Meetings At The British Islands. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kiselev V.

Operators: Kiselev V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Mikhaylov L.


About trip of the Delegation of deputies of the the USSR Supreme Council in the Great Britain.

Historical background

In November 1966 the delegation of the Supreme Soviet, led by chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, GI Voronov, visited England at the invitation of the British Parliament.

Temporary description

The delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR for a meeting with parliamentarians in the UK (London), during a visit to the university in the county Saseks, state farm near the town of Winchester, automobile factories of the firm "Leyland" in Preston, inspection GG Nyusakla, Edinburgh in Scotland, at a football match in Glasgow, in talks with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson (London).

Reel №1

Moscow Kremlin - LS. PNRM. (Winter).

The Supreme Soviet of the USSR (Grand Kremlin Palace), flies over the building of the national flag of the Soviet Union - hitting, CU.

London, cloudy - LS.

Soviet aircraft "IL-18" at the London airport taxis - CU.

At the airport the Soviet delegation headed by GI Voronov, met the Soviet Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the British parliamentarians Smirnovsky.

Reporters at the airport.

Streets of London: traffic.

The building of the Palace of Westminster - the residence of the British Parliament.

The Soviet delegation, accompanied by the British parliament, examines the Palace of Westminster.

The building of the Abbey - MS.

The clock tower at the Houses of Parliament - CU.

Soviet parliamentary delegation on a visit from the Lord Chancellor Gardiner: Lord Chancellor introduces guests to the traditions of Parliament.

Speaker of the King.

Mantle, in which the Lord Chancellor presides over the House of Lords - PNRM., CU.

Portraits predecessors Lord Chancellor in his office.

Golden mace, large print stationery, wig - the traditional attributes of power, Lord Chancellor.

The head of the Soviet delegation GI Ravens in a conversation with the Lord Chancellor sends the invitation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Presidents of the Chambers of the Parliament of Great Britain to the Soviet Union.

The delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on a visit from the Lord Mayor of London Bellinger.

Lord Mayor presents GI Voronov medal.

The old district of London - LS., MS.

Sculpture - MS., CU.

Buildings of banks and trusts.

Building the largest English newspaper editors in Fleet Street.

Tower Bridge - MS., CU.


The Soviet delegation inspects Tower.


Tower - MS.

Tower ravens - CU., MS.

Antique gun.

Trafalgar Square.

Nelson's Column in the square - CU.

Flocks of pigeons in the square.

Residents of feeding pigeons.

Girl with the pigeons in the square on the hands - CU.

Monument to those killed in the wars - LS.

Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Marching royal guardsmen, the audience.

People on the streets of the city (Autumn) - Various.

Soviet parliamentarians acquainted with London, visiting old buildings, residential neighborhoods.

Multi-storey residential building.

Street - LS., MS.

Cars on the highway - MS., CU.

The building is a public high school - LS., CU.

Students welcomed the Soviet people.

Soviet parliamentarians learn in school with the children's education.

School children in the classroom - MS., CU.

Guests at the home economics classroom.

Guests in the school workshop: the boys working at the bench.

Soviet parliamentarians on vehicles traveling at Highgate Cemetery, where Karl Marx is buried.

The grave of Karl Marx, a monument over the grave - MS., CU., LS.

Soviet parliamentarians laying a wreath at the grave of Karl Marx, a minute of silence.

Reel №2

The suburban highway London are cars, bus - LS.

Soviet parliamentary delegation on a bus traveling from London to the county Saseks.

Building Sasekskogo University - PNRM.

Pass students boys and girls - LS., MS.

Students in class at the university.

Soviet parliamentarians acquainted with the methods of teaching, talking with the students.

Guests in the reading room of the University Library talk with students of Russian language - LS., CU.

Field demonstration farms Bridzhetskogo experimental farm of the Ministry of Agriculture of the United Kingdom, located near Winchester.

Farm outbuildings.

The yard passing tractor-trailer.

Soviet parliamentarians visiting the farm economy.

Pavelis Maskalyunas - director of the farm - are familiar with housekeeping.

Klanskoy sheep breeds in the pasture - PNRM., LS., CU.

Soviet guests visiting pastures.

Cows on pasture with "electric shepherd» - CU.

"Electric Shepherd» - CU.

Automotive plant building company "Leyland" in Preston - LS., MS.

Manufacturing plant - LS.

Leaf with an inscription in Russian "welcome".

Soviet deputies at the automobile plant, "Leyland" visiting shops, talking with the workers.

GI Ravens presents doll factory worker.

Factory workers' Leyland »- CU.

Double-decker buses in the factory yard.

The test truck on the difficult road - MS.

Soviet guests visiting ready machine.

Sailing boat on the River Tyne, which are located along the coast shipyards - LS.

The workers go to work - MS., CU.

PNRM. Newcastle - the industrial center of the North-East of England - with towering iron shipyard cranes - LS. (With us).

Built ships on the stocks - LS.

Worked as a welder - MS., CU.

Cut sheet metal - CU.

The Soviet delegation of parliamentarians at the shipyard "Stan Harter» - LS., CU.

Soviet visitors in a woodworking shop talking to workers - CU., MS.

MP Theodore Kirillov, turner from Leningrad, inspects finished parts - CU.

Scotsman in national dress playing a musical instrument - CU.

Landscapes of Scotland - LS., MS.

Lake - MS.

Mountain village - LS.

City of Edinburgh - LS., MS.

Ancient buildings castles, ancient gate - LS., CU.

Scott Monument.

Soviet parliament, accompanied by MPs from Scotland Emrys Hughes visiting the city of Edinburgh.

Residents of the city in the streets greeted the Soviet guests.

Pedestrians, cars on the streets.

Street Royal Mile - LS., MS.

Residential buildings of the 17th century - MS.

Soviet parliamentarians visiting the house of the 17th century.

Reel №3

Plant for the production of Scotch whiskey - LS.

Scottish national dress - CU.

Bottle of whiskey - CU. PNRM.

Soviet parliamentarians at a factory of "Distiller".

Women at the conveyor adhesive label and wrap the bottle of whiskey in a paper - CU., MS., LS.

Scottish factory worker - CU.

Traffic in Glasgow, directing traffic.

People on the streets.

Football game at the stadium in Glasgow between the local team "Celtic" and a team of Edinburgh.

Spectators in the stands - LS., CU.

Moments of the game - LS., MS.

Soviet parliamentarians in the stadium during a football match.

Responsive audience - LS., MS.

A soccer ball autographed by players of Kiev "Dynamo".

Kievan Ivan I. Stafiychuk hands the ball autographed by the Football Association Secretary Dennis Follodzu.

University of Edinburgh - LS.

Soviet delegation meeting with professors and students.

GI Ravens handing Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Medal in honor of the 250th anniversary of Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

Book Library, presented by the Soviet delegation at Edinburgh University.

Autumn landscapes of Scotland - MS.

Clay daub hut with a thatched roof - the house, the birthplace of Robert Burns.

Soviet parliamentarians visiting the house museum.

Bust of Robert Burns.

Inside view of the house-museum of Robert Burns.

Window of the house - CU.

Window of the inn with the inscription - CU.

A book of poems by Robert Burns on 31 July 1786.

R. Burns manuscript.

Vice-president of the society, "Scotland-USSR" shoemaker Tom Campbell introduces visitors to the museum of Soviet R. Burns.

Robert Burns monument at the house-museum.

GI Ravens on behalf of the Soviet delegation laying a wreath at the monument.

R. Burns monument with a wreath from the Soviet delegation - LS., MS.


Streets of London - LS., MS.

Building in Downing Street, 10 - residence of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson.

Prime Minister Harold Wilson was held at the residence.

By approaching the residence of Mr.

Wilson's car with the Soviet delegation arrived for talks with the Prime Minister.

GI Ravens, Ambassador Smirnovsky MP PN Fedoseyev and other officials on the conversation with Mr.


Meeting of the Soviet delegation to the Soviet and British journalists at the London airport on departure day: the head of the delegation of GI Ravens speaking to reporters.

People in London and the UK parliament was escorted to the airport the Soviet delegation to the USSR Supreme Soviet.