Peers (1965)

Documentary №6164, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:16, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Musatova V.
Screenwriters:Zodiev YU., Petrova U., Sorokin E.
Camera operators:Akkuratov E.


About five delegates of the International youth and students festival.

Temporary description:

Film of the delegates of the World Festival of Youth and Students. Azerbaijan. Baku. Wedding oilman F. Agayev. F. Agayev while working in the oil fields. In Leningrad. B. Popenchenko Boxer in the ring, the podium, during the consultations before the defense of the dissertation. The city of Brest. O. Shutava nurse working in a hospital. The ruins of the Brest Fortress. Newsreel. The bombings, flying a German airplane. Far East. Sea of Okhotsk. A. Sipatrin - captain of the fishing seiners with an assistant in the wheelhouse. Seine boat in the sea at night. Fishermen pull a shark on the deck seiner raise the network. City of Moscow. O. Tabakov in the office said by telephone. Fragments from the film "War and Peace", plays "Always on sale," "Third wish", "Emperor's New Clothes. Starring actors Oleg Tabakov (synchronously), E. Evstigneev.

Reel №1

Pencil portraits of Alexander Sipatrina - Captain fishing seiner from Sakhalin, Olga Shutova - nurses from Brest, Faik Agaev - Baku oil, Valeria Popenchenko - shipbuilder and boxer from Leningrad, Oleg Tabakov - artist from Moscow - CU., LS.

The sun's rays on the water - CU.

Baku - LS.

Square, streets, buildings - LS.

The city on stilts: Oil Rocks and oil field in the Caspian Sea - LS.

Pile trestle and rig at sea - LS. PNRM.

Shift foreman youth brigade Petroleum Faik Agaev at work while drilling another well in the sea - CU.

Team members at work Agaev - CU.

Drilling of the well: the work of the rig mechanisms, capacity pipes Neftebur - MS., CU., LS.

Oil rigs at sea - LS.

Storm on the Caspian Sea - LS.

Waves breaking on the pile under the overpass - MS.

Marine boat overcomes storm waves on the rocks of the Caspian oil - LS., MS.

Truck rides on the overpass, under the overpass storm, spray - LS.

In the glass, pours champagne on the tables, PNRM. on the people who had gathered to congratulate Faik Agaev and Seville with the wedding.

F. Agaev and Sevilla at the wedding table with glasses of champagne - CU.

His colleagues clink glasses and drink to the health of young people.

Fa'iq and Sevilla dancing with friends - MS.

Plays amateur orchestra of folk instruments - MS., CU.

The couple and the guests dancing.

His colleagues escorted newlyweds Agaev with oil stone on the ground, to the city for the wedding.

Smiling faces Petroleum - CU.

Square with the monument to Peter I in Leningrad - LS.

Busy street in Leningrad - LS.

The street is Valery Popenchenko.

B. Popenchenko sits on a regular bus.

The bus departs from the bus stop - MS.

B. Popenchenko the bus - MS.

B. Popenchenko being advised by his supervisor.

Together with the head examines drawings before a thesis.

Popenchenko hand in the drawing - CU.

Graduate student B. Popenchenko - six-time champion of the USSR, the European champion, Olympic champion in Tokyo, who won the Cup Walt Balter and recognized in Tokyo best fighter of the world, the work on the dissertation - CU.

B. Popenchenko fights in the ring with an opponent - MS.

Photo: V. Popenchenko on rings around the world - CU.

Olya Shutova - Nurse Hospital of Brest - at work in the hospital - MS.

The ruins of the Brest Fortress, where in the early days of the war was born O. Shutov and where to protect the fortress, was killed by her father.

Flowers on the ruins of the fortress - MS.

Landscape of the Bug River (spring).

Olya Shutova runs along the river, the ruins of the fortress, singing songs about the fortress, its defenders (synchronously).

Newsreel 1941:

Bomber raid on Brest Fortress.

PNRM. the ruins of the fortress - CU., MS., LS.

Reel №2

PNRM. the ruined wall of the Brest Fortress - MS.

Olya Shutova walks the ruined fortress, singing a song.

Olga sings at the window of the wall outside the area gathered around the campfire youth - LS.

Seiners fishing in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (evening) - LS.

Sea, illuminated by electric light - CU.

Fishermen on the seiner "Ost» - MS.

Bell Tolls for seiners - CU.

Captain Alexander seiner Sipatrin on board - CU.

Electric lights are lit on the seiner - MS.

Seiner, lit by electric light, the sea (night).

A. Sipatrin with assistant in the wheelhouse - MS.

Wrist watch with a second hand - CU.

Navigation device.

Seagulls over the water in the Strait Spanberg (night) - MS.

Ship operating devices - CU.

On deck seiner is caught saury, together with saury on deck tossed a large shark.

Shark on deck - MS.

Fishermen dragged the shark - CU., MS.

Fish school in the lighted circle on the water - MS.

Fishermen pull network with saury - MS., CU.

Deck seiner, backfilled saury - LS.

Radioman on hand control key - CU.

Seiner "Ost" in the sea (night) - LS.

Winch on the seiner pulls Network - CU.

Sunrise over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk - LS.

Seiner in the sea (dawn) - LS.

Portrait of Oleg Tabakov - CU.

Theater "Contemporary".

Oleg Tabakov in the premises of All-Russian Theatrical Society, in the office, on the TV screen - shooting the film "War and Peace."

Excerpts from the film "War and Peace": the role of Petya Rostov - Oleg Tabakov - CU.

A scene from "The Third Wish" played by Oleg Tabakov (synchronously).

A scene from "always on sale": the role of waitress and cafe visitor performs Oleg Tabakov (synchronously).

A scene from "The Naked King": the role of the King - Eugene Evstigneev, as Food Boy - Oleg Tabakov.

Oleg Tabakov in the dressing room after the show talking about his work in theater and cinema (synchronously).

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