At the Origin of the Ancient River.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Mikosha V.

Script writers: Mikosha V.

Operators: Pankin L.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Nikitkina V.


About the Burundi Kingship in the Central Africa.

Historical background

In July 1962, independence was proclaimed the state of Burundi. July 8, 1966 The Government of Burundi was headed by Michel Mikombero.

Temporary description

Children sit at the source of the Nile (Africa). Animals, plants, water reservoirs in Burundi. People are working in the field, engaged in economic affairs around their huts. The celebration of Independence Day of Burundi at the stadium: the protesters are; favor Prime Minister M. Michembero; standing army; dance artists. Workers in the port loaded coffee steamer. Students in class in college. Streets of Bujumbura. Draws artist. Visitors to the cafe. Passengers at the airport. People relax on the beach. Types of urban bazaar. The students of art school in Chieti in the classroom. Fishermen at sea in boats.

Reel №1

Directions to the area (with a / t).

Stone - a pillar in the place where Stanley found David Livingstone, a wonderful traveler and explorer of Africa - MS.

The inscription on the stone - CU.

The group of boys sitting in the prisoner in the pipe historian Neil - MS.

Pyramid - MS.

The source of the Nile - the rocks running stream - MS., Rough waters of the Nile - CU.

Animation: Map of Africa, hitting the Kingdom of Burundi - MS.

Waterfall - LS., Departure.

Some landscapes, thick fog over the area - MS.

Birds - crowned cranes on the ground and in the air - MS., PNRM.

Jungle - LS., PNRM.

Lizard runs on a tree trunk - MS.

Monkey on a tree - MS.

Monkey on a tree - MS.

On the way, are women with jugs and baskets on their heads - LS., MS.

Is in the farmer with a pick - MS.

Women in the land motyzhat - MS., LS.

Peasant huts, women in children in their arms, teenagers - MS., LS.

Bananas, papayas, lemons - MS., Oranges, pineapple - CU.

Spikes - MS.

Coffee Plantation - LS., Hitting.

Coffee fruits on trees - MS.,, PNRM.

Man collects grain and cotton cafe - MS.

PNRM. the cotton field - MS.

Cotton bolls - MS., Hitting.

Birds in the sky - LS.

Sea waves - MS.

Seashore - LS.

Cafe on the beach, a table, behind which sat for the last time with friends of Burundi's national hero, fought for the independence of Louis Rwagasore - MS.

By the sea kids ride on a swing - MS.

Wood, who was aiming for a killer - MS.

Red Flower - CU.

Cross, leaving the monument Louis Rwagasore - CU., MS.

NDP: "16 October 1961" and the image of the monument Rwagasore - CU.

Demonstration in support of the residents of the new government - LS., MS.

Prime Minister Michel Mikombero, who led the Government of Burundi - CU., And the stadium - MS.

The celebration in the stadium of the capital Bujumbura.

Ate at the stadium are national army, guests sit in the stands - foreign diplomatic representatives, representatives of the local authorities.

Play on the royal drums, at the stadium performed traditional dances - LS., MS.

Morning to work are working - MS.

Loading operations at the port - by hand and with the help of mechanisms (Georgia cotton, coffee).

Bookmark new coffee plantations and logging of old trees.

Songs and dances mark the birth of plantation residents - dance the most revered women.

Reel №2

Children are engaged in the classroom.

Final exam in college graduates Saint Esprit.

The pupils learn to agronomists in Kitega break terraces for crops on the slopes - LS.

Students recently opened a space for the university sports ground, ate the sweet cassava - LS., MS.

The head of the student organization Sirus Ndikumana scans the log.

The head of the youth organization of the country's Lounge Kanuoma in national costume with youth - LS., MS.

Young people gathered in a hut hut African Unity, the departure of the modern building - LS.

College building.

Residence of Prince.

Travel on the streets of the capital.

Coffee factory building.

Hospital building.

Monument of Independence (hitting).

Vehicles in the streets.

Travel by road from Bujumbura to Kitenge - the ancient capital of Burundi.

Landscape with travel.

Kitenge: German fortress and a prison for Burundians.

Holiday colonizers.

Belgian construction: Catholic cathedral, monastery.

Nuns in white clothes walking on the street.

The people on the streets.

Guard pedestrians.

Naulitse painting artist.

An outdoor cafe on the street.

Preparing for the departure of the aircraft at the airport (driven load are stewardesses).

Forgiven flying.

Taxiing aircraft.

Two boys fighting.

Boys on the beach.

Come with baskets and barrels on woman's head.

A man carrying a bale of straw on the back.

Trading in the market (vegetables, fruit).

The boys climb over the fence, sitting on a tree (look to play football).

Football game on the field.

College students play the guitar.

Flowers, branches - MS.

Pavements strewn with flower petals.

A woman with a burden on his head.

Statues of wood, jugs and plates with decorations - MS.

The manufacture of these art objects are working in a special school pupils repents.

Munorogoy cow head - CU., Leaving the herd, returning from the pasture - LS.

Evening - sunset.

Fishermen go on night fishing.

In the sea - the lights of fishing boats.

Man is a lantern in the night ashore.

Sunrise through the palm trees.