, and congratulated them on the successful execution of the job.

Submarines, military ships at berth in the bay.

Flag waving Soviet Navy.