The distress signal.. (1965)

Film-document №6165 2 parts, Duration: 0:18:43, Black-white to collection Price category A

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Lebedev A.

Script writers: Osipov I.

Operators: Istomin A., Zemcov G., Lebedev O.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


On the night of 25 to 26 December 1963 during a storm on the Baltic Sea has suffered the scourge of the British ship "Stenkroun". On signal distress to help British vessel left salvor "Hermes" from Tallinn port.

Temporary description

Estonia. City of Tallinn. Seaport. Loading and diving operations in the port. Salvage ship Hermes. The "Hermes". Wireless operator Hermes takes the SOS signal from the British ship "Stenkroun. A storm in the Baltic Sea. Sinking Stenkroun. Movement "Hermes" in the stormy sea. Rescue work team Hermes, to rescue people, cargo, refloat the vessel Stenkroun. Personnel news: raising the sunken ice-breaker Sadko. On the deck of a salvage ship writers A. Tolstoy, V.Ya. Shishkov. Salvation, ice-bound, the steamer "Bug". Ice breaker "Ermak" has saved the ship (1934-1938 gg.). Captain VI Voronin at the helm.

Reel №1

Loading and unloading in the port of Tallinn on a frosty winter day, working harbor cranes - LS., MS.

Diver descends into the water - MS., CU.

Divers work to clean up the bottom of the port of Tallinn: diver under water looking for shipwrecks, cut the metal parts of electric welding.

A crane pulls the metal debris from the bottom to the shore.

Explosions on the water in the port - CU., MS.

The ships docked in the port - LS., MS.

Work signalman crane - CU.

Rescue ship "Hermes" in the port - LS., MS.

Duty sailors on the rescue vessel, a personal business.

Ship's cook, a woman cooks dinner.

Decorations on the streets of Tallinn - MS., LS.

Advertising cafe "Pegasus» - MS.

Sailors from the "Hermes" and other young people in the cafe at the tables - MS., CU.

Chandeliers in Tallinn concert hall - CU.

The audience in the concert hall of the Philharmonic - LS.

Plays a symphony orchestra - MS.

The vessel "Hermes" sailors watching a TV program.

Newsreel 1930s.

Rescue expedition vessel "Sadko» - MS., CU.

AN writers Tolstoy and Vladimir Shishkov watching the rise "Sadko".

"Sadko" emerges from the water, the pontoons broken off, the ship is sinking again.

A diver examines the causes of failure.

Expedition again raises the "Sadko".

Newsreel 1930s.

"Sadko" over the water - LS., MS., CU. (From the TV screen.)

Lighthouse - LS.; Steamer "Bug" imposed by ice on the Baltic Sea island - MS., CU.

Rescuers free "Bug" of ice - MS., CU.

Icebreaker "Ermak" displays salvaged ship from the ice - CU., LS.

Captain "Ermak" Voronin aboard the icebreaker - CU.

The watch on deck, "Hermes» - MS.

A strong storm in the Baltic Sea - LS., MS., CU.

Seagull winds in the dark sky - MS.

Ship in a stormy sea - LS., CU.

Raging waves - CU.

Radio antenna on the ship - MS.

Radio operators aboard the "Hermes" take a distress - MS.

Radioman hand on the lever machine - CU.

Manager at the port receives a signal «SOS».

Team rescue ship "Hermes" gets urgent order to go to the aid of a ship in distress.

Duty "Hermes" is sent to the members of the rescue team, on holiday on the beach.

Automobile on the evening streets of Tallinn - LS.

House windows, illuminated by electric lights.

One member of the team goes out and gets in the car.

The machine goes to the coffee shop, takes a rest there seafarers 'Hermes' and goes to Philharmonic, the duty of the hall is a sailor with the "Hermes".

The car drives past shop windows, lit by electric light.

Port of Tallinn in the evening - LS.

Rescue ship "Hermes" goes into the stormy sea to the British vessel stranded near Klaipeda.

Navigator of the watch on board the Iwo Petey "Hermes."

Radar for "Hermes» - CU.

Sunset over the Baltic Sea, a sea storm - LS.

"Hermes" is on the stormy sea - CU., MS.; Waves pour vessel powerful streams of water - CU.

Abandoned people English ship "Stenkroun" in a stormy sea - LS.

Deck of a sinking ship filled with water.

Powerful waves beating on board the ship - CU.

Lifebuoy, broken part of the ship, submerged and destroyed the holds.

Captain "Stenkrouna" on a sinking ship.

"Hermes" is trying to approach the board "Stenkrouna" waves prevented him - MS., CU.

Sailors from the "Hermes" trafficked tool and rescue equipment to the boat to ferry the "Stenkroun» - MS., CU.

Reel №2

Rescue Team with "Hermes" on the boat coming to board the "Stenkrouna"; overloads inventory landed on the ship and begins to work: clog the holes, pump out the water.

Captain "Stenkrouna" Doponsan on board due to the head of the Office of the Port of Tallinn.

Rescue ships from Leningrad, Tallinn, Klaipeda assist "Stenkrounu» - LS., MS., CU.

Torn rope with which rescuers try to remove the ship afloat - CU.

Life preserver with the words "Stenkroun» - CU.

Mechanics working in the engine room, "Hermes» - MS., CU.

Hard at work in their places rescuers with "Hermes» - CU.

Diver descends into the water to survey the bottom of the ship, check the screw ship, feed and other parts of the ship in the water.

Diver ascends to the vessel and report the result of the survey - MS.

Drawing of the ship "Stenkrouna» - CU.

Rescue team solves the problem of drawing the salvation of the ship.

By "Stenkrounu" a storm sea port fit flat bottom crane to unload the grain from the holds of the ship.

Workers pumped water from the holds - MS., CU.

Crane unloads from the flooded holds grain to release the vessel on the severity and lift it off the rocks.

Ladle crane draws water from the grain - CU.

Grain on the conveyor belt goes into the hold of the vessel dry.

Worker wakes sleeping comrade to replace - CU.

Rescue work on "Stenkroune» - LS.

Diver descends into the water to plug the hole in the ship's hold.