The inspector's visit (1981)

Documentary №61714, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:07, black-white
Production: LSDF
Director:Trahtengerc I.
Screenwriters:Naftuljev F.
Camera operators:Mass M.
Sound mixer:Podtakuj M., Lerner L.


The film tells about the employees of the technical control department of the 1st Leningrad Furniture Factory, the inspector for the quality of consumer goods N.I.Sorokin, employees of furniture stores.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Leningrad, the streets of the city traffic.

The interior of the bus, passengers are traveling, in the frame - quality inspector Sorokin N. I. View of the city streets from the bus window.

Quality Inspector Sorokin rides the bus.

View of the city streets from the bus window.

Large - the face of the inspector.

View from the bus to the streets of the city.

An inspector in a furniture factory, checks the quality of the goods, looks at the trellis, notes scuffs, irregularities, marriage, etc.

The inspector fills out the act, the employees of the enterprise are standing nearby.

The inspector examines another piece of furniture.

Says the head of the technical control department V. Ferapontov.

The inspector, together with the employees of the enterprise, discusses the marriage, defects in the products, points out to them unacceptable quality, and so on.

An employee of the plant is arguing with the inspector about frames and mirrors for the trellis.

Says Ferapontov.

The inspector examines the mirror of the trellis, voices where the marriage and discrepancy according to GOST, there are employees nearby.

Large - the face of an employee of the company.

Says Ferapontov.

The inspector points out the size discrepancy, the employee will measure the dimensions of the trellis doors.

The inspector continues the inspection, voices the marriage, inconsistencies according to GOST, asks questions to employees, employees are silent.

Furniture production is carried out on a conveyor belt, wooden parts of prefabricated furniture are processed on machines.

Large - the control panel of the machines, a panorama of the employee.

An inspector in the shop is talking to a female employee, other employees are standing nearby.

Furniture production, workshop - employees work.

Employees polish cabinet doors.

The inspector examines the trellis, fixes scratches on the mirror, does not accept the product.

The Quality Commission, the members of the commission are sitting at the table.

An employee of the furniture factory brings a bedside table, asks all members of the commission to inspect it, check and sign the certificate.

The members of the commission take turns signing the document.

The inspector gets up and says that the leg of the bedside table is crooked - the bedside table turned out to be defective.

Says Ferapontov.

The inspector and the employees of the plant check another bedside table, which stands on a flat surface (on a board).

The inspector asks to tilt the bedside table, examines it.

The inspector examines the mirrors of the trellis, the employees of the plant are standing nearby.

The inspector finds a scratch on the mirror, requires replacement of the mirror, next to him an employee of the plant fixes the marriage.

The inspector hums, leaves the shop, the workers bring a new mirror in a package.

Key words

Quality inspector, GOST, furniture factory, furniture shop

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

An employee of a furniture factory wipes the trellis mirror, inspector Sorokin examines the product, next to him is the head of the technical control department V. Ferapontov.

In the frame - employees of the company, watching as a quality inspector checks the product.

Large - Ferapontov's face.

Trucks are unloading.

Furniture is being unloaded from trucks.

The inspector is loading, gives a sign to the loader to stop.

The inspector returns the batch of mattresses back.

In the frame there is an inspector on unloading, movers and store employees nearby, the inspector says something, points to the mattress.

Says E. Dronova is a senior commodity specialist of the store, a panorama of the quality inspector, Ferapontov and other members of the commission at the table.

There is a discussion of the situation, why spoiled mattresses came to the store from the warehouse.

Says K. Lagutin, a carpenter-assembler.

The hall of a furniture store, there are samples of products, customers go.

The inspector is talking to the store clerk.

In the hall of the store, sellers arrange furniture.

The inspector checks the cabinet, notices a defect, a quality discrepancy, tells the seller about it.

The inspector takes the shelves out of the closet, shows them, tells why they do not comply with GOST, buyers gather nearby.

The inspector looks at the trellis in the hall, tells what is wrong with the assembly and fasteners, buyers are standing nearby and listening.

The general plan is that the store employees take out a defective cabinet.

Says the inspector.

Says Ferapontov.

Says Dronova.

Furniture workshop, the bed is being assembled.

Says Lagutin.

Lagutin and an employee assemble a bed in the workshop, the inspector stands next to them, controls the process.

After assembling the bed, the inspector carefully checks the product, finds no defects and defects.

Visitors at the furniture exhibition, various frames with samples of furniture, kitchen and bedroom sets, etc.

In the frame is a visitor to the exhibition.

The general plan is samples of furniture at the exhibition (tables, sofas, walls, etc.), visitors walk.

The faces of the employees of the furniture factory in the hall.

Says Ferapontov.

Large - the face of an employee of the plant.

There is a quality inspector at the table in the presidium.

View of the streets of Leningrad (removed from traffic).

Quality inspector Sorokin plays the guitar - checks the product, gives his comments to the staff of the workshop for the manufacture of musical instruments.

Large - guitars on the conveyor.

Winter Leningrad (removed from traffic).

Key words

Quality inspector, GOST, furniture factory, furniture shop, furniture store, furniture exhibition

Locations: Leningrad [848]

Seasons: Winter [823]

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