Our region № 49 (1974)

Newsreel №62128, 1 part, duration: 0:10:17
Production: LSDF
Director:D. Havin, S. Barhatova


The issue is dedicated to the Days of Literature in the Komi ASSR and the trip of a delegation of Soviet writers to enterprises and oil and gas fields.

Reel №1

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Types of oil fields in the Komi ASSR.

Meeting of Soviet writers at the railway station in Syktyvkar.

Greeters welcome the head of the delegation A. Keshokov.

The girl's face.

Presentation of flowers to the members of the delegation.

Keshokov walks along the car.

Handing Keshokov bread and salt, Keshokov tries a loaf.

View of the station square, the cameraman is shooting.

Members of the writers ' delegation led by Keshokov lay flowers at the foot of the monument to Lenin.

View of the monument to Lenin.

Flowers at the pedestal.

Keshokov and members of the delegation walk through the territory of the Syktyvkar Timber Processing Plant.

Keshokov about the time of inspection of the control room of the plant.

Keshokov talks to the dispatcher.

The operator at the control panel.

Writers in one of the workshops of the plant.

Members of the delegation inspect samples of paper and cardboard produced by the plant, the face of Okudzhava B. Sh.

The faces of the delegation members.

Okudzhava listening to the head of the shop.

The face of the worker.

The operator at the control panel of the automated line.

Part of the production process at the plant.

Landing a helicopter.

The airport building in Vuktyl.

View of the drilling rig at the Vuktyl gas field.

Members of the delegation listen to the engineer, the faces of the writers.

Members of the delegation give autographs to the drillers.

Views of the streets of Vuktyl, people on the streets.

Gas field workers are waiting for a bus on the side of the road.

Workers talk to each other while waiting for the bus.

Persons of the senior operator of the Komsomol watch V. Skurikhin and the head of the gas collection point F. Chapko.

The workers get on the bus.

Cars on the highway, laid on the taiga swamp.

Gas wells along the roads in the taiga.

View of the equipment part of one of the wells.

An employee of the gas collection point takes the readings of control devices.

Internal view of a part of the gas collection point.

The dispatcher's face.

The dispatcher at the remote control.

The head of the point checks the disks with the data.

Young workers applaud during a meeting with writers.

The poet M. Sobol speaks to the workers.

Faces of young workers.

The participants of the meeting applaud.

View of one of the gas field wells.

Taiga landscapes.

The building of the workers ' hostel.

Views and panorama of the Usinsk oil field.

Panorama of the village of Neftyanikov.

Wooden residential buildings of oil workers.

Types of a special town for oil workers from barrel houses.

View of a residential building under construction.

Girls bring their desks into the new school building.

Internal view of one of the classes.

Washing windows in the classroom.

View of the taiga from the classroom window.

The work of the drilling rig.

The faces of the drilling master Galkin and the driller Gizatullin.

The process of experimental drilling of a well, the faces of drillers.

Drillers at work.

The drilling process.

Galkin and Gizatullin exchange views on the progress of the work.

View of the drilling rig, the face of the Komi-Zyryansky poet V. Popov.

Writers D. Gusarov, A. Smolnikov, M. Sobol, M. Sergeev speak to the drillers.

Drillers with children during a meeting with writers.

The drillers applaud.

Construction of the road in the forest.

Transportation of a drilling rig through the taiga.


Keshokov Alim Pshemahovich -- poet, novelist Okudzhava Bulat Shalvovich -- poet, bard, novelist, composer Sobolj Mark Andreevich -- the poet Gusarov Dmitrij Yakovlevich -- writer, journalist Smoljnikov Aleksej Stepanovich -- writer Sergeev Mark Davidovich -- writer, poet

Calendar: 1974

Locations: Komi Republic [747]

Seasons: Autumn [826]

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