Pervorossiysk.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Medynskiy S.

Script writers: Medynskiy S., Semenov E.

Operators: Bochkov F., Medynskiy S.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film is dedicated to farm "Pervorossiisk", created on the basis of the First Russian society zemlerobov communists in the Altai region.

Historical background

In 1918, a group of St. Petersburg workers from Obukhov factory established in the Altai first Russian society zemlerobov communists. The place where the municipality is now flooded Byhtarminskoe sea, raised a new hydroelectric dam, but the next stretch of the field farm "Pervorossiisk", named in memory of the first of the Communards.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to farm "Pervorossiisk", created on the basis of the First Russian society zemlerobov communists in the Altai region, the first chaired by V. Gribakin. Son B. Gribakin - DV Gribakin says (synchronously) on the history of the All-Russia Society students farm "Pervorossiisk." Farm workers and harvest crops, harvesters working in the field. Director farm PD Polanski speaks with combiners. Milkmaid milking cows. Wife Maria and Alexander Lechner caring for cows. Lechner wife, son and daughter play the guitar, accordion. Family Lechner serves farm club. PD Polanski on the phone (synchronously). DV Gribakin and veteran labor, farm worker, IV Vorobiev talking with students (synchronous). Pioneers of the monument to the First Russian Society of the Communards, who died in the Civil War. Rural landscape: field, grass.

Reel №1

A panorama of astate farm school classroom

The schoolboy Vitya Pautov is standing up from the desk and reading an extract from the poem “Pervorossiysk” by Olga Berggoltz’s.

Children are listening.

Dmitry Gribakin, the first Pervorossiysk Commune Chairman’s son, who used to live there when he was a fifteen-year-old boy, is in a train carriage by the window.

A passenger train is running by the open country.

A high-voltage power line

A panorama from the water to the Bukhtarminsk Hydroelectric Power Station

A panorama of a high-voltage insulators.

A panorama from the rocky shore to the Bukhtarminsk Sea waters.

Hydrofoils, a self-propelled barge, a passenger motor ship liner are sailing along the Bukhtarminsk Sea

The train is approaching the village

Gribakin is saying goodbye to the conductor at the station, he is being met by the old Bolshevik (member of the Lenin fraction of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union) Ivan Vorobyev, who took part in the Civil War (Civil War in Russia in 1918-1922), who met the first communists in this region about half a century ago, among them there was Mitya Gribakin.

Dmitry Gribakin and Ivan Vorobyev are embracing each other tightly, walking by the roadway to the village

The village

Village streets.

Villagers are walking down the streets.

Two boys are going by pedal-cars.

A harvesting machine is going by.

A brick house construction site.

Young people are working

By the school building Gribakin is telling Pervorossiysk pioneers about the destruction of the Commune and the execution of its leaders by the Whites (royalists and capitalist system supporters during the Civil War in Russia in 1918-1920) in 1919.

The listening children’ faces.

Mechanized hay-picking

Corn harvesting with a harvesting machine.

Wheat harvesting with a harvesting machine.

Gribakin by a combine operator.

Three combines are operating in the field

Dmitry Gribakin is telling about the troubles of the first Communars who had no agricultural equipment.

The men are listening.

Grain is being poured out of the harvesting machine into the truck.

The director of the state farm “Pervorossiysk” Pavel Polyansky, awarded with an Order of the Red Banner of Labor, is talking to the harvesting machine operator.

A girl is raking the grain.

The machine-operators are having lunch in the field, talking, joking

Night corn harvesting with harvesting machines.

Night steppe landscape with the moon.

The moon and a moon-path on the water

Milkmaids are going to the camp by car to milk the cows at night.

The car with the milkmaids.

Grass with dew.

Flowers in the field.

Cows are pasturing.

Reel №2

The cows are lying on the pasture

The herder Kusan Kadyrkanov is by the fire.

The milkmaids are awaking the cows, milking them by hand and using electric milking machines.

Varvara Ananeva, the state farm best milkmaid awarded with the Order of Lenin, is milking a cow by hand.

The cows are standing under the sun-protecting shelter.

The married couple of Lekhners are receiving milk at the milk station

The Lekhners’ family ensemble is rehearsing in the garden: Alexander, Maria, their son Sasha, and their daughter Liza.

A meeting at the state farm director’s office.

P. T. Polyansky is speaking over the telephone and holding the meeting.

A Ministry representative is speaking.

The state farm club in the evening, people are by the club

Lekhners’ ensemble (the father and the children) is performing on the club stage.

Evening landscape: the sun is setting behind the mountains, reflecting in the water

A group of men, Ivan Vorobyev and Pavel Polyansky are among them, are by the fire in the field

Ivan Vorobyev is telling about the first days of the Commune, about the first Communards and their death.

A panorama of the monument to the 28 dead Communards

The pioneers, Ivan Vorobyev, Dmitry Gribakin, whose father, the first Pervorossiysk Commune Chairman, is was buried at the same place, are by the monument.

A one-ploughshare ploughshare plow is in the grass.

Tractors are going by the plow.