A School-Girl From Sevastopol.. (1965)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Rychkov B.N.

Operators: Aslanov G.

Text writers: Braslavskiy L.


The newsreel tells about a young Soviet sportswoman Galina Prozumenshchikiva, the winner of the golden medal in the swimming competitions at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964.

Historical background

Fifteen Sevastopolska schoolgirl Galina Prozumenschikova at the Olympics in 1964 in Tokyo, won a gold medal, taking first place in the swim of 200 meters Bras.

Temporary description

Sevastopol. Olympic swimming champion, a schoolgirl from Sevastopol Galina Prozumenschikova visiting sailors aboard a warship, in the classroom in high school, during training in the pool at home with his parents, sister Irene; talks about preparing for a competition (synchronously). Japan. City Tokyo. 1964. Summer Olympic Games. Speech and rewarding Galina Prozumenschikovoy. Types of Sevastopol. Landscapes of the Black Sea.

Reel №1

G. Prozumenshchikova coming on board one of the ships of the Black Sea fleet, greeted with the command, sailors greet her, she presented with a cake.

Galya seafarers.

Galya classroom activities during the written work.

Talking with a friend.

Schoolgirls at their desks - CU.


Schoolgirls get up from desks.

Students in the hallway during the break.

Girls are considering a fashion magazine, laughing, among them Galya.

Gal with a group of students is on the street, down the stairs - PNRM. the city.

Square with the monument to Admiral Nakhimov, view of the bay - LS., MS.

Indoor Swimming Pool - MS. (Top).

Gal in the pool, wipes her face.

Children are engaged in the pool to do exercises for the legs.

Coach talks to the boys.

Boy - CU.

Merited Coach of the USSR Yelena Lukyanovna Alekseenko (Prozumenshchikova coach) coached the girl: the girl floating in the "leash."

Jumping into the water, swimming, distance finishes 12-year-old Ira Prozumenshchikova (sister Gali).

Children watch.

A judge with a stopwatch.

Hand puts a stopwatch - CU.

Galina and Irina are in the pool.

Gal jumps into the water, swims - different., Is engaged in gymnastics: does exercises for hands, jumping on a trampoline, etc.

EL Alekseenko tells Gale (synchronously).

In pool swimming Gala and 6-year-old Tanya.

Tanya swims.

Galia and Tania are in the water, talking.

Galya home: holding photo album.

Ghali father - an engineer, Captain I rank in the reserve, N. Prozumenschikov reads the newspaper.

Mother sets the table, PNRM. a sister Ira.

Photos in album: Daniel in a camp, Galya and Svetlana Babanina, swim in Blackpool (England) competition in Berlin Gal after unsuccessful performance at the national championship, with the coaches, etc.

Ghali interviews (synchronously).

Galya runs along the coast.

National pool in Tokyo - LS., PNRM.

The operator at the camera.

Prozumenshchikova preparing to swim.

Start and swim 200 meters.

Gala during race.


Shout Soviet athletes, coaches welcome EL Alekseenko S. Babanina and American K. Kolb congratulate Galya swim with the results.

Gale put a gold Olympic medal.

Gal congratulates her opponents.

The audience applauded.

Galya among sailors on a warship, removes an Olympic medal, sailors considered a medal.

Hands with a medal - CU., MS.

Galia and her friends on the beach.

Galya - CU.