Syberia is on a Screen 1952 № 40

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Producer West-Siberian newsreel studio

Director: M. Lukackij

Operators: N. Pavlov, G. Cvetkov, E. Kachin, N. Staroschuk.

Other authors: Zvuk - A. Volodarskij

Reel №1

Staff meeting locomotive depot Inskaya Tomsk railway dedicated to early implementation of socialist obligations in honor of the 19th Congress of the CPSU (b).

Speakers: Chief depot Khrebtov master Karelian driver Sahanov.

View locomotive repaired ahead of schedule.

Cleaning hemp new variety "Toguchin first" on the farm "The Way to Socialism" Toguchin district of the Novosibirsk region.

Production processes in plants Kemerovo coking plant.

Installation of coke pusher new design; work and the installer wizard Ryzhevalov Hazelnut.

City of Novosibirsk.

Summer Games athletes sports society "Dynamo".

Running races, discus, high jump.

Key words

Trains. Labor. Udarničestvo. Collective farms. Crop. Metallurgy. Chemical industry. Athletics.