A Report From Taiga Roads.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Sarancev A.

Operators: Sarancev A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


About oil-pipeline laying in Tyumen' taiga.

Temporary description

Tyumen region. Oil. Work on oil rigs. Construction of the pipeline. Labor camp. Construction of houses. Children go to school, playing outside, and ride the mountain. Landing helicopter. Unloading mail. Movement of heavy vehicles.

Reel №1

Tyumen taiga - LS. (Helicopter).

Oil rig in the taiga (helicopter).

Work opens the valve drill - CU.

Beats a strong flow of oil in the forest - CU. (Winter).

Satisfied workers look at the fountain - CU.

PNRM. bottom-up oil drilling rig in the taiga - CU.

Workers at the instrument is ready to explode frozen ground (talking business - simultaneously).

Shooter clicks - CU.

Explosions in the winter taiga soil - CU., LS.

By Taiga winter road rides tractor with winch - LS.

The driver in the cab car - CU.

Unwound cable stretched from the explosion to the devices to pick up sounds under the ground - CU. PNRM.

Seismograms - CU.

Geologists in the room apart the seismograms and the map of the taiga - MS., CU.

Drilling rig, installed in the forest according seismograms.

Geologists at work at the rig at minus 45 degrees.

The steam that warming the pipe at a low temperature in the taiga - MS., CU.

Map of West Siberian oil fields with the designation - PNRM., CU.

Wheel vehicles towed in deep snow - CU.

The driver in the cab stuck in the snow truck - CU.

A convoy of vehicles with cargo goes through the winter taiga road - LS., MS.

Snowy tree trunks in the forest - CU. (With motion).

Car towed, hardly driven loads and equipment Siberian oil companies - LS., CU.

Drivers and workers on the way to halt warming themselves by the fire, smoke, read the newspaper - CU.

Operating the fire heats up - CU.

Construction of the pipeline on a section between Shaimov and Tyumen in difficult conditions frosty winter - LS., MS.

Truboobmotochnaya machine works - LS., CU.

Workers at work in the trenches and the machine (heavy frost) - CU., MS.

Long whip oil pipes heat the fire flame - MS., CU.

Earth-moving machinery paving trench for the pipeline in the area of ​​swamps Kuminskih frozen in place impassable quagmire - LS., MS.

Digger is on the edge of the ice edge, bucket scoops soil from the bottom of the swamp.

The machine breaks the ice and soil promorozhennaya - CU., MS.

Earth-moving machinery controls Mitrofan Y. Kovalevsky - CU.

PNRM. by viscous shadows Kuminskih wetlands (upturned cars in freezing winter) - CU.

Reel №2

Machines are placed a long whip welded oil pipes in a trench in the swamp - LS., MS.

Working with great care and precision control machines (winter, frost) - LS., CU.

Igor Belyaev, welders and others at work - CU.

Welders - Tambov boys Viktor Yermilov and Vasily Vlasov - the working area - CU.

Master welding Valentine Belyaev (Igor's wife) in the work area talking to welders - MS., CU.

Tyumen taiga landscapes of winter - MS., LS. (Evening).

Settlement construction (trailers on wheels) in the forest at night (in the boxes visible electric light) - LS.

The workers are in his house - MS.

Worker washes the other does gymnastics.

A group of workers in a room talking, laughing (synchronously).

Barber shears working - MS.

Home worker cleans shotgun.

The girl in the house, car - CU.

Young worker with a transistor (evening) - CU.

Evening landscape of Tyumen winter taiga - LS.

In the radio room girls are waiting for news from the Taiga Road - MS.

Stalled in snow wheel trucks - CU. PNRM.

Drivers and workers to help pull the car out of fresh snow on the road (night).

Machines go on the road at night, enter the working taiga settlement - LS.

Village at night - LS.

Working village early frosty morning, a smoke from the chimneys of houses - LS.

Children go to school - LS., MS.

Carpenters are building a wooden house - MS., CU.

The kids played on an ice hill, sledding.

Runs through the snow in a warm baby overalls - MS.

The helicopter flies over the taiga - LS.

Villagers are fleeing to the helicopter, get the mail.

Workers are heated by the fire.

By Taiga road truck rides with pipes - LS., MS.