Happy Birthday, ZIL (Moscow Automobile Plant named after Likhachev (first director of the plant)).. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Veyland B.

Script writers: Veyland B., Pushkov I., Cherepakhin V.

Operators: Golubov G.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


About the history and modern times of the Moscow Automobile Plant named after Likhachev.

Temporary description

The grand meeting in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, 50-anniversary of the Moscow Automobile Plant. Veterans of the plant: IK Bardybahin, N. Korolev told (sinhr.) on the history of the plant. Manufacturing processes in the shops of the plant. Students Avtozavodtsev during class in its factory Institute. Test of new "Zilovo assembled at the factory. Awarding of plant workers with government awards. The awards are granted Mikoyan.

Reel №1

Wall of the automobile with the banner "50 ZIL» - CU., PNRM.

Street along the factory - MS., LS.

The corridors of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - LS., PNRM.

Avtozavodtsev talking in the lobby - MS., CU.

The Bureau solemn meeting - LS.

Conference Room - LS.

Applaud present - LS.

Avtozavodtsev make banners in the hall - the personification of the collective glory - MS., LS.

Automotive Industry Minister Aleksandr Mikhailovich Tarasov hands avtozavodtsev red flag for outstanding achievements in the automotive industry - MS.

Banners of the automobile - CU.

Group of the oldest workers in the factory version of the newspaper: Nikolai S. Korolev, Mikhail Ogarev Bardybahiny brothers: Ivan Kondratyevich Alexander Kondratyevich Kondratievich Nicholas, Andrei Petrovich, the other members of the family of hereditary Bardybahinyh - Michael K. and his son Nicholas.

IK Bardybahin tells tab capitalists Ryabushinskys plant in 1916 (simultaneously) - CU.

Photo: priest is prayer in Tyufelevoy grove.

Reporting tab of the plant in the newspaper "Russian Gazette".


Old factory workshop.

Construction of the plant - LS.

Photos: first "amovtsy" young Nikolai Stepanovich Korolev.

NS Queens, sitting at the table, talks about the telephone message VI Lenin in connection with the issuance of the first Soviet motors (synchronous), - MS.

Newspapers with telephone message - MS.

Newsreel 1924:

On the assembly of cars running brigade N. Queen.

Leaves the first Soviet car "AMO-EF-15» - MS.

The first 10 Soviet cars go to Red Square to take part in the festive demonstration November 7, 1924

Assembling cars in the shop (by hand).

On factory assembly stands first red plant manager former sailor, a Bolshevik Ivan Likhachev - CU.

Go machine with people - MS., LS. (Evening).

Car factory.

From the factory the car go - MS.

Machines work on construction of the canal, go with the grain of the machine, on the ferry across the river.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Flying airplanes, are tanks, explosions, falls burning plane.

The shop automobile adolescents and women repairing a tank.

Tank leaves the shop, going to the front.

At a solemn meeting for the successful execution of military orders staff of the factory by the State Committee of Defense awarded the Red Banner.

The Banner pass IA Likhachev - MS.

Working in the shop automobile, evacuated to the Urals - LS.

Go trucks - LS.

Machine mounted with "Katyusha» - LS.

Shoot "Katyusha".

Burning building.

Flying airplanes.

Portrait avtozavodtsev, Hero of the Soviet Union, the military pilot Mikhail Ogarev - CU.

MS Ogarev - CU.

Avenue of Heroes avtozavodtsev (portraits) - LS.

Portrait of Spaniard Ruben Ruiz Ibarruri - CU.

The machine is in the shop, where he worked - CU.

The plaque on the machine - CU.

Along the building are automobile cars, buses - LS.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Soviet automotive IA Likhachev handed a second Order of Lenin, who was awarded the plant.

Avtozavodskaya Street - LS., MS.

Walkable Moscow Car - MS.

Bust IA Likhachev - MS.

The workers go to the factory - MS.

In the palace of the factory workers get in the bus, razvozyaschy of the shops.

Lenin monument - CU.


New homes for avtozavodtsev, built on the site of shanties in Simonovskaya settlement - LS., PNRM.

Palace of Culture Automobile - MS.

Holiday house in Yalta, where the rest Avtozavodtsev - LS.

Beach - MS., PNRM.

Football game at the stadium: athletes play club "Torpedo", which consist Avtozavodtsev - LS.

Applauding audience

Avtozavodets, sport master George Zharkov, who has repeatedly country car racing champion, sits in a race car, constructed in the factory - CU.

Race racing cars - LS.

Mikhail Ogarev teaches athletes automobile pistol - CU., MS.

Weightlifter - CU.

Coach-society activist Robert A. Kapustin deals with Zilovskoye weightlifters - MS. (Summer).

Industrial gymnastics in the shop.

Reel №2

Newsreel 30's.:

In the forge works came to the plant the Komsomol Basil Kokoschka.

Vasily K. Kokoshko - Hero of Socialist Labor - heads replaced blacksmiths (in the shop) - CU.

Instrumentally body works Michael K. Bardybahin, approaches him to consult on work by his son Nicholas, a young worker - different.

Tool room - LS.

The work in the foundry - different.

Hero of Socialist Labor Claudia Davydovna Emelyanov-Shchukin - best liteyschitsa - talk with the man in the shop - MS., CU.

Her students Nina Zolotow, Nina Sadowski and Nina Smirnova, who headed the factory movement for communist labor, for work in the shop - CU.

The shop is Barbara Yegorovna Markin, master change, the deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR - LS., MS.

Naladchitsa Maria Sadova at work in the machine assembly shop - MS., CU.

By forging shop is the winner of the State Prize of Sergey Bushuev, head of the Communist shift work, which produced a unique press with a capacity of nearly 4,000 tons - MS., CU.

Working press, high-storey house: Stamps bulk truck - spar chassis - CU.

Mark - ZIL.

Moscow - CU.

Young men working in the shop - CU.

Young people involved in the plant's high school - LS., CU.

The teacher writes on the board - CU.

Automatic line work in the shop engine - LS., PNRM. with a / t, MS., CU.

Testing of finished engines - MS., CU.

Factory Director Pavel Borodin talking to workers on the shop floor - CU.

Work on the main line: assembly of trucks - different.

Car off the assembly line and goes to the factory yard.

Design Bureau - LS., PNRM.

Converse chief engineer of Konstantin Stroganov and chief designer Anatoly Mavrikyevitch Krieger - MS., CU.

Designer experimenter Mikhail Kashlak in the design office and on the test developed by him and his friends model three-axle trucks "ZIL - 133" (the car goes on the field, on the road, on the water) - CU., LS.

The bus goes through the snow - MS.

Automobile brand - CU.

Parade vehicles issued by the stadium ZIL: there is a car "AMO" - the first-born of the Soviet automobile - MS., PNRM., LS.

The audience applauded - MS.

State Award in the Culture Palace avtozavodtsev car factory.

Awarded to: Robert A. Kapustin, Michael K. Bardybahin, Arkady Volsky - Secretary of the Party Committee of the plant, naladchitsa Maria gardens and plant manager Pavel Borodin.

The awards are granted AI Mikoyan.

PD Borodin thanked the Party and the government for the awards - CU.

Applaud sitting in the hall - LS., MS.

In the Palace of Culture of the current speaker of amateur car factory: Russian dance performed (synchronous), Men's Octet performs a song about Zile (synchronously).

Loading of vehicles on the railway platform.

Go past the factory car.

The car is on the sand.

Machines are working on the construction.

Go car-tanks for transportation of cement, etc.