Time is always with us (1965)

Documentary №61735, 4 parts, duration: 0:36:51, black-white
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:A.Ksenofontov, Yu.Lebedev
Composers:R.Kotlyarevskij, S.Tombak
Sound mixer:E.Beljskij


About the life of Alexandra Kollontai, who became the first woman Ambassador of the Soviet Republic in Norway, Mexico, Sweden.

Reel №1

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Dossier on Alexandra Kollontai.

Chronicle of 1922.

Soldiers of the Red Army are marching on Red Square.

The audience welcomes the soldiers.

Soldiers demonstrate gymnastic exercises.

The Red Cavalry is marching.

Spectators on the roof watch the parade.

Demonstration of workers.

Soldiers are dancing in the street.

Children sit on the tsar cannon.

A military unit on bicycles.

Kollontai is among his party colleagues.

A rostrum with representatives of foreign states.

Poster of 1922.

Newspaper articles about Soviet diplomacy.

Photo of People's Commissar of Foreign Affairs Chicherin G.V. with future diplomats.

Photo of Kollontai before leaving as ambassador to Norway.

Landscapes of Norway.

Photo of members of the Soviet mission in Norway.

Photo by Alexandra Kollontai.

Photo of the Bergen shipyards, where ships were built for Soviet Russia.

Photo A. Kollontai on the descent of new ships for Soviet Russia.

Chronicle of 1924.

Kollantai is on the ship.

Chronicle of 1924.


The cruiser Aurora enters the Norwegian port.

A. Kollontai visits the cruiser Aurora in Norway.

Meeting on the ship.

Chronicle of 1917.

Alternating frames of revolutionary events.

Alexandra Kollontai before speaking at the rally.

Alternating frames with workers' faces.

Photo of the rally.

Photo of the government formed in early October 1917.

Chronicle of 1917.


Petersburg Square.

A tram is coming.

Streets of the city.

Street kids.

Scenes from the life of St.

Petersburg in 1917.

The building of the Ministry of State Care in tsarist times.

A. Kollontai at the entrance to the building.

Photo of the apparatus of the People's Commissariat of Public Charity.

Chronicle of 1917.

Alternating shots with residents of Moscow.

Residents are sorting firewood.

The tram transports firewood.

Street kids.

Photos of A. Kollontai with children.

The building of the People's Commissar of Charity.

Officials of the People's Commissariat.

Key words

Soviet diplomats.
Trade relations.
Street kids.


Aleksandra Kollontaj, partijnij obschestvennij rabotnik. Diplomat. Georgij Vasiljevich Chicherin, narkom inostrannih del.

Calendar: 1917 1922 1924 1965

Locations: Leningrad [848] Norway [165]

Reel №2

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Photo by A. Kollontai.

Panorama of the monastery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

Marching sailors of the Baltic Fleet.

Disabled people and children enter the territory of the Lavra.

Shots of the Lavra of 1917-1918.

Photo by A. Kollontai.

Kollontai family photos.

Chronicle of 1920.

Street children come to A. Kollontai.

Children play games under the guidance of a teacher.

Photo by A. Kollontai among children.

Chronicle of 1920.

Pavel Dybenko.

Photos by A. Kolontai with Dybenko.



Chronicle of 1927.

Norwegian city.

Photos of 1930 presentation of credentials to the Swedish king.

Chronicle of 1930 Sweden.

Footage of the credentials ceremony.

Key words

Street kids.


Aleksandra Kollontaj, politicheskij i obschestvennij deyatelj. Posol.

Calendar: 1917-1918 1920 1926 1930

Locations: Norway [165] Sweden [211] St. Petersburg [814]

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo by A. Kollontai.

Photo from an interview with A. Kollontai to the Swedish press.

Photo of Kollontai with members of the women's department of the Central Committee of the Party.

Chronicle of 1920.

Congress of Women of the Soviet East.

A. Kollontai's speech at the congress.

A. Kollontai talks with Clara Zetkin.


Benches in the park.


It's raining.

Chronicle of 1932.

There is an election campaign in Sweden.

The new government of Sweden.

Photo of A. Kollontai at the workplace in the embassy.

Photos of Soviet and Swedish diplomats.

Chronicle of 1937.

Arrival of the Swedish Foreign Minister together with Kollontai in Moscow.

Meeting with People's Commissar Litvinov M.M. Minister and Ambassador in Moscow.

Newspapers of Soviet Russia.

Photos by Alexandra Kollontai.


The delegation of the Soviet Union at a meeting of the League of Nations.

Diplomats communicate on the sidelines.

Meeting of the League of Nations.

Key words

Women's movement.
League of Nations.
The expectation of war.


Klara Cetkin,partijnij deyatelj, aktivistka borjbi za prava zhenschin. Aleksandra Kollontaj, partijnij i obschestvennij deyatelj. posol. Litvinov Maksim Maksimovich, narkom inostrannih del.

Calendar: 1920 1932 1937 1965

Locations: Switzerland [212] Sweden [211] Moscow [820]

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photo - A. Kollontai listens to the radio.

Panorama of Stockholm.

Embassy of the Soviet Union in Sweden.

Photos of Swedish diplomats.

Photos of A. Kollontai's meetings with diplomats of other countries.

Panorama of Stockholm.

Chronicle of 1944.

Alternation of shots with military actions.

Photo by A. Kollontai.

Photo of Swedish banker Markus Wallenberg, a mediator in negotiations with Finland.

Types of Saltschebaden.

Grandotel in Saltsbaden.

Chronicle of 1944.

Journalists are filming Mr.


Paasikivi arrived in Stockholm for secret negotiations with Kollontai.

Soviet newspapers with reports of a meeting between Paasikivi and Kollontai.

The Finnish delegation arrived in Moscow.

Signing of documents following the negotiations.

Signatures on the contract.

Soviet and Finnish military meet at the border.

A. Kollontai celebrates the conclusion of the contract.

Chronicle of 1945.

Sick and aged Kollontai.

The interior of the Kollontai rooms in the embassy.

There are memorable photos on the walls.

Panorama of Stockholm.

The plane is flying over the clouds.

Chronicle of 1945.

Awarding A. Kollontai.

Photo by A. Kollontai with friends.

Places of childhood and youth A. Kollontai.

Photo by A. Kollontai.

Chronicle of 1945.

The plane is flying to Moscow.

Key words

Peace with Finland.
Returning home.


Aleksandra Kollontaj, politicheskij i partijnij deyatelj, posol. Markus Vallenberg, bankir. Paasikivi, diplomat.

Calendar: 1944 1945 1965

Locations: Sweden [211] Moscow [820]

Movie №1

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