Socio-political practice (1985)

Documentary №62080, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:40
Production: LSDF
Camera operators:L.Rozhin
Sound mixer:G.Pocelueva


About the peculiarities of the profession of the Soviet propagandist.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Monument to the 600th anniversary of Kaluga.

Gagarin Bridge across the Oka in Kaluga.

Bus tour of the city of Kaluga.

Panorama of the central square of Kaluga.

Close-up shots of tourists.

View of the House of Political Enlightenment.

Announcement of the scientific and practical conference "Socio-political practice".

Speech at the conference by the Head of the agitation and propaganda Department of the Kaluga Regional Committee of the CPSU.

Propagandists in the hall listen to the speech.

Propagandist, head of the plant shop S.T. Kalugin.

Workers go to the factory.

The workshop of the plant.

Conference hall.

Propagandist, rural teacher.

Panorama of the central estate of the collective farm named after Marshal Zhukov.

Cows in the farmyard.

The foyer of the House of Political Enlightenment.

A dialogue between the head of the House of Political Education and two propagandists.

Workers gathered in the workshop, which is headed by the propagandist Kalugin.

Large-scale workshops.

Shop worker E.P. Uspenskaya conducts classes with workers.

Continuation of the dialogue.

The village teacher is preparing for classes.

Key words

the conference.

Locations: Kaluga region [779]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Village teacher A.S. Savochkin walks through the village, greets fellow villagers.

A listener of propagandists' classes - N.P. Isaev teaches teenagers to work on a tractor.

Rural craftsman A.A. Podlesny created a snowplow.

Teenagers are watching his work.

Valery Sysoev is a public traffic inspector on duty on the road.

Views of the city of Kaluga.

Gagarin Bridge.

The guide conducts a tour of Kaluga.

The bus pulls up to the rocket model.

V.I. Evpatov conducts classes on domestic policy.

A large-circulation newspaper is printed at the factory.

Performance on the factory radio.

Wall newspaper in the shop.

Continuation of the conversation.

The Cabinet of Political Education at the Zhukov collective farm.

The oldest agitator Chudina goes with the milkmaids to work.

Chudina conducts classes with milkmaids.

Articles in newspapers about saving on production.

Kalugina's classes with shop workers at the factory.

Personal accounts of workers indicating savings.

Control of shop workers over the quality of production.

The People's Control in the collective farm checks the use of animal feed.

Continuation of the conversation.

Certification of propagandists-agitators in a dugout at an Unnamed height.

Speech by the participants of the conversation A.S.Savochkin and S.T.Kalugina at the conference of propagandists.

Key words

people's control

Locations: Kaluga region [779]

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