Masters of Aerobatics.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Danilov L.

Operators: Sarancev A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Prok I.


On the IV World Aerobatics Championship.

Historical background

History: in 1966 in Moscow at the Tushino airfield passed IV championship in aerobatics. In the championship was attended by athletes of 15 countries.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Sheremetyevo Airport. The arrival of sports pilots from Spain and the United States of America. Unloading sport aircraft. Airfield "Tushino", where the IV World Championships in aerobatics. Flags of participating countries. At the inauguration of the championship are present: Director General of the International Aeronautical Federation, Ch Ennikar, president of the Federation M. Obregon, first vice-president V. Kokkinaki, director of the championship Pakhomov, pilots, athletes from 15 countries. Contest: implementation pilots men and women - of various programs of aerobatics. The pilots on the ground, in the cockpit, chatting with fellow competitors. Judges observe the flight, put the assessment. Spectators in the stands. Free from the flight pilots, coaches, referees, spectators watching the sky. Interview Spanish TV pilot Kostanay (synchronously). Aircraft Yakovlev congratulates Soviet athletes with a good performance. Hall of fame. Award winners.

Reel №1

Sky, clouds - MS.

Airfield Sheremetyevo - MS.

Part of the terminal building - CU.

Bow thruster jets.

Is the Spanish delegation, in its composition - the world champion, Spanish athlete Tomas Castano - MS., CU.

American transport vehicle - CU.

American pilots unload sport aircraft - MS., CU.

Sport aircraft from different countries at the airfield in Tushino, pilots and mechanics test readiness for competition cars - MS., CU.

Badges aircraft - CU.

Championship participants going on the field - MS.

American pilot plays guitar - CU.

Flags of participating in competitions - MS., PNRM.

Balloon in the air with the flags - LS.

Spectators at the airport - LS.

At the airport director general of the International Aeronautical Federation Ennikar Charles, President Mauricio Obregon, First Vice President Vladimir Kokkinaki, director Alexei Pakhomov Championship - CU.; Pilots athletes - MS., CU.

Raising the flag IV World Championship - CU., PNRM.

Soviet flag - MS., PNRM. etc.

Jury - LS.

International visitors - MS.

Sports-air festival in honor of the World Cup.

2 planes in the air doing the exercises aerobatics.

The air jet champion 1965

Tomas Castano - MS.

Castaño wife with camera in hand - MS.

Spectators - LS., MS.

In the sky, four Soviet aircraft "Yak-18P" ("diamond») - MS., CU.

Viewers with binoculars - MS.

18 aircraft involved in the air "dance" athletes pilots from Ryazan - LS.

Tent city on the Tushino - LS.

Athletes at the buffet - MS.

Speak two athletes - MS.

Soviet pilot talk Lyudmila Vasilyeva and Bulgarian Georigiev, listens novice championship Yugoslav Silvo Orzhim.

Athletes are advised, dispute before planes - MS., CU.

Judges Cup - CU., LS.

The participants of the championship: the absolute champion of the Soviet Union in the field Ovsyankin Vadim - CU.; Former world champion Vladimir Martemyanov in the cockpit - CU.; Sits in the cockpit the captain of Great Britain William Nel - LS., CU.; German Erwin shine at the plane - MS .; Czechoslovakian Ladislav Bezak athlete on the field - MS.; Iozhef Hungarian one and twenty French Madeline Delkrua - MS ..

Spanish athlete Tomas Castano is on the field, gives interviews (synchronously in Spanish) - MS., CU.

Spectators - CU.

Thomas Castano suited to the aircraft, sits in the cockpit - LS., CU.

"Nesterov Cup" - the competition for the title of absolute world champion.

Pilots help start Castano - MS.

The plane takes off, carries the mandatory exercises - MS., LS.

Observing the flight athletes, judges, wife Castano - MS., CU.

Hand with a stopwatch - CU.

Reel №2

The team representative Hungarian former world Iozhef He sits on the plane - MS., CU.

Andre Delkrua, former race car driver, about the plane - CU.

The plane was taxiing or in the air - MS., LS.

Look G. Korchuganova and other pilot - CU.

Sits in the plane Czechoslovak athlete Eva Kaprasova - MS.

The plane takes off, in the air - MS., LS.

Swiss aircraft in the air, which leads Arnold Wagner - LS.

In the air, the exercises aircraft GDR, Poland, Germany, France - LS., MS.

See the spectators - MS., CU.

He puts on a parachute and sits in the cockpit Soviet athlete Taisa Peresekina - CU.

Aircraft control devices - CU.

Spinning propeller plane - CU.

In the air, the plane "Yak-18PM," the helm is the absolute champion of the Soviet Union T. Peresekina performs stunts - LS., MS., CU.

Look up two Soviet athletes - CU.

Ready to take off the absolute champion of the Soviet Union Vadim Ovsyankin - MS., CU.

The plane takes off and in the air - MS., LS., CU.

The flight Ovsyankina watch Czechoslovak athletes - CU.

Soviet aircraft in the sky pilot, Honored Master of Sports Vladimir Piskunov - MS., LS.

Of landed plane climbs V. Piskunov - CU.

Hand girl-operator on the keys of the adding machine - CU.

Girl takes athletes' performances - CU.

Judge collects information - MS.

Table of results of competition - MS.

Athletes at the table - MS.

Thomas Castano, Vadim Ovsyankin Galina Korchuganova - CU.

B. Martemyanov and his trainer sitting under the wing - CU.

On the table, flags of countries participating in the competition - CU.

Judges sitting at the table - MS.

The team leaders are involved in the draw - MS.

Draw a diagram on the board - LS., MS.

Madeline Delkrua Eva Kaprasova, Czech Jiri Shouts Spaniard Francis Gomez and others - MS., CU.

Galina Korchuganova under the wing on the field - LS., CU.

In the cockpit sits Alexei Pimenov - MS.

The plane takes off, in the air - MS., LS.

Coach Boris Porfilov on the field - MS.; Talking to A. Pimenov after flight - MS.

Soviet pilots Peresekina T., A. Pimenov, V. Martemyanov, V. Ovsyankin etc. - MS., CU.

The air jet Thomas Castano - LS.

Judges look - MS.

T. Castano lights up, talks with pilots - MS., CU.

Taxiing and taking off aircraft B. Martemyanova - MS.

Aircraft in the air - LS., MS.

Soviet athlete looks L. Vasiliev - MS.

Reel №3

On the field at the table because of the Soviet and foreign athletes - MS., CU.

T. Castano departs with his wife on the table.

B. Martemyanov group of pilots - MS.

German and Polish athletes Conductive inspection aircraft - MS.

Andre Delkrua accompanies the final flight of their daughter Madeleine.

Madeline in the cockpit - MS.

French aircraft in the air - LS.

Madeline after landing gets out of the cab - MS.

Galina Korchuganova sits in the cockpit - MS., CU.

Aircraft Instruments - CU.

Aircraft Korchuganova performs any program - LS., MS.

Watch the judges and athletes - MS., CU.

G. Korchuganova, landing, gets out of the cab - MS.

Congratulate her on the success pictures - MS., LS.

Soviet athletes congratulating successful performances arrived at the airport the plane maker "Yak-18PM" Alexander Yakovlev - MS., LS.

B. Martemyanov, V. Ovsyankin and other records the results of commands before the final day of the championship - MS.

Czechoslovak aircraft at the start - MS.

Aircraft in the air GDR - LS.

B. Martemyanov sits in the cockpit - CU.

The logo on the plane, "CAC USSR.

Chkalov »- CU.

Aircraft in the air Martemyanova - LS., MS.

Viewers - MS., LS.

B. landed Martemyanova shake and congratulate with a victory.

The flags of the participating countries Championships - LS.

Nesterov Cup - CU., PNRM.

Prizes, medals - LS., MS., CU.

Reporters - MS.

The Soviet team with the cup (I place) - MS.

Rewarding Czechoslovak team (II place) and the team of the GDR (III place) - MS.

Galina Korchuganova awarded laurel absolute world champion - MS.

T. Castano photographs.

Vladimir Martemyanov on the podium - MS.

Martemyanova wearing a laurel wreath - LS.

Clouds in the sky - LS.

Soviet sport aircraft in the air - MS., LS.