Syberia is on a Screen 1952 № 39

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: M. Lukackij

Operators: N. Staroschuk, G. Cvetkov, A. Minorskij, I. Smirnov.

Other authors: Zvuk - A. Volodarskij.

Reel №1

Secretary of the Party Bureau farm "Shatunovskii" Altai Krai PA Artukhov speaks to workers at the central current lunchtime lecture on the materials of the 19th Congress of the CPSU (b).

Threshing grain thresher.

City Prokopyevsk.

Hall, the presidium of the commemoration of the Day of the miner.

Chief acts combine "Kuzbassugol" Vorobyov.

Managing Trust "prokopevskugol" Markelov reads the letter, the miners

Prokopyevsk Stalin.

Kemerovo region.

Iron ore open-pit mine in Mountain Shalymskom Shoria.

Transportation of ore to the processing plant trolleys.

Movement crushed ore on the conveyor.

Archaeological excavations on the River Irvine in the Novosibirsk region, conducted by the Institute of History of Material Culture of the USSR Academy of Sciences, led by Professor MP Bitnova.

Type of archaeological finds.

Key words

Political propaganda. Communist Party. State agricultural enterprises. Holidays. Mining. Archaeology.