Curtains aren't Put Down. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zenyakin A.

Script writers: Komissarzhevskiy V.

Operators: Zenyakin A., Kochetkov A. S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Zorina L.


Four novels about the theater, music, dances and songs.

Temporary description

Fragments of the Soviet theater tours abroad, and touring theaters of different countries in Moscow: the Moscow Art Theater, Copenhagen, Alexandrov Ensemble-in Canada, the ensemble of "Birch" - in Oslo, the Bolshoi Theater, in London, the Olivier Theater (UK), French theater "Atelier", in Moscow. E. Bystritskaya, N. Okhlopkov and other artists of the Moscow Art Theater on creative evening Yuri Zavadsky in Moscow.

Reel №1

Playbill on the street cabinet - LS.

Rapidly shifting plans of Moscow, Tokyo, Warsaw, Rome, Copenhagen, Vienna.

Playbills in Russian and other languages.

Stage performance artists Music Hall.

On the street are the Canadian Guards.

Band leader of the Soviet Army B. Aleksandrov greet guardsmen - LS.

Cubans welcome Ensemble of the Soviet Army.

Soloist gives Cuban autograph - CU.

Muscovites at the airport meet Italian artists of the theater "La Scala".

The ramp down members of the ensemble "Birch".

Canadian residents welcome Igor Moiseyev - MS.

Leonid Kogan in Japan - CU.

Marlene Dietrich at the airport in Warsaw.

Aerodrome in Oslo are the artists of the ensemble "Birch".

Vietnamese artists ensemble in Irkutsk.

Laurence Olivier in Moscow - CU., LS.

The bus Artists Arts Theater.

The audience and the actors on the stage cast ribbon streamers.

Evening - theater.

Cars drive up to the theater, go to the audience.

Spectators are checked, enter the foyer - LS.

Viewers (Russian and foreign) in the room - LS., MS.

Interview about the art of the theater director of the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater George Tovstonogov before leaving the theater group in London (synchronously) - CU.

Innocent Smoktunovsky in the dressing room - MS.

A scene from "The Idiot" - visiting Rogozhin (Artist Lebedev) Prince Myshkin (I. Smoktunovsky) (synchronously).

Applauding audience (the top point).

Applauding audience in Moscow, London - LS.

On the stage of the Kremlin Theatre English artist and Laurence Olivier (Othello) - LS., MS.

The poster with the portrait of L. Olivier - CU.

Foyer and hallway Kremlin Theater - LS.

Ushers in an empty lobby.

Photos of Laurence Olivier as Othello - CU.

Laurence Olivier said at the station in front of the microphone (synchronous) - MS., CU.

Photo Paris Theater "Atelier» - LS.

Theater director Andre Barsacq spoke in Russian (synchronous) - CU.

Theater actors in the roles - MS., CU.

Actress Elizabeth Allen and Dolphin Seyrig in the play "A Month in the Country".

Reel №2

A scene from the play "A Month in the Country" by Turgenev in the performance of French artists of the theater "Atelier" Delphine Seyrig and Elizabeth Allen (simultaneously in French).

The audience applauded - LS.

Italian playwright Eduardo De Filippo presented with flowers.

He bows, then goes to the box.

Eduardo De Filippo worth watching - CU. (Leningrad).

Bullets pierced columns - filmed in Leningrad - CU.

Ice drift on Neva - LS., CU.

Is "Aurora» - LS.

Peter and Paul Fortress - LS.

Newspaper with a portrait of the People's Artist of the USSR Boris Alexandrovich Smirnov as Vladimir Lenin.

BA Smirnov Theater, the play tells the story of "The Kremlin Chimes" (synchronous) - CU., MS.

A scene from the play - Lenin (BA Smirnov) talks with HG Wells (synchronously).

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the famous Soviet director Yuri Alexandrovich Zavadsky on stage Mossovet Moscow theater artists warmly welcome hero for the day.

Among them, the actress E. Bystritskaya, Y. Borisov.

In the audience sits N. Okhlopkov - chief director of Mayakovsky Theater.

A. Zawadzki stands.

A. Zawadzki speaks with an American actress.

S. Samples talking to an American actress.

American actors Ellen Tev and Earl Jackson recorded the marriage registry office in Moscow and married in the church.

Soviet actress Jeanne Stepanova in Hollywood celebrates its birthday - 19 years (extinguishes a candle burning in her presentation of a cake).

Police derive from the concert of the Red Banner Ensemble of the Soviet Army in Canada speaking fascist thugs.

Viewers presented with flowers head band Boris Alexandrov.

Spectators in Copenhagen are interviewed (synchronously in Danish) - CU.

Man rubs streetlight - MS.

On the streets of Tokyo residents are - MS.

Japanese woman with an umbrella passes - MS.

Residents are on the streets, sitting in a cafe.

A man with a gun in the dash.

Movie Poster - a man with a gun - CU.

Decorations on the streets of the city at night - LS.

Visitors at the nightclub.

Woman dancing on the table.

Girls dance twist.

Men beat their foreheads.

A man whose body was stained with paint, rides on a white canvas, "drawing" thus "picture."

Advertising night of theater.

Hall Night Theatre - LS., PNRM.

The avenue boulevard is a man.

On the boulevard on the bench sitting and sleeping man - MS.

Raven sits - MS.

Pass an elderly man, motorman, fisherman - CU.

The street running teenagers climb on the roof of the car.

A crowd of boys and girls at the entrance to Buckingham Palace.

Police officers hold back the tide of youth.

Outside the fence of Buckingham Palace Four "Beatles", which the Queen has awarded the Order of the British Empire for his creativity that they brought the British treasury large income - MS.

"Beatles" with orders in hand - CU.

Order - CU.

Photos of "Beatles".

Youth, imitating "Beatles", making his hair and buys wigs for "Beatles".

"Beatles" is singing on stage.

Shout and rave adolescent audience.

Adult male spectator mimicry expresses its negative attitude to the creation of "Beatles".

Young people dancing the twist.

Faces and dancing feet - CU.

Ten-year girl dancing twist.

Reel №3

The bus ride actress ensemble "Birch".

Riding through the streets and go circus (in costume).

The people at the theater.

The building of the Norwegian Opera.

PNRM. to Rome.

Poster ensemble "Birch".

Applauding audience in the theater.

Dance "Pryalitsa" performed by ensemble "Birch".

Fast PNRM. the trunks of birch trees.

Mexican dance performed by the ballet "Mexico City" (tying a bow legs).

Dance performed by Senegalese artists.

Russian girls perform a dance "Carousel."

Dancing Ensemble of Georgia.

Performed Ukrainian dance.

Performed Uzbek dance.

Member of the ensemble of the Soviet Army performs a dance with a harmonica.

Performed Ukrainian "Gopak".

Looks smiling black - CU.

Uzbek ensemble performs "Ziff."

Igor Moiseyev ensemble members perform "Aragon cat."

Ensemble "Birch" performs a waltz.

The audience applauded - MS., CU.

On stage, rehearse together soloist ensemble "Birch" and the ballet "La Scala" (in Milan) - LS., MS.

In Moscow at the Bolshoi Theatre troupe performs at La Scala - a scene from the opera "Lucia de Lamermur" (simultaneously in Italian).

Soloists of the Bolshoi Theater in Milan streets give autographs.

Autographs Tamara Milashkina - MS.

Milan theater "La Scala» - LS.

At the Theatre T. Milashkina Lisa performs an aria from the opera "Queen of Spades" (synchronous) - Various.

Applauding audience, presented with flowers Moscow artists.

The director of "La Scala" Antonio Giringelli a group of Soviet singers to come to Milan probation.

Milan's next young dancers who have to go to training in Moscow, the Bolshoi Theater.

The queue for tickets to the Bolshoi Ballet (zoom in on the program) - MS.

Leafing American book with illustrations and portraits of artists of the Bolshoi Theater - MS.

Ulanova, portrait - MS.; Performs "dying swan» - LS.

Maya Plisetskaya in rehearsal (general shooting and Rapid) - CU., LS.

Reel №4

The poster for the Yugoslavian language - "The Legend of Love» - MS.

Mekhmene Banu dancing Nina Timofeeva.

Scene from the ballet.

Bessmertnova N. and M. Liepa performing ballet duet.

Applauding audience in the Belgrade Opera and Ballet Theater - LS., MS.

Bows artists.

Luminous colors dance on the stage of the Prague theater of shadows - MS., CU.

At the theater in San Francisco Ballet dancers demonstrate the view that the Polish critic called "Dream during the repair of a communal apartment" (dancing in cellophane wrapping).

A spectator in the audience during this presentation napping - MS.

Soloists of the Czech ballet dance means trying to convey the heroic pathos of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony - MS., LS.

Monument in front of the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory - LS., MS.

On stage, bowing composer Igor Stravinsky.

Stravinsky conducting the orchestra at the Conservatory.

Conduct the other conductors and the American pianist Van Cliburn.

Conducted KP Kondrashin, Van Cliburn at the piano - MS.

Shake hands Tikhon Khrennikov and Bulgarian conductor Dobrin Petkov, Leopold Stokowski and Dmitri Shostakovich - MS.

The storm clouds.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Destruction in Leningrad.

Broken bullets and shrapnel caryatids at the Hermitage.

Shostakovich at the piano (creates the "Leningrad Symphony").

Monuments musicians - MS.

Monument to composer Chopin in Warsaw - CU., LS.

Book Showcase, a portrait of Sviatoslav Richter in the window.

Poster - speech Richter.

S. Richter at home at the piano, playing (synchronous), stops playing, goes to the window - MS., CU., LS.

Reel №5

Riga Cathedral - PNRM.

Anatoly Belyayev plays electric accordion (synchronous), created by the artist works in three countries: Italy, the USA and the USSR - MS., CU.

Soviet violinist Leonid Kogan violin workshop with artists, here is one of the violins (synchronously) - MS., CU.

Kogan down the stairs from the plane at the Tokyo airport, he meets a Japanese girl violinist Ekko Sato, who studied in Moscow - MS., Freeze frame (evening).

Ekko Sato is the Conservatory in class Kogan plays (synchronously).

Listening Kogan - CU.

Ekko Sato performs in concert at the Conservatory (synchronously).

The hall applauded Tikhon Khrennikov, Leonid Kogan, Emil Gilels and others.

E. Sato bowed, she presented with flowers.

Kogan at the Tokyo airport hugs E. Sato, goes with her on the airfield.

In Bucharest stands violinist David Oistrakh (synchronously) - MS., LS.

The audience applauded, Oistrakh presented with flowers.

Sculpture Nicolo Paganini - MS.

In Genoa Soviet violinist Oleh Krysa plays violin Nicolo Paganini.

Speak English composer Benjamin Britten and Mstislav Rostropovich - MS., CU.

Mstislav Rostropovich plays the orchestra on the stage of Covent Garden in London (synchronously) - LS., CU.

London audience applauded Soviet musicians.

Rostropovich bows - MS.

Benjamin Britten, who arrived in Yerevan to a festival of his music at the Yerevan airport - CU.

Aerodrome are Rostropovich, Benjamin Britten, singer Galina Vishnevskaya.

B. Britten presented with flowers.

Benjamin Britten kissing painter Martiros Saryan.

Benjamin Britten with Soviet friends for a walk in the countryside.

Landscape: Boat on Lake Sevan lake, mountains, mountain river - LS.

Galina Vishnevskaya romance performs Britten on poems of Alexander Pushkin - LS., CU.

Accompanies Rostropovich.

Mstislav Rostropovich and others at the airport escorted Britten - MS., LS.

On stage, a summer outdoor theater singing black singer - MS.

On stage one after the other singers sing (synchronously).

In the dressing room and combed grimiruetsya artists.

In the ladies' hairdresser Leningrad hotel, sitting under the dryer, singing Neapolitan actress (synchronously) - CU.

Leningrad: white night the bridges: two on the waterfront.

Reel №6

Venice, people swim in the gondola - LS., MS.

Quay in Venice, St.

Mark's Square - LS.

Showcase and store gramophone.

On the disk is spinning plate - MS., CU.

Sings Ludmila Zykina (synchronous) - CU.

PNRM. on plates - MS.

Customers choose a plate - MS.

Sings about the old French singer Francois Hardy (synchronous) - CU.

Francois Hardy is on the banks of the Seine, then leaves - MS.

In the hall, Yves Montand and Simone Signoret listen to the students of the Moscow trade school - MS., CU.

Boy sings in French (synchronously) - MS.

Applauds Yves Montand - CU.

The streets of Moscow a people - MS.

Magomayev sings (synchronously) - CU.

Seagull in the sky - MS.

The sun is hidden in the clouds - MS.


Flies and dropped bombs American plane.


Vietnamese fleeing residents with children.

Machine-gun fire from a helicopter by Vietnamese women.


Seagulls over the sea.

Statue of Liberty in New York - PNRM., LS., MS.

Song Festival in Estonia, the participants run in national costumes.

A huge choir at the Tallinn Stadium - LS.

Spectators (shot from above).

Notre Dame.


Arc de Triomphe.

Moscow's plan.

M. Magomayev sings (synchronous) - CU.