Aus Dem Generalgouvernement Filmbericht 1941 № 22432

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Reel №1


Anti-Semitic plot, "hawkers-Jews typhus"


The first lottery in Krakow.

Boy takes out the number plates of the drum.

A small audience in the hall



The fight against speculators and usurers.

Closed for speculation shops and restaurants


French workers, exported to Germany, get acquainted with Berlin.

Types Berlin: squares, streets, churches, theaters, zoo


The fire in the port.

Burning ships.

Machinery trafficked victims



Hitler in Vinnitsa.

Headquarters in the forest.

The arrival of Horthy in a bid.

Brauchitsch, Horthy, Goering visiting rate.

The meeting with Goering


THE USSR. "Peaceful" life in occupied Minsk and Smolensk.

Citizens reading military reports.

Distribution of products.

Smolensk Station.

Meeting of the military echelon

SSSR.Boi in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Crossing the Dnieper.

Blow up the bridge across the Dnieper

SSR.Nemetskie Estonian troops in Tallinn.

Destroyed Soviet ships in the bay

SSSR.Aviatsiya over Leningrad.

Aircraft bombed caravans on Ladoga.

The final frames: short montage of battle scenes.

The narration: "The victory of freedom in Germany, Europe"

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