Fox Toenende Wochenschau 1939 № 38

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Producer Foks

Reel №1


German patrols searched residents.

Polish President gives the command of the German instrument of surrender.

German soldiers walk the streets.

Building Commissioner.

Germans shed their coat of polish

German ships out to sea to clean up the Bay of Danzig of Polish mines


Mobilization of the population in the agricultural work.

Soldiers help in hay

A female conductor on the tram.

Women are trained ligation.

The first train of the wounded arrived in Germany.

Medics carry a stretcher.

Female nurses fed the wounded.

The concert for the wounded.

Women work at a military factory.

The shop stuffed shells with explosives.

The shells are immersed in the train

Baking bread.

Temporary bakery

In the former Polish airfield Bromberg.

Halt German pilots.

Teachings: flying planes are firing at ground targets.

The airfield from the air destroyed the Polish machine.

Destroyed Polish hangar, burning aircraft

The location of the German Flight bury French pilots shot down on the Western Front

German troops on the streets of Krakow.

German honor guard at the tomb Bezutskogo

Polish soldiers are prisoners column.

A temporary camp for prisoners of war.

At the camp the team enforced to land British aircraft

Volksdeutsche looking for the man who took their land.

Another German brothers know the killer.

Women Volksdeutsche return to their villages.

The refugees from the destroyed bridge ferried by boats.

The man with punctured eyes.

Woman with a broken face.

German soldiers treat children

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Reel №2


Jewish ghetto.

The old-Jews.

The building of the synagogue.

Some ghetto Jews.

In a makeshift camp Jews who resisted.

Jews at forced labor.

Destroyed houses.

It takes a tank column.

German troops entered Lodz.

They greet residents.

Hitler speaks with soldiers war veterans.

Hitler's plane takes off, landing.

Hitler meets Brauchitsch.

Hitler met with the life of the soldiers were treated at the field kitchen.

Hitler talking to the sisters of the Red Cross.

Goring and Brauchitsch go to Hitler a report.

In the car, the headquarters of Hitler.

Hitler enters the car in Lodz.

Military units.

A column of prisoners.

Travel through the streets of Lodz.

Crossing the German troops across the river.

Hitler watches the crossing.

Hitler signing autographs for soldiers

Key words

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