The Painter.. (1966)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Belyankin U., Koloshin A.

Script writers: Chernyak E.

Operators: Belyankin U., Koloshin A., Levitan A.


About the sculptor Sergei Konenkov.

Reel №1

Hand pouring champagne into glasses - CU.

People's Artist of the USSR sculptor Sergei T. Konenkov ninetieth day of his hosts, treats champagne - CU., MS.

Guests: People's Artist of the USSR sculptor AP Kibalnikov, Minister of Culture of the USSR EA Furtseva, People's Artist of the USSR sculptor EV Vucetich and other congratulate jubilee.

Pioneers put Sergei Timofeevich Konenkova pioneer tie on the day of the anniversary.

Guests presented anniversaries address, color - CU.

Sergei T. Konenkov at work in his studio: carve a sculpture in marble sculpting sculpture.

Sculptures of Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova: head Nikolai Ostrovsky, sculpture, "The Prophet", busts of Socrates, Wrobel - CU.

Sculptural portraits AV Lunacharsky Beloyanisa - CU.

Sculptural portrait "Marthe» - CU.

Sculptures of Sergei Yesenin, Mayakovsky - CU.

The sculpture "Kamneboets» - CU.

"Nike» - CU.

Self Portrait - CU.

Sergei T. Konenkov at the exhibition of his works dedicated to the ninetieth sculptor.

Visitors to the exhibition with interest and attention considering sculpture Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova - MS., CU.

Sergei T. Konenkov talks about his childhood, his life in the village, about his impressions of the stories of his grandfather (synchronously).

Sculpture in wood, roots, by Sergei Timofeevich Konenkov "prophetic old woman", "Yegor-beekeeper", "owl-witch", "pan with a pipe" and others.

Self-portrait of Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova wood - CU. (With motion).

Portrait skazatelnitsy epics MD Krivopolenova.

"Situl Alex Kravchuk"

"You - Elninsky", "Stribog", "Girl with a lamp", "Svistushkin" and other wooden sculptures - CU.

Sergei T. Konenkov tells Feodor Chaliapin (synchronously).

Wife of Sergey Kalashnikov Konenkova Margarita Ivanovna listened - CU.

Bust of Fyodor Chaliapin - the work of Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova - CU., MS. (From different angles).

The sculpture "Beggar brethren", "Stepan Razin and his gang," "Woman in Russian sarafan" bust of the composer Mussorgsky, "Monk", "Space", "Burlak", "thinker", "Dostoevsky" and other sculptures in the exhibition Konenkova - MS., CU.

Sergei T. Konenkov old woman, weeping with joy to meet him - CU.

Reel №2

Visitors to the exhibition of works of Sergei Konenkov dedicated ninetieth author.

Sculptural portrait of Maxim Gorky (from different angles).

Photo: Sergei T. Konenkov working on a portrait of Maxim Gorky.

The sculptural portrait of the scientist Einstein - CU.

Photo: Sergei T. Konenkov at work on a portrait of Einstein.

PNRM. on the Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova - LS.

Photo: Sergei T. Konenkov sculpts a bust of Academician Pavlov from life in his studio - MS., CU.

Visitors to the exhibition (sound sculptor story about working on a portrait of Pavlova).

Portrait of Vladimir Mayakovsky at the show - MS.

Photo: Art School, where he studied Sergei T. Konenkov.

Sergei T. Konenkov tells about studying at art school, about the revolutionary mood of students in Russia (synchronously).

Sergei T. Konenkov the sculpture "Samson tearing the chains of slavery» - MS. PNRM.

Photo: Sculpture "Samson."

Sergei T. Konenkov talks about the revolutionary events of 1905, the participation of young people in these events.

Photos of 1905 in Moscow - LS., MS.

Sculpture by Sergey Kalashnikov Konenkova "peasant", "Ivan Churkin," "atheist," "liberated man," "God of Thunder", "Nike" and others - CU.

Sculptural portrait of Vladimir Lenin.

Photos from the opening of the memorial in honor of those who fell in the struggle for peace and brotherhood among peoples in the Kremlin wall.

Opens the board Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the author's presence bas - sculptor Sergei T. Konenkov - LS., MS.

Reel №3

Memorial plaque to the fallen in the struggle for peace and brotherhood among peoples on the Kremlin wall - LS.

Sergei T. Konenkov in his workshop - LS., MS., CU.

The sculpture "Bach» - CU. (From different angles).

Sergei T. Konenkov talks about working on the sculpture "Bach" (synchronous).

Sculpture "Paganini» - MS., CU. (From different angles).

Details of sculpture - CU.

Pictures of men, women, boys, girls, listening to music - CU.

Pictures of people of different ages, considering the sculpture "Paganini» - CU.

Sculpture: "Kneeling", "Paganini" (marble), "Son", "Nude", "head girl", "Nike".

Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova Happy Birthday (1964).

PNRM. sculptures by Sergei Kalashnikov Konenkova in the exhibition hall - LS.

Sergei T. Konenkov at work on the marble sculpture "Ararat» - CU.