Legend and memory (1980)

Documentary №61565, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:58, black-white
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:L. Kostrichkin
Screenwriters:S. Gurevich
Camera operators:S. Belyaeva, E. Shpektorov
Composers:A. Korolev
Sound mixer:N. Shknevskaya
Painter:S. Romanovskij
Other authors:I. Maslova, N. Smirnova, L. Ezheleva


The film is dedicated to the life and creative path of the film director, actor and screenwriter Evgeny Veniaminovich Chervyakov, who died on the Leningrad Front in 1942.

Reel №1

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Reel №2

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Movie №1

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Winter landscapes, a panorama of a snow-covered field, the wind bends the grass.

Ruins of brick buildings along the road (view from the car window).

Portrait of actor and film director Evgeny Chervyakov.

Members of the film crew conduct a selection of documents and materials for the filming of a film about E.V. Chervyakov, a panorama of the room photos on the walls.

Cameraman Svetlana Belyaeva at the camera.

Photos on the walls.

Photos of cinematographer Svyatoslav Belyaev during filming, S. Belyaeva's story about her father sounds behind the scenes.

Fragments of the silent x / film "The Poet and the Tsar" of 1927, with Chervyakov in the role of A.S. Pushkin, scenes of masquerade and duel.

Photos from the set of the x/movie "The Poet and the Tsar".

Panorama studio, members of the film crew disassemble photos before filming.

Fragments of the x / film with the participation of E. Chervyakov "The Cross and the Mauser" in 1925.

The director of the film about Chervyakov L. Kostrichkin examines the photos.

Photo portrait of actor A.A. Kostrichkin.

Fragments of the x \ Film "New Babylon", with the participation of A. Kostrichkin as a clerk and E. Chervyakov as a soldier of the National Guard of Paris.

Photos of the scenes of the x / film "Three Soldiers" in 1932, with the participation of E. Chervyakov and A. Kostrichkin.

Photos of Chervyakov and Kostrichkin during the filming of the x /film "The Marriage of Jan Knucke" in 1934.

Photos in the photo album and on the table.

Actress Rosa Sverdlova before the interview.

Sverdlova talks about working with Chervyakov in his film "The Girl from a Distant River" in 1927, recalls the members of the film crew who died during the siege of Leningrad (synchronously and off-screen).

Movie poster.

Photos of Sverdlova during the performance of the main role, photos of scenes of the film.

Photo of Chervyakov on the set.

Drawing of one of the film's sets.

Photos of Sverdlova in the main role, portrait of E.V. Chervyakov.

Photos of filming various scenes and takes.

Photos of Sverdlova in the main role during the filming of the Moscow scenes of the film.

Photo by E. Chervyakov, cameraman S. Belyaev and the film's artist.

Posters and newspaper clippings with announcements of the premiere of the film "My Son", staged by Chervyakov in 1928 and not preserved.

Illustrations from the film's promotional booklet.

A fragment of a concert film with the participation of artists Cherkasov, Berezov and Yuryev.

The poster of the x / film "The Golden Beak", staged by Chervyakov in 1928.

Photos of movie scenes.

Fragments of the x/film "Cities and Years", staged by Chervyakov in 1930, scenes with actors Ivan Chuvelev, Gennady Michurin, Andrei Kostrichkin and Bernhard Goetzke.

Photos of Chervyakov with members of the film crew and actors.

Photos from the film sets of films directed by Chervyakov.

Photo of Chervyakov with his wife and son.

Newsreel of 1941-1942: fighting of Soviet and German troops, artillery firing.

Excerpt from the "Combat Film Collection" No. 2.

Chervyakov as Napoleon in the episode "The Case at the Telegraph".

The text of Chervyakov's statement to the director of the Lenfilm studio dated August 23, 1941 about his desire to stay in Leningrad and defend the city.

Newsreel of 1941: a Red Army rifle unit passes through the streets of besieged Leningrad in December 1941, a portrait of Worms in the uniform of a senior sergeant of the Red Army.

Types of streets of besieged Leningrad at the beginning of 1942.

Tanks follow to the front line.

Portrait of Chervyakov.

Photo of Chervyakov with the cameraman Belyaev, Chervyakov's face in the photo.


Chervyakov Evgenij Veniaminovich -- film director, actor, screenwriter Kostrichkin Andrej Andreevich -- theater and film actor Sverdlova Roza Mironovna -- movie actress Chuvelev Ivan Pavlovich -- film actor Michurin Gennadij Mihajlovich -- theater and film actor Gecke Bernhard -- german actor of silent and sound films

Calendar: 1941-1942 1980

Locations: Leningrad [848] Leningrad region [785]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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