A Rainbow Above the Ancient Land.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Zandra C., Kiselev F.

Script writers: Kiselev F., Osminin V.

Operators: Yatsun E.

Composers: Murdorzh L.

Anouncers: Khelemskaya G., Khmara L.

Text writers: Shpikovskiy N.


A landscape film about Mongolia (Mongolian People's Republic).

Historical background

A film about modern Mongolia, established jointly by the Central Documentary Film Studio (Moscow) and Warner Bros. "Mongolkino" (Ulan Bator) in 1966.

Temporary description

Mongolia. The herd of horses, flocks of sheep, herds of camels, cows, deer. Experienced livestock farm. Villages breeders. Ancient Mongolian temple, Buddha image, praying lamas, the Mongols. Ulan Bator: street, area, urban transport, construction of new houses, the building of the University, the Drama Theater, Opera Theater, theater. A scene from the opera "Among the sad Mountains" composer Damdzhurena. Customers visiting the exhibition of paintings by Mongolian artists in the exhibition hall: thermoelectric plant, a dairy plant, bakery, shoe factory, a worsted mill. Loggers felled the forest, timber-floating on the river Orkhon. Researcher (breeders) Dzunharinskoy experimental station at the site with new varieties of wheat "Orhon". Agricultural work in the fields Horhorinskogo public sector: cleaning of vegetables, fruits, Orkhon wheat, harvesting hay, plowing fields under winter crops. Archaeologists excavating at the ancient capital of Mongolia Karakarum. Speech State of folk songs and dances of Mongolia. President of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences Sherindyb at a meeting of the Presidium of the Academy. Director of the Institute of Medicine Academy Shagdarsuren and his guest Academician AA Vishnevsky during surgery. Ancient manuscripts and books in the State Library of Ulan Bator. Scientists studying the manuscript on traditional medicine. Students in the classroom. Rector of the Mongolian University Sodnom reads students a lecture on theoretical physics. Geologists conducting exploration work. Geologists from the rig phosphorite deposits. Petroleum refinery in the area of oilfield Dzun-Bayan. Coal production in Sharyngolskom field. Darkhan City. Construction of cement, brick factories. Darkhan thermoelectric plant. Shop for reinforced concrete structures, reinforcing steel mill house-building plant in the city of Darkhan. Gobi Desert. Drilling wells for the construction of the well. Construction Gulinsky irrigation canal. Farm agricultural association "The road to communism", established in the steppe of the Gobi-Shargyn after starting the irrigation canal; fields with corn, tomatoes, watermelons, a herd of camels, cows, a herd of horses. The doctor comes out of the plane air ambulance, sits down in the reindeer team, goes to high-altitude camp, part of the yurt. Hunters hunt for wild boars, a squirrel. Experts sort furs. Newsreel: Sukhebaator and members of the Mongolian delegation in the Kremlin on the day of signing the first treaty between Russia and Mongolia (November 5, 1921). Monument to Soviet soldiers who died in Khalkhin-. City of Ulan Bator. Leonid Brezhnev and Yuri Tsedenbal sign the Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Assistance between the Soviet Union and the Mongolian People's Republic of China. City of Ulan Bator. International Symposium on Women in Asia and the Far East, convened at the initiative of the UN. Delegates at the meeting. Sports festival Nadom at the stadium of Ulan Bator. Competitions fighters, archery, horse racing. Award winners.

Reel №1

One short story "The fate of the old Tsevega."

White clouds swirl over the tops of the mountains - MS., LS.

Beautiful natural landscapes of Mongolia - LS., MS., Summer.

Meadows with bright colors - MS., LS.

Mongolian folk singer playing the national instrument monenhure and sings of his home country (for the text of the song) - CU.

Mongols listen singer drank mare - CU., MS.

Rainbow reflection in the lake - LS.

Old herdsman Tseveg rides on a horse on a mountain trail through meadows and forest trails.

A fish swims in the clear river - LS.

Tseveg talking to herdsman Chultem shows him pictures of his children.

Chultem smokes a pipe - CU.

Herd of horses in a pasture - LS.

Herdsman toured young horse - several. different plans.

Photos daughters Tsevega: zheleznodorozhnitsy Tuvansureh, Tseren Nadmid doctor, teacher Ready pediatrician Dalsuren, milkmaids dulma - CU.

The construction of the highway in the remote area, working bulldozers and other machines.

Ancient church in a small house with a big hill - LS., With a / t, LS. MS.

Parts of the temple - MS.

Interior finish of the temple - MS.

Tseveg a horse near the temple.

Old footage: the Mongols in the temple praying to Buddha, praying monks Lama.

Buddha in the temple - CU.

Buddha Mongol yurt.

Sick woman lying in the tent shaman casts "evil spirits."

Ragged, dirty children of poor Mongolians - MS.


Gorgeously dressed Bogdogeegen earthly god - a sculpture - CU., PNRM.

Rich clothes Bogdogegena, finished jewelry.

Bogdogegena hat, decorated with jewels.

Golden Button finish with clothes lord, which was worth 40 sheep.

Earrings Bogdogegena wife.

For which was given two thousand thoroughbred horses.

Animation: paintings depicting scenes from the life of the terrible forced herdsmen.

For road construction work Mongols.

Mongols driving bulldozers, machinery at a construction site - CU., MS.

Flock of sheep on a green pasture - MS.

Pastoralists - Mongols grazing flock.

Tseveg horseback rides to the flock of agricultural associations.

Cows grazing in a meadow.

Experimental cattle station.

Livestock scientist Baterden and his young assistants at work at the experimental station.

A cow, a calf.

New and improved bull breed derived Baterdenom - CU.

The new village livestock with comfortable houses - PNRM., LS.

Tseveg visits the village.

Cows on a farm agricultural associations.

Tsevega Dulma daughter milks the cow.

Dulma meets his father, who had come to visit her.

Dulma with father and children takes place in court.

Tseveg talking with his grandchildren, drinking tea - CU.

Dulma photo shows his father the farm where she works.

The mobile milking unit in one of the state farms - MS., LS.

Reel №2

Herd of horses in a pasture - LS.

Milkmaid milking a mare.

Mechanical milking machine in one of the agricultural associations.

Soviet Cherepanov a specialist working with the Mongolian livestock in agricultural associations - PNRM.

Milkmaid pouring milk from a bucket into a can - CU.

Pours milk from a bucket into the tank - CU.

Mongols gladly drink mare.

Milkmaid Dulma Tsevega accompanies his father.

Two novel "Horns at dawn."

Sunrise over the Mongolian land - LS.

Industrial landscape - early morning - LS.

Players on the building structure - CU.

Ulaanbaatar early morning - LS.

Monument Sukhbaatar Batirov in the central square of Ulan-Bator - LS.

Postmen carry the morning mail.

Factory pipe - MS.

Residents of Ulaanbaatar and office workers of different enterprises and institutions go to work.

The workers go to the railway depot.

Buzzing factory whistle - CU.

Ulaanbaatar CHP - Turbine Hall - MS.

Remote Control CHP - LS.

Master electrician Namsarai, the oldest employee on duty at the control CHP in the morning chesy load voltage.

Hands include current - CU.

Automatic pouring milk in a bottle at the milk plant.

Filled milk bottles move along the conveyor.

Bakery plant-machine - MS.

Workers laid fresh loaves.

Working in a shoe factory, electric machines - CU.

Masters stitched and treated with shoes on machine - CU.

At worsted factory employs machines that produce wool blankets - CU.

Weavers at work at the loom - CU.

Ulan Bator (the plane) - LS.

To Ulaanbaatar airport landing aircraft of Mongolian airline taxis.

Passengers arriving in the Mongolian capital, leave the plane.

Under the drawbridge is a passenger train stopped at the platform of the Ulan Bator Railway Station.

Greeters welcome their friends and relatives, who arrived in Ulan Bator.

Sprinkler watering the flowers in the flower bed in the town square.

Girl watering flowers on the balcony.

Daughter of old family home Tsevega Dalsuren breakfast - LS.

Dalsuren husband (she is a doctor) - diplomatic personnel, the youngest son - schoolboy Chigee little daughter, the eldest son of the table - CU.

Dalsuren accompanies her son to school.

Children of all ages are going to school.

Students go to the University.

New, high-rise buildings - MS.

In the streets of the city are cars, buses.

People on the streets.

Main street - Mira Street, busy traffic on the street.

PNRM. Tseveg with granddaughter goes through the streets admiring the new, the buildings, the new children's park, newly planted in city parks.

In the children's children to the park ride on the carousel playing fun.

Monument VI Lenin Square in Ulan Bator - MS.

The parents of the child being taken in a baby carriage.

Pediatrician Dalsuren - daughter Tsevega escorts young parents with babies from the hospital.

Father holding a newborn baby - MS.

Tseveg with granddaughter goes to the hospital, Dalsuren meets his father.


Construction of the 15 th district in Ulaanbaatar - LS.

Russian and Mongolian builders at work on the new building.


The old courts, remaining at the site, where the towering new comfortable home.

The demolition of the old house in the city.

Old footage of Ulaanbaatar with narrow dusty streets, yurts, huts.

Traffic in the old UB (Pictures h / white standard format).

New Square in Ulan Bator during the start of construction and ready, rebuilt - LS., MS.

The building of the new widescreen cinema - MS.

Building of the State Drama Theatre - MS.

Opera and ballet - MS.

Rehearsal of the opera "The saddest of the mountains" in the composer Damdisurena Opera and Ballet (synchronously, in Mongolian).

Art works of Mongolian artists.

Katrtiny on modern themes.

Visitors to the exhibition hall examine the paintings.

Square with the monument of Sukhbaatar in Ulan Bator, where Sukhbaatar declared the independence of the country.

Shrine of Sukhbaatar.

General plans of modern Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar from the plane - LS.

Reel №3

Three short story "Holy Orkhon."

Mountains Hunch - MS.

Home Orkhon river flowing in canyons and of basalt rocks, waterfalls falling into the channel - MS.

Waterfalls in the mountains of Hunch - CU., MS.

Orkhon River Valley - LS.

Orkhon Valley landscapes.

Spotted deer, brown bears in the woods.

Felling in Orkhon - LS.

Mongols saws felled forest - MS., CU.

Mongol control skidder.

Remove from the site lashes skidders.

Timber floating down the river - LS., MS.

Blossom honey grass in the meadows in the valley of the Orkhon - LS.

Apiary in the valley.

Beekeeper inspecting frame with honeycombs.

Flowering meadows - LS.

Bee sitting on chamomile - CU.

Senouborka meadows mowers, tractors Mongol control.

The mower cuts the grass fat - CU., MS.

Briquetting and stacking hay - different.

Orkhon wheat field (green) - MS.

Scientists Dzunzarinskoy Experiment Station, to adapt a new wheat variety "Orkhon" to local conditions, in the field of work (visiting the ears, the roots of wheat).

Maturing wheat "awnless Orkhon» - CU., MS.

Wooled sheep flocks Orkhon breed derived Mongolian scientists breeders in the pasture.

Scientists inspect the sheep herders, measure the length of hair on the animal - CU., MS.

Turkic monuments of the 8th century, which in the past has been the capital of Mongolia Kara Karum - LS.

Archaeological excavations at the site of the former town of Kara-Karum - LS., CU.

Archaeologists consider the findings - CU.

A painting of a palace Ogedei the son of Genghis Khan, written on the basis of excavations and found the remains - MS., CU.

Horhorinskogo settlement state farm, located at the former Kara Karume, new modern houses in the village - LS., MS.

School building.

Children after school out of school, sit on camels and horses, and go home.

Children in kindergarten goskhozovskom - MS., CU.

The building of a rural hospital.

Residents of the village read posters at the club.

The audience in the hall of the club - MS.

Remarks by Folk Song and Dance in the village club (synchronously).

Dyurbetsky Zhavzama National Dance performs in concert at country club (synchronously).

Dam that blocks the Orkhon River near the village of Horhorinskogo state farm (the river water to irrigate fields are).

Rural hydropower in Orkhon.

Ditch, going to the field - MS.

Sprinkler watering the cabbage field - PNRM., LS.

Cabbage on the field.

Harvesting of cabbage.

Harvesting potatoes potato harvester in a mountainous area of ​​Mongolia.

Harvesting apples - LS., MS., CU.

A flock of cranes flies, preparing for flight - LS.

Ripe wheat "Orkhon awnless" on the state farm.

Harvesting wheat combine.

Mongol combine the helm - CU.

Liberally pours grain from the combine hopper into the back car.

Harvesters for harvesting wheat - PNRM., LS., MS.

Current building and elevators - MS.

Machines with a grain convoy leave the field to the elevator - PNRM., LS., MS.

Machines pour grain to the elevator - CU., MS.

Women Ted grain on the threshing - MS., CU.

Tractors with headlights column go to the field to raise a new virgin lands.

Orkhon and the surrounding meadows and woods in autumn - LS.

Autumn landscapes with bright colorings of trees and shrubs - MS.

Reel №4

Four short story "The Man shagnuvshy through the century."

Skim "The Mongols of the twentieth century," written by American Robert Mongolian Rupenom - CU.

Mongol, a poor man's son - Sherindyb Arata, president of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia browsing the book "The Mongols of the twentieth century," in which Rupen argues that many Mongolians still live as their ancestors did.

President of the Academy of Sciences and member of the Presidium Sherindyb Mongolian Academy of Sciences - the children herdsmen who became scientists, whose biography refute the backwardness of American Mongolian Mongolian people - CU., MS.

Academician Shagdir Suren, director of the Institute of Medicine, an eminent specialist in cardiovascular surgery. - Different.

Academician AA Wisniewski visiting his student Shagdarsurena in Ulan Bator.

AA Wisniewski, Shagdarsuren and other surgeons do surgery.

Mongolian scientists in a laboratory study traditional medicine.

Books on ancient medicine in the State Library of Ulaanbaatar - PNRM., MS.

Scientists and doctors in the library reading old Mongolian and Tibetan manuscripts.

Mongolian ancient manuscript book - CU.

Math lesson in class ten-year school.

The lesson is ready the teacher - the daughter Tsevega.

In the audience Ulaanbaatar University lectures on theoretical physics Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, University Lecturer Sodnom.

Students listen to a lecture.

Students in practical sessions in the laboratory.

The building of the Mongolian University in Ulan Bator - LS.

MSU in the Lenin Hills in Moscow - LS., Summer.

Monument MV Lomonosov Moscow State University at the building - MS.

Mongolian students studying at MSU, at work in the lab, on the apparatus Mashinoschetnoy Station at MSU.

Young Mongolian scholar chador, which opened with a group of physicists a new short-lived particles.

The work of the Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.

Samples of minerals found in the fields in Mongolia.

The meeting of the Standing Committee on Geology at the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance socialist countries in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, scientists of the USSR, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary to discuss the issue of political studies of the country.

Development of phosphorite deposits in the north of Mongolia, Hobsogulskom aimag - LS., CU.

Exploration for gold deposits in Mongolia.

Geologists gold-washed rocks.

Nuggets of gold on a tray - CU.

Exploration "oil" in Mongolia: running rig.

Refinery in the oil field in Dzun-Bayan - LS.

Commercial production of tungsten ore mine in Mongolia.

Opencast mining of coal at one of the largest fields - Sharyn-golskom.

Excavators work in the quarry, coal trains are taken out of the quarry.

Train with coal at the station in Darkhan.

Wagons with the wood in Darkane, where unfolding of national building.

At the train station, Darkhan uchetchitsa Tuvansuren - Tsevega daughter and her husband - a machinist at the station, where they took part of the forest.


Darkhan - PNRM., LS.

Tuvansuren with Tsevegom husband and father who came to visit his daughter, through the streets of Darkhan.

New, comfortable houses in Darkhan.

Planting on the streets - MS., CU.

Darkhan steppe - PNRM., LS.

Surveyors have measurements taken and Steppe (1962).

Drive a number of builders with the NDP "P - 1 Sotsgorodok» - CU.

1962 - The inscription on the pillar "Prombaza» - CU.

1966 - House-Building Plant in Darkhan steppe - LS., PNRM.

Crane - Crane control Mongolian - CU.

Crane moves large parts issued house-building plant.

Mongols in different parts of the plant.

The guidance staff work together with the construction of the Mongols - the specialists from the Soviet Union, Poland and Czechoslovakia - discuss new construction projects.

Construction sotsgorodka - LS., PNRM.

Mongolian and Soviet builders work together on the new building.

Mongolian and Czechoslovak specialists build housing cement plant - MS., LS.

Polish experts to help build the plant Mongols silicate bricks - MS., CU.

Darzanskaya CHP - the largest in the country's thermal power plant.

Turbine Hall - LS.

The operator at the controls CHP.

Industrial landscapes of Mongolia - LS.

Construction of new plants in Mongolia.


Industrial base in Darkhan - LS.

Mongolian President ac.

Science Tsevrindyb reading a book by R. rupena - CU.

Reel №5

Novel 5 'Colours of time. "


Sand dunes in the desert Gaby - LS.

Quicksands waterfall poured on the slope of the desert.

Bare rock in the mountains.

Sparse vegetation on the slopes.

Saiga herds in the mountains - LS.

Wild camels - havtagai in a waterless desert.

PNRM. dry river bed - LS.

Withered shrubs Haloxylon of sand.

Quicksands - CU.

Pastoralists take out buckets of water from the deep well of the steppe, watered the camels - CU.

Animals at the watering from the old well - LS., CU.

In the desert, where in the deep layers are deposited freshwater lake, is drilling wells for water, building concrete wells.

Factory production of concrete rings for wells in the desert.

Precast concrete rings for wells - LS.

The river in the desert - LS.

Soviet and Mongolian workers and specialists build Gulinskii irrigation canal diversion of the river water Dzavhan in the Gobi desert.

Headworks Canal - LS.

The explosion in the desert, where the canal bed is laid.

Bulldozers clearing the channel, operate earthmoving machinery.

The water fills the channel drainage canals in the dry steppes Sharyn-Gaby, where lie the land agricultural associations "Path to Communism."

Cameraman talks with chairman Ladoyhuu agricultural associations - Hero of labor.


Sprinkler irrigation for field agricultural associations - CU.

The field of ripening corn on irrigated field.

Polovodov check cobs - MS., CU.

Women dried peppers, tomato harvest - LS.

Collected tomatoes - CU.

The farmer holds a large watermelon, expressed on irrigated lands of the Gobi Desert.

A herd of camels agricultural associations - LS.

Camel spins the lever with which to extract water from a deep well.

Camels drink - CU., MS.

Camel, head up, looking into the distance - CU.


Herders are driving a herd of deer in the paddock - LS.

Young deer with panty - CU.

Cut antlers dried under cover.

Winter landscapes of Mongolia - LS., MS.

Airplane air ambulance over the snows distant regions - LS., MS.

Plane taxis on the far pasture - MS.

Arrived on a long camp doctor out of the plane.

Doctor - the youngest daughter Tsevega - Tseren Dadmid and others switching from the plane on a reindeer sleigh and sent to the high-altitude camp where sick people.

The doctor enters the camp.

Quiet winter scenery with unfrozen lakes - LS., MS.

A strong storm in the desert - LS.

Ground wind is blowing - MS.

Racing a herd of horses, driven by a strong wind and snow - LS., MS.

The herdsmen are trying to stop the herd.

Deep snow in the pasture - PNRM., LS.

Horse hooves dig snow foraging.

The snowy plains are machines with hay for winter insulated pens - hoshanam - PNRM.

Hoshana in the snowy steppes - LS.

Mongols hunting in the winter taiga.

Wild boar in the forest.

Hunters shoot the boar.

Killed by a wild boar.

Squirrel on the tree.

A hunter shoots a squirrel.

Protein falls off the tree.

Hunter picks up a dead squirrel.

Hunters returned with prey.

PNRM. in stock in Ulaanbaatar sorting furs - MS.

Lie skins of different animals - PNRM., CU.

Scenic winter landscapes of Mongolia.

Athletes skiers ready to train, brush the ski.

Skiers in the woods riding in groups and alone, with a string of move down the mountain.

Funny face female skiers - CU.

Reel №6

Novella 6: "Horseman galloping to the Sun" emblem depicting the MPR horseman galloping towards the sun - CU.

The central square in Ulan Bator - LS.

Monument of Sukhbaatar Square - LS., MS.

The inscription on the pedestal of the monument in the Mongolian language ("people of our Republic should unite in spirit ...")

Picture: 8th July 1921.

The People's Army led by Sukhbaatar Bator is a liberated Urga - LS., CU.

Old Myagmara guerrillas, one of the companions of Sukhbaatar, playing chess.

The cameraman asks Myagmara share their memories of the meeting Sukhbaatar with VI Lenin, of which he was a witness.

Sound engineer at the tape.

Works tape - CU.

Myagmara describes a meeting of Sukhbaatar with VI Lenin in the Kremlin on 5 th November 1921 (synchronously).

Paintings depicting the meeting of Sukhbaatar with VI Lenin - CU., MS.

Unique newsreels: Sukhbaatar the day of signing the first treaty between the Soviet Union and Mongolia.

First Secretary of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party Tsedenbal etc.

Mongolian leaders lay a wreath at the monument to Soviet soldiers, defenders of the freedom and independence of Mongolia in 1921 and 1939, was erected on Mount Zaisan.

Mongolian Pioneers at the monument - MS.

Tsenki the monument - PNRM., MS.

Payatnik Mount Zaisan - MS.

Mass graves of heroes.

Fought on Halnengole where Soviet and Mongolian soldiers defeat the Japanese invaders.

Monument - Tank on the pedestal with the NDP MR prize.

NDP on the monument: the tanks of the Red Army Yakovlevtsam winners over the Japanese in the Battle of Bayan Tsaganskom 05.03 in July 1939. " - CU.

Places of battle at Khalkhin Tole - LS.

Flowers at the foot of the monument to Kholkin-Tole.

Monument on Kholkin-Tole.

Arrival LI Brezhnev in Ulan Bator in the winter of 1966. LI Brezhnev Tsedenbal passing through the streets of the city, the people welcomed them warmly.

The national flag of the Soviet Union - CU.

The national flag of the MPR - CU.

The signing of the new treaty on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance between the USSR and the Mongolian People's Republic in the days of stay LI Brezhnev in Ulan Bator, the contract signed by LI Brezhnev Tsedenbal.

Representatives of the USSR and the MPR present at the signing of the contract.

Waving flags of the participating countries of the international meeting of women in Asia and the Far East - CU.

The delegates are meeting at the seminar women gathered in Ulaanbaatar by the UN.

The delegates at the seminar Women in Asia and the Far East.

Chairman of the seminar - Mongolian writer Udval - CU.

The delegates Elizabeth Blum, Ms.

Menon and others at the seminar - CU.

Japan's delegate at the seminar - CU.

Mongolian people's revolutionary party - the anniversary of the formation of the people's power, raised the flag of the MPR at the city stadium.

Nationwide festivities - the people in honor of the revolutionary celebration at the stadium: competition in strength and agility of the Mongolian wrestlers heroes.

Simulates the proud winner of the flight of an eagle.

The leaders of the MPR.

Guests applaud - MS.

Competition in archery - MS., CU.

Boy shoots a bow - CU.

Horse racing - LS., MS.

On horseback race children from 6 to 14 years - MS., CU.

Parade winners jumps.

Awarding ceremony of the race.

Presentation of awards to winners.

The audience applauds at the stadium - LS.

Daughters, sons, nephews, grandchildren, great-grandchildren Tsevega at the stadium during narodoma - MS.

Photos of the family Tsevega - CU.

Old Tseveg on horseback rides on the roads of their homeland.

A herd of cows on pasture - LS.

A flock of sheep in a pasture - LS.