Inforga - 65 (the USSR Exposition Of Economic Achievements).. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Rymarev D.

Script writers: Dmitryuk N., Nadinskiy V.

Operators: Epifanov G.


About the International Exhibition of Technical Information Equipment.

Reel №1

Mukhina sculpture "Worker and Collective Farm Girl» - MS.

ENEA - LS. (Helicopter) (summer).

Flags of countries - participants of the exhibition "Inforga - 65."

Opening ceremony: meeting opened by the Chairperson of the organizing committee Chuikov.


Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers and the Permanent Representative of the USSR to CMEA MA Lesechko cuts the ribbon, and the guests pass in the hall.

Visitors view the exhibits in the halls.

Exhibition catalog - CU.

The employee directory scans - PNRM., MS.

PNRM. on the outer wall of a multi-storey building stacks - CU.

Mobile shelves, at the exhibition of the Hungarian People's Republic.

In one of the halls of the system demonstrates the rapid retrieval of card with edge perforations.

Search on computer punch cards, set up in the GDR.

The search system on punched tape of the Polish People's Republic, to quickly find and communicate information at a distance.

Search for information on microfilm, presented by the Soviet Union: on the "UDM - 2" information microfilmed on 35-millimeter film.

Code is photographed next to the micro-images.

Machine "Search - OK - 1" on the code finds the microfilm and projects it on screen.

Removing electrophotographic copies from microfilm in the original scale.

Soviet apparatus "Electrofilm" with which you can read microfilm.

Soviet specialists demonstrate automatic descriptor information - search engine for electronic digital computer "Minsk - 22."

The machine gives the answer to the question.

The hall copiers demonstrates electrified pi shuschy machine "Zoemtron - 522", created in the GDR.

Czechoslovak road typewriter "Consul - 1533» - LS.

Typewriter GDR "Optima - M-14" Type 2 - with an accident.

"Optima - M-14" with a special attachment for gektograficheskoy tape provides a form for reproduction of documents in hectograph GDR "Gramaprintavtomatik" method alcohol printing.

Production prints on hectograph.

Production of single copies of the original Hungarian reflex apparatus of copying "Dokufo."

Soviet apparatus "Termokopir" gives a copy of the text in 6 seconds.

Soviet blueprint apparatus "SKA - 2" makes a copy of the drawing of large format.

Microfilming drawing on the Soviet apparatus "Reprographics" on 35 or 70 millimeter film.

"Reprographics" prints from microfilm copy of the paper.

PNRM. the hall, where they work kopirovschitsy - LS.

Works "Reprographics" replacement work of a large group replicates.

Czechoslovak rotator "Tsiklos - 12" for short-run breeding materials by the method of screen printing.

Soviet electrophotographic apparatus "Vega" print copies of drawings and line drawings - showing the copy process.

Prefix to the unit "Vega", in which the image is fixed pairs of acetone.

Another Soviet electro installation "Era" with the kit for the manufacture of offset printing plates on a metal foil in action.

Czechoslovak offset machine "Romayor - 3", which can be recharged offset form the Soviet installation "Era".

Powered offset duplicator - printing machine for rapid multiplication odnokrasoch-tion and multicolored text and drawings and graphics.

Working press "Efka - 1".

Reel №2

Visitors to the exhibition halls "Inforga - 65» - LS., MS.

Operator for the operator's desk considering the number of parts produced in the production process - MS.

Electro-meter runs, passing the reading on the console.

Operates automatic machine for the production of parts - MS., CU.

Warning light on the panel control room to report on one of the simple machines.

Manager indicates a problem on the machine.

Warning light goes out after the elimination of inactivity.

Remote operational management, created by Soviet specialists - LS.

Demonstrates teleprinter "SU-12" from the GDR, provide written information to any distance.

Hungarian facsimile machine "P-504" that transfers over long distances and taking no change in copies of drawings, texts, maps, and diagrams - PNRM., LS., MS.

Polish system for wireless communications at work - demo in action.

Demonstrates in action cordless Bulgarian company "Electronics".

The Hungarian People's Republic demonstrates the installation of industrial television needed in tight spaces and in the shops with the heat.

People's Republic of Bulgaria shows an electronic calculator "Elka" - calculator, compile and analyze information.

Czechoslovak alphanumeric set of "Arrhythmia" performing economic planning and other technical calculations in action - LS., CU., MS.

Polish electronic computers "Odra-1003" and "UMC-10" in action - MS., LS.

Soviet machine "Razdan-3", created by the Armenian specialists, on display at the exhibition hall, showing its capabilities.

Demonstration of propaganda: Hungarian transistor tape "Reporter-5" for journalists, Czechoslovak pyatnadtsatikanalny tape "Tesla B-4" in different ways.; Czechoslovak slide projector - semiautomatic "Predpor" to be shown in small rooms.

Soviet overhead projector to show the drawings and illustrations in large formats.

Soviet diafonoproektor "DFP-1» - MS., PNRM.

Various slide projectors, presented by different countries.

Bulgarian slide projector, the Soviet cinema.

Visitors to the pavilion and the exhibition area - LS., MS.