Towards the Peaks Of Culture.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Shirman T.

Script writers: Zhuravlev N.

Operators: Efimov E., Skorobogatova V.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Gorokhov V.


About cultural reforms in the USSR during the Soviet System years.

Reel №1

Streets of Moscow - LS.

People on the street - MS.

President of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR VF Kuprevich works in his office - MS., CU.

Photos: V. Kuprevich - a sailor, a village teacher - MS.

Newsreel of the 20's.:

Young farmers are engaged in the campaign against illiteracy - LS., MS., PNRM.

a farmer at his desk on his feet in sandals - MS.

Women engaged in non-Russian campaign against illiteracy - MS., CU.

Rabfakovtsy in class - MS.

Tashkent - LS.

It takes a woman in a burqa - MS.

Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences Uzbek Sabir Yunusov with a group of researchers at the Tashkent Institute, where he directs the work in the field of chemistry (the discovery of many alkaloids) - MS., CU.

Islambekov Sultan, director of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Factory, his brother in the shop - MS.

Rajab Islambekov, surgeon, professor, winner of the Lenin Prize, operates in the Tashkent city hospital - CU.

Sister Rajab Gyuzal Islambekova, virologist, the microscope - MS., CU.

Niece Rajab Nazir, a pediatrician, a child listens.

The youngest in the family Islambekovyh Gyulchahra - in the future physician - in the audience at the lecture.


Running in the snow reindeer sleigh - LS., MS., CU.

Student representative of the North, the microscope - CU., MS.

Students in the audience in the classroom - MS.

Passengers trolley, subway reading newspapers (Moscow) - MS., CU.

PNRM. the newspapers at a kiosk "Soyuzpechat."

Muscovites buy newspapers, read up on the street - MS.

Library Foundry Plant.


Librarian volunteer, TCI controller gives its employees the book - different.

Classes at night school for working youth - LS., MS.

Press conference of Soviet and foreign journalists in the Moscow House of scientists dedicated to the launch of the automatic station "Luna - 9."

Opening the conference president of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Keldysh (synchronous) - LS., MS.

Training in a specialized school of mathematics in Novosibirsk: Boy at the board solves equations - MS., CU.

PNRM. the building of Moscow State University.

Students take entrance exams - LS., MS.

The teacher puts the estimate in the examination paper - MS.

Students watch lists of names approved by the University: happy, upset - MS., CU.

An international conference in Moscow (listening and speaking) - Various.

EOP on reading room of the State Public Library.


Engage visitors - CU., MS.

Hall - LS.

Librarian gives order books - LS.

Muscovites buy newspapers in foreign languages ​​- MS.

A man reading a newspaper on the train in a foreign language - CU.

Reel №2

Sale of books in specialized stores of foreign literature - LS., MS.

PNRM. the books in foreign languages ​​- MS.

The building of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Pushkin - LS., MS.

Poster: "Rodin and his time» - MS.

Visitors view an exhibition of French sculpture XIX - XX centuries. - MS., CU.

Works of Auguste Rodin "The Thinker", "Citizens of Calais» - MS.

Gorky Street - LS.

Foreign flag on the building - LS.

Newsreel 1965:

Poster IV Moscow International Film Festival - LS.

Muscovites about cinema - MS.

Festival guests - French actress Odile Virsua, Nigerian artist, Hungarian actress, Japanese cinematographer Mefuni - in the street, surrounded by Muscovites - MS.

Teachers School of Music examinations of children entering school - CU., LS.

Children - preschoolers sing songs (synchronous) - CU.

Parents worry in the corridor.

Soloists of the National Theatre Ballet metallurgical plant "Hammer and Sickle" engaged in the plant at the Palace of Culture Machine - LS., CU.

Nelly engaged Kashelapova - CU.

She's on the job scans the log - MS.

Joseph Ravikovich in class and at work (he planner) - CU., MS.

Konstantin Skryabin - experienced designer - for the drawing boards - CU.

He's dancing with Lena Andrianova the ballet "La Fille Mal Gardee» - LS.

Fragment from the ballet - LS. PNRM.

The building of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna - MS.

PNRM. by synchrotron.

Scientific staff at the controls and instruments - MS., CU.

Kinokonferentsiya in Dubna, where physicists are discussing the film, arguing about the problems of art - MS., CU.

Exhibition of works of art in one of the country club.

Visitors - farmers visiting the exhibition - MS., LS.

Paintings - MS., CU.

In the reading room rural farmers read newspapers and books, playing chess - MS., LS.

Automobile workers at the bench - MS., CU.

Passenger cars on the assembly line at the assembly area - MS.

A group of engineers discussing drawing - LS.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR NV Podgorny presents composer DD Shostakovich, the Order of Lenin and the Gold Medal "Hammer and Sickle» - MS., LS.

Newsreel 1965:

Presentation of the Soviet writer Sholokhov Nobel Prize in Stockholm - different.

Kutuzov Avenue and other streets of Moscow - LS., MS.

The Moscow River is the water bus - LS.