Talashkino. Princess M. Tenisheva (1995)

Documentary №62399, 3 parts, duration: 0:30:00
Production: LSDF
Screenwriters:K.Chernih, A.Sulyaev
Camera operators:E.Goncharuk
Sound mixer:L.Lerner


The picture has a subtitle – "the Princess M. Tenisheva", and talks about what it was for Mary Klavdievny creation in Talashkino, Smolensk province art centre, whose main objective was the revival of national applied art and the formation of style "modern Russian". In the early twentieth century, the Center brought together many prominent Russian artists, musicians, sculptors. With Talashkino associated with the names of Roerich, Serov, Malyutina, Vrubel, Repin, Trubetskoy, Korovin, Prahova and many others.

Reel №1

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The interior of the house in Talashkino.

Chronicle: a horse-drawn cart with a priest sitting on it.

A stretcher with a person lying on it is unloaded from the cart.

A snow-covered field.

Portrait of Princess M. Tenisheva.

Photos of the manor house in Talashkin, guests, feasts.

Portrait of M.Tenishevoy.

Group photo of students of the Talashkin school.

Chronicle: the feast of students.

Zdania theatre, open Tenisheva.

Photos of children-artists.

Scenes from the performances of the Talashkin Theater (photo).

Chronicle: soldiers cross the river on the logs thrown over it.


Meeting of the Duma.

Government officials.

The arrival of the General.

Interior of a room in the house.

Chronicle:A man cleans a horse.

The other man is fixing something.

The man adjusts the wheel to the cart.

The horses are being led out of the stable.

Photo of the Balalaika orchestra.

Chronicle of the First World War (winter).

The wounded man is placed on a stretcher.

Distribution of rations to soldiers.

Carved furniture in Talashkin.

Fire in the fireplace.

Portrait of S. Malyutin.

Wooden house in Talashkino.

Malyutin with a student (photo).

Photos of the carved gates and interiors of the Talashkin house.

Chronicle: construction of the house.

On the bridge goes a wagon train with guns.

An elephant is being led behind a freight car.

Peasant wagons with refugees.

Women dressed as sisters of mercy pray in the church.

Seeing off to the front at the train station.

The performance of the artists.

A snow-covered field.

The face of the Savior.

The Church of the Holy Spirit.

Photo of Prince Tenishev.

General view of the church.

Chronicle: a fire, people are standing near the ruins of a burned-out house.

Bread cleaning.

Cages for wolves with greyhounds at the Moscow Hippodrome.

Portrait of M.Tenishevoy.

A snow-covered field with a cross in the middle.


Tenisheva M.K. -Russkaya dvoryanka, obschestvennij deyatelj, hudozhnica-emaljer, pedagog, mecenat i kollekcioner. Osnovateljnica hudozhestvennoj studii v Peterburge, Risovaljnoj shkoli i Muzeya russkoj starini v Smolenske, remeslennogo uchilischa v Bezhice, a takzhe hudozhestvenno-promishlennih masterskih v sobstvennom imenii Talashkino. Predstaviteljnica russkogo kuljturnogo nacionalizma.

Calendar: 1914-1917

Locations: Smolensk region [804]

Seasons: Winter [823]

Reel №2

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Reel №3

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Movie №1

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