The Championship In Budapest.. (1966)

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Director: Kogan S.

Operators: Sarancev A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.

Text writers: Dolgopyatova G.


About the Championship of Europe in Athletics.

Historical background

History: the fall of 1966 in Budapest, was held 8 th European Championships in Athletics, which was attended by athletes thirty countries on the continent.

Temporary description

8th European Championships in Athletics in Budapest: the opening of the championship at the stadium, the competition of athletes-athletes in race walking, hammer throwing, in the high jump, the shot-put, in the long jump, the javelin throw, the disc in running, in competition in the pentathlon.

Reel №1

Budapest (with a / t).

Street of the city - MS.

Flags of participating Championship - CU.

The participants of the championship at the stadium - LS., PNRM.

Spectators in the stands - LS.

Stadium (helicopter).

Runners out of the stadium, going to dvadtsatikilometrovaya way - LS., MS.

Throwing the hammer world record holder and European champion Zhivotski Gyula (Hungary) - LS., MS.

Flying hammer falls, the judges measure the distance - LS.

Soviet athlete, Olympic champion in hammer throwing Romuald Klim - LS., MS.

Rewarding hammer throwers: 1st place - R. Klim, second place - D. Zhivotski.

Participants of walking in the street, leading Dieter Lindner (GDR) and Vladimir Golubnichy (USSR) - LS., MS.

Leap tall Polish athlete Jaroslaw Beda, Lyudmila Komleva (USSR), Taisa Chenchik (Rapid).

Awarding of winners: 1st place - T. Chenchik, 2nd - L. Komlev, J. Beda - 3rd place.

Push core Galina Zybina (USSR), Marlene Fuchs (Germany), Margaret Hummel (GDR), Marita Lange (GDR), Hope Chizhov (USSR).

Walking on the street, at the stadium finish Dieter Lindner (gold medal), Vladimir Golubnichy (silver medal), Nicholas Smaghi (bronze medal) - MS.

The race of men at 10,000 m - LS., MS.

Jürgen Haase finish (GDR), Lajos Mecheria (Hungary), Leonid Mikitenko.

Rain in the stadium, the audience under umbrellas - MS., CU.

Prepare the track for long jump - MS.

Jumping athletes Leonid Barkovsky (USSR), Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan (USSR), the Englishman Lynn Davis - Olympic champion Tokyo.

Lynn Davis at the podium (gold medal).

I. Ter-Hovhannisyan (silver medal) congratulates Davis.

USSR champion Valery Skvortsov to jump, jump (third place).

Height of 2 m 12 cm take French athletes Jacques Madyubost (gold medal) and Robber Saint Rose (silver medal).

In the javelin serve twice European champion Pole Janusz Sidlo, Hungarian Gergely Kulchar Soviet athlete Janis Lusis (gold medal).

Flying spear - MS., PNRM.

Reel №2

The journalists in the press center - LS.; Are typing - MS.

Correspondents and three winners, discus thrower from the team of the GDR - LS.

The new European Champion in the discus throw Detlef Torit (GDR) - MS., LS.

Throwing a javelin athlete Marion Lyutge GDR (a gold medal).

Throwing the javelin Valentina Popova (third place).

Flight spears and measure the distance - LS., PNRM.

Women race for 800 meters

Ahead seventeen Vera Nikolic (Yugoslavia) - MS.

Women finish - MS.

Congratulations on winning B. Nikolic.

Men's 4x100m Relay - LS.

Push core Vladislav Komar (Poland) (third place)

Nikolai Karasev (USSR) (2nd place), Vilmos Varju (Hungary) (1st place) - MS., CU.

Scoreboard with results - MS.

Winners on the podium.

Final women's relay - LS.

Participants of the competition in the pentathlon at the stadium - LS.

Long jump Ingeborg Exner (GDR), Mary Rand (England), Val Tikhomirov (USSR).

Race for women.

Women's pentathlon winners on the podium - LS.

The audience applauded - LS.

Steeplechase at 3000 m for men - different.

Victor Kudinsky (USSR) is ahead of the world record holder, and bypasses at this distance Belgian Gaston Rulantsa - MS.

Stadium (night) - LS.

Closing of the European Championship, fireworks - LS.