Together with the Communist Party. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Musatova V.


The special issue about the opening of the XV Congress of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League in Moscow.

Temporary description

Opening of the 15 th Congress of the Komsomol in the Kremlin (Moscow): delegates are on the Kremlin; statement 1 st Secretary of the Central Committee of Komsomol Pavlova, General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev.

Reel №1

Kremlin Palace of Congresses, the flags in front of the Soviet republics - LS. (Summer).

Delegates to the palace are XV Congress of the Komsomol.

Pass the delegates - Soviet cosmonauts VF Bykovsky, AG Nikolaev, UA Gagarin, V. Nikolayeva-Tereshkova, AA Leonov, VN Mosquitoes.

Delegates to the Congress in the lobby of the Palace of Congresses before the meetings XV Congress of the Komsomol - LS., MS.

Delegates sing and dance in the lobby of the Palace (synchronous) - Various.

Opening of the XV Congress of the Komsomol: hall, delegates stood applauding - PNRM., LS.

Congress opens the first secretary of the Komsomol SP Pavlov (synchronously).

In the hall is made banner Komsomol - LS.

The Banner is cosmonaut AA Leonov - MS.

At the podium: NV Podgorny, LI Brezhnev, AN Shelepin, KT Mazurov, MA Suslov, A. Pelshe, delegates and guests from foreign countries - LS., MS.

At the meeting of the Congress of the Komsomol with the speaker LI Brezhnev (synchronously).

Young Communists and Komsomol members at work in different areas of industry, agriculture, construction: a girl goes to the tower crane, the girl at the drawing board, the young man knocks wood installers put insulators on overhead wires of the transmission line, a milkmaid milking a cow, a young miner working in the pit, weaver at the bench - CU.

LI Brezhnev greeting reads XV Congress of the Central Committee of the Komsomol (synchronously).

Delegates applauded - LS., MS., CU.

A summary report of the Komsomol stands first secretary of the Komsomol SP Pavlov (synchronously).

Young warriors, delegates listened Soviet republics - MS., CU.

Continued report SP Pavlova (synchronously).

All members of the Congress applauded - LS., PNRM.

A mosaic portrait of VI Lenin in the back of the stage at the Palace of Congresses - LS., CU.