Pole Star above Our Heads.. (1965)

Film-document №6142 3 parts, Duration: 0:29:45, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Legat E.

Operators: Legat E.

Composers: Gubarkov N.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


A scenery newsreel about the Taimyr Peninsula.

Temporary description

Types of the Taimyr Peninsula. Landscapes. City of Norilsk. Types of streets. Shop Children's World, a cafe. Pupils at the school. Production processes at a metallurgical plant. Tundra. Reindeer herders catch deer. Dogs run, harnessed to the sledges. Hunting foxes. Nenets cleans the pelts. Children play. Drillers at work. Geologists. Celebrating the New Year.

Reel №1

Monuments explorers who died at different times in the expeditions, studying the Taimyr Peninsula (filmed during the polar night) - LS., MS.

PNRM. a house on the vast tundra winterer on the Taimyr Peninsula - LS.

Month in the dark sky - CU.

Resting dog - CU.

A man shoots a pistol into the air - CU.

PNRM. air burning flare - CU.

Norilsk, flooded with electric lights in the polar night - LS. (Winter).

Open-hearth plant of Norilsk Metallurgical Plant (interior view) - MS.

Workers who work with the instruments in the laboratory metallurgical plant - CU.

Tipper dumped ore - LS.

Steelmakers in the shop at work at the ovens - CU.

Pouring steel in the shop Norilsk plant.

Passengers boarding a city bus.

The bus passes through the streets of the winter Norilsk.

Working rig in freezing winter conditions.

Workers at drilling - CU.

Car pile in permafrost for support buildings.

Reinforced concrete piles driven into the permafrost - PNRM., MS.

The building, constructed with the frozen ground - LS.

Children swim in the pool in an enclosed area - LS., MS.

Covered with thick bushes in front of the frost in Norilsk - MS. (Night).

Potted flowers in the room - CU. PNRM.

The street runs Drilling Rig in the frost of the polar night - CU.

Various plants in the class of Botany; teacher tells the children about the nature of the tundra - PNRM., LS.

In the city the indoor pool swimmers train - LS., MS.

Schoolgirl at home under electric light learns lessons - LS.

PNRM. - The building of the shop "Children's World" in Norilsk (polar night).

PNRM. for buildings with light commercials - LS., travel.

Decorations - CU.

Central Square - LS.

A herd of deer - LS.

Nenets reindeer herders - CU.

Herders lasso caught in a herd of deer - MS., CU.

Herder - Ukrainian Ivan Samara - along with Nenets reindeer in the herd thinks - MS.

Plague herders in the tundra - LS.

The woman, the man in the tent.

Ivan Samara together with the Nenets chum dinner - MS., CU.

Nenets woman in national dress is hot with buckets of water to the hole, pouring water into a bucket bucket.

Frozen water in the bucket - CU.

Norilsk kids fun ride with hills on sleds (polar night) - LS., MS.

Hunting rifle on the wall of the house - MS.

Winterer house on the coast of the Kara Sea (appearance) - MS.

Month in the black sky - CU.

A man driven by dogs in harness.

Dog team racing across the tundra polar night - different.

A woman cleans the skin foxes.

PNRM. polar fox pelts hanging after cleaning - CU.

Hunter Mikhail Degtyarev on sleds - CU., Sledding in the tundra - LS.

Reel №2

Mikhail Degtyarev checks traps set on his hunting grounds in the winter tundra - MS.

Dog team in the tundra.

Mikhail Degtyarev takes white foxes from traps, trap charge again (the polar night, frost).

Dog sitting in the snow - MS.

Wife of Michael Degtyarev cradles baby son in bed - CU.

Boy sleeps in a crib - CU.

Zinaida Degtyarev and his son goes to fetch wood, melt furnace.

Warmly dressed boy looks, how his mother - CU.

Mikhail Degtyarev in the border area wrote a note for the other guy and leaves it in a special place, and then continues on his way to a dog sled.

Victor Hunter Osadchikov from his winter quarters sawing ice, fresh water.

Victor Osadchikov sits on the sled and hit the road - CU., MS.

Dog team racing across the tundra - different.

Old trap of the "Jaws» - LS.

Victor takes Osadchikov frozen fox out of the trap, put on sledges and continues its way - LS.

White Arctic Fox (live) - CU.

White fox in a trap - CU.

Fox tries to free his leg from the trap.

Hunter takes a live fox, puts it in the bag.

Victor Osadchikov - member of the local council returns to its winter quarters, cooks dog meat.

Dogs eat hot food from the boiler.

Winterer house on the tundra.

Sledges in the house (the polar night).

PNRM. by chumam Nenets tundra - LS.

Deer swinging bell in the tundra of the high winds and blizzards - MS.

Blizzard in the tundra.

Excavate during a blizzard - LS.

Radar works on the North Station - MS.

Radio operator at the device transmits on the radio about the bad weather, wind.

Radio operator take a message from the North - MS.

Aircraft snowstorm sweeps in the tundra - MS.

On a snowy road passes bulldozer with headlights.

Announcer warned residents about the strong wind - CU.

Strong snowstorm in Norilsk - LS.

Kids playing in the kindergarten - LS.

Reel №3

Snowstorm in the tundra, ice storm - LS.

Lie deer during a snowstorm - LS.

In the tent, sitting on the floor eating a man.

The house Zinaida Degtyarev washes the baby in the bath - MS., CU.

Mikhail Degtyarev house cleans gun - MS., CU.

Fired stove in the house winterer - MS.

Zinaida Degtyarev in the warm room wipes his head after washing - MS.

Lit a kerosene lamp in the room winterer - CU.

House winterer the tundra blizzard sweeps - LS.

Old Hunter Nikolay Bondarchuk in the house with a kerosene lamp reading a book - CU.

Polar fox pelts hanging - CU.

Geologists make their way through the tundra during a blizzard - MS., LS.

Head of geological party Alexei Prokhorov with young geologists in the way - CU.

Crawler way through snowy road - MS.

The house in which he lives Prokhorov - LS.

Bird in a cage - CU.

Geologist Prokhorov at home deals with birds, examines cells, listen to the singing of birds.

Geologists with the unit moving to a new location in the tundra.

Crawler tractors carrying rig to a new location.

Drilling of the permafrost in the tundra - CU., LS.

Mechanisms are covered with frost, blizzard sweeps.

Victor Hunter Osadchikov in a snowstorm back home from the site, after a snow storm Tundra - LS.

Houses, scattered over a large distance in the tundra - LS. (Polar night).

Fancy a Christmas tree and Santa Claus ice stand on the square in Norilsk - LS.

Children look at the tree.

A man decorates a Christmas tree garland lights.

Norilsk residents in their apartments ready for the New Year:

Woman sewing at home, a man cuts to the table frozen fish.

Light in the Window - CU.

Woman at home singing - CU.

Festively decorated room - LS.

Table set for the New Year - CU.

Wintering in my house is preparing to welcome the new year.

Home table covered by a holiday.

Winterer returned home from a site in the New Year.

A woman waiting for her husband to hunt before the new year.

Desk clock: time is approaching twelve hours - CU.

Alarm clock: now close to twelve hours - CU.

A man runs through the area in a hurry to meet the New Year.

Bus passes quickly on a city street - LS.

The clock on the building: the time - two minutes to midnight - CU., Departure.

Man pouring champagne into glasses, lit sparklers - CU.

Woman at the festive table - CU.

The house winterer poured champagne.

Wintering in the house at the table drinking wine, petting a dog (New Year's Eve in the tundra).

Burning sparklers - CU.

The hall residents of Norilsk cheerfully greeted the new year, laugh, dance - CU.

Car covered with frost - CU. PNRM.

Geologists in the way of the New Year - PNRM.

Drillers working in the pit at a depth of 379 meters, in which the walls of the pit pouring heavy rain.

Workers stand in the rain on the water, drill the bottom of the pit - CU.

The smiling faces of workers in waterproof suits, rain falls in the pit.

City street in freezing temperatures.

Hunter gets in the sleigh - CU.

The tundra racing dog sled - PNRM., LS.

Drilling rigs in the tundra - LS.

Rover way through snowy road in the tundra - LS.

Go geologists carry rig - LS.