Dictionary. (1966)

Documentary №6375, 1 part, duration: 0:10:27, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Kiselev F.
Screenwriters:Kiselev F.
Camera operators:Efimov E.


The film is about Soviet-Czech solidarity during the Great Patriotic War (Soviet people's participation in World War II in 1941-1945)

Temporary description:

Central State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents of the USSR. The building, storage, card file. Employees archive for the work. Filming stored in the archive. The coronation of Emperor Nicholas II in 1896, celebrating 300 years of the Romanov dynasty in 1913. Russian Arctic explorer G. Sedov sent an expedition to the North Pole on the ship "St. Foka" in 1912. Activists of Russian science, culture, art, imprinted on the film: EK Tsiolkovsky, Michurin, I. P. Popov, Ilya Repin, Leo Tolstoy, F. Chaliapin, A. Gorky, Mayakovsky, Stanislavsky, Sergei Prokofiev, SM Eisenstein, VI Pudovkin, AI Khachaturian, Shostakovich and others. Lenin at the May Day parade in Moscow in 1919. Kalinin at a rally on the occasion of the launch Dneproges in 1932. 1930: the conveyor descends first Soviet tractor. 1934: stratonavty PF Fedoseenko, AB Vasenko, ID Usykin, first rising out of a balloon to an altitude of 22 thousand meters. 1937: Soviet pilot Alexander Belyakov, VP Chkalov, GF Bajdukov who committed non-stop flight to America via the North Pole. Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at the Yalta Conference in 1944, Soviet soldiers are hoisting the flag over the Reichstag. The first flight of the atomic icebreaker "Lenin" in the ice. Pilot-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, a newborn daughter out of the hospital. The plane-giant Antaeus "at the airport. The voice of Leo Tolstoy, recorded on the phonograph. Photo albums with photographs of the Crimean war of 1854-1855 years, the Russian-Japanese War 1904 - 1905 period.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panorama of the USSR Central State Cinema-, Photo- and Phono- Record Office building.

Film depository corridor.

Panorama – shelves with cinema records (the piles of metallic boxes are standing)

The inquiry card index of the Record Office.

Record Office staff and researchers are at work in the card index reading-room.

An employee is thumbing photos.

The Crimean War of 1854 photos

Pictures of the Port-Arthur tragedy in 1904 (Seizure of the Port Arthur Russian military base by the Japanese troops during the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905).

Photos of Admiral Makarov and the artist Vereshchagin taken several days before their death on the battleship “Petropavlovsk”.

Photo: the cruiser “Petropavlovsk”.

The Record Office sound record depository.

The waxen roller with the record of Leo Tolstoi’s voice

The archive employee is loading the sound-reproducing device to listen Leo Tolstoi’s voice

The device is operating (Leo Tolstoi’s voice can be heard - a sound letter to his wife Sofya Andreevna).

The sound editing instrument; frames of the newsreel about Leo Tolstoi are on the screen.

Newsreel of 1908:

Leo Tolstoi and his wife Sofya Andreevna are walking along Yasnaya Polyana [Leo Tolstoi’s estate].

Newsreel of 1912:

The Russian Arctic researcher George Sedov before going for an expedition to the North Pole.

Sedov’s expedition ship named “Svyatoy Foka” [“St.


The people seeing off people are saying goodbye to Georgy Sedov and the expedition members.


Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (a great Russian scientist, space and aircraft designer and explorer) is working on spacecraft models

Printed works by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

The physiologist Ivan Pavlov is in his laboratory by the cage with a monkey.

The monkey in the cage is performing the charged task.

Ivan Michurin (a famous Russian and Soviet selectionist) is tasting the fruit grown by him in the garden at the hybrid fruit tree.

The painter Ilya Repin is in the summer cottage among his friends.

Muscovites are greeting Fyodor Shalyapin in the square

Maxim Gorky (a distinguished Soviet writer) and Romen Rolland.

The poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

The writer Nikolay Ostrovsky with his wife and his mother at home.

Konstantin Stanislavsky is in a group of Moscow Art Academic Theater’s actors during the rehearsal.

The writer and film director Alexander Dovzhenko

The film director Vsevolod Pudovkin is in a group of actors.

The film director Sergey Eizenshtein at work with actors, elaborating sketches of costumes for new roles.

The composer Sergey Prokofyev is at work at the piano

The composers Aram Khachaturyan, Dmitry Shostakovich is working on their musical compositions.

Newsreel material is being selected for the use in films in the Record Office operating room.

The film director R. Karmen is at work in the operating room.

A box with historical cinema materials.

Frames from of the first shooting in Russia – 1896, the coronation of the Tsar Nikolay II.

Newsreel of 1913:

Celebration of the Tercentenary of the Romanov Tsar Dynasty.

Newsreel of 1917-1919:

Street demonstrations on the day of Nikolay II’s abdication.

The Dvortsovaya Square [The Palace Square] in the city of Petersburg in the morning of October 26, 1917: people in the Square, the barricades remaining after the assault of the Zimny Palace [Winter Palace].

The May Day Parade (socialist and labor movement celebrations conducted on May 1) in the Red Square in Moscow in 1919.

Lenin is during the Parade.

Lenin and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya are at home

Lenin is talking with the English writer Herbert Wells.

Newsreel of the 30-s:

The first Soviet tractor is rolling off the assembly line on July 17, 1930; people are greeting the domestic tractor industry first-born.

The Soviet statesmen Mikhail Kalinin, Sergo Ordjonikidze during the ceremony of commissioning the Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Station in 1932.

The stratonauts Fedoseenko, Vasenko, Usyskin before the flight to the stratosphere on the balloon in 1934.

The balloon is raising.

The Soviet pilots A.V. Belyakov, Valery Chkalov and G.F. Baydukov who were the first to accomplish a non-stop flight to America through the North Pole in 1937, are at the ANT-25 airplane before their flight to America.

The Soviet pilots who have accomplished the flight over the North Pole, are in America; Americans are greeting the heroes enthusiastically.

Valery Chkalov is autographing.

Muscovites are greeting Valery Chkalov, A.V. Belyakov and G.F. Baydukov who have come back to Moscow after their non-stop flight to America in 1937

Newsreel of 1941:

Towns and villages are on fire; homeless women with children; houses are collapsing.

Military operators are shooting from the warplane in the burning town.

The destroyed city of Stalingrad, shot after the decisive battle; the flying airplane shadow is over the ruins

Newsreel of 1945:

A group of operators is shooting the Yalta Meeting of the leaders of the three powers.

Winston Churchill, Theodor Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin are having their pictures taken.

The last street fights in the city of Berlin in April and May of 1945.

The soviet warrior is loading the cannon with the shell having an inscription: “To Reichstag!”

Soviet warriors-winners are running to the Reichstag building carrying the Banner.

Newsreel of the 60-s:

The first astronaut in the world Yuri Gagarin is in the spaceship cockpit.

Space rocket flight.

The atomic-powered vessel “Lenin” in the Arctic ices.

The new-born daughter of the first woman-astronaut in the world Valentina Nikolaeva-Tereshkova.

Valentina Nikolaeva-Tereshkova is in the maternity hospital with the child.

The astronaut A.G. Nikolaev with his daughter and Valentina Nikolaeva-Tereshkova is going out of the maternity hospital building; the personnel members are accompanying the happy parents.

Panorama of the machine hall of a large electric power-station.

A hand is turning on the closing switch - starting of a new hydroelectric power station.

Honoring of the Soviet sculptor S.T. Konenkov on the occasion of his ninetieth anniversary in February 1965.

The Soviet giant airplane “AN-22” (“Antey” [“Antaeus”]) is in the air and on the ground.

Buses are being unloaded from the airplane.

Mass performance by athletes on the Stadium named after Lenin in the Luzhniki District in Moscow.

Stadium during the athletes’ performance.

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