Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1944 № 734-2 working material

Film-document №62910 1 part, Black-white to collection Price category G

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Producer UFA

Reel №1


The workers are on zh.d.putyam.

The plant, an elderly laborer spins the steel wire, color wire woman.

Women at work at the winery, they wash bottles, paste labels.

Senior mechanic in a workshop for the machine factory


Young people mobilized in the "total mobilization" in service with suitcases, they lead to the induction station.

Distribution of uniforms, ammunition, weapons.

Young people in the barracks, they try on uniforms.

Young soldiers on the march


In the Alpine mountains on a farm youth studying agricultural techniques and the agricultural profession.

In the morning the boys run out into the street, wash.

Boys and girls are milking cows.

Instructor with children from the tractor.

The boys cleaned the horses.

Theoretical studies on agricultural, agronomy.

Boys mowed grass

Eastern front.

The retreat of the German troops in Karelia after the capitulation of Finland.

German soldiers marching.

Convoys of refugees with belongings, cows, children riding in vehicles.

Bowie in national clothes on holiday on the station, sit refugee families.

There is a freight train


Exhibition of various articles of straw: bags, mats, napkins, hats, baskets.

Technique of manufacturing such products.

The girl tries on a hat of straw.

Parkmaherov contest.

Women studying at the hairdressers

THE USSR. The central sector of the front.

Actions German mortars.

German soldiers are on a forest clearing, shooting, digging.

Plaque Soviet aircraft on the burning haystack.

German tanks go across the street.

Broken truck at the curb, Studebaker.

Tankers with the bazookas, machine guns.


Burning Soviet tanks.

German tanks on the march

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