Tonwoche № 316 (1936)

Newsreel №63839, 1 part, duration: 0:12:34, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

German torpedo landed in France, hundreds of refugees rescued by them in Spain.

People transported to shore on boats.

Customs officers check the documents.

Prison in Toledo, where contain the arrested Republicans, in the words of speaker, "criminals against the national welfare".

Prison yard, walk arrested.

Fighting in the Alcazar, Toledo with the Republican troops.

Shooting artillery. pnrm. the ruins and wreckage.

Government troops in the ruins of a fortress that lasted 2 months.

In Munich are the October holidays.

Moves along the street costume parade, go carts with models, a cart with barrels.

Cook grilled sausages, chicken in the grill, pour beer.

People in national costumes I'd love to drink beer.

Carriage rides with a cage and a large toy lion.

In the amusement Park whirl the carousel, visitors on a roller coaster, the swings.

The orchestra plays.

Swabian October holiday in bad Canstadt.

Festive costume parade, wagon.

Above the crowd a big garland of balloons.

The crowds on the streets and on the rides.


Propaganda story about the economy.

The magician believes numbers in mind, offers viewers to count how many are 1 bad Apple, 1 pack of rancid oil and stale cheese, the result - 1500000 brands.

Negligence and carelessness in saving food is given each year the same amount of losses.

Buckets of garbage.

At the same time, the money, the German people could obtain bread and work.

Celebrations for Princess Juliana.

Along with fiance, Prince Bernhard, they're driving to Amsterdam, the people welcomed them.

Pair opens to a balcony.

With Queen Wilhelmina, they go to the stadium and go on the red carpet, the people welcomed them.

In upper Bavaria in the black forest held a six-day bike race with the participation of sportsmen from 12 countries.

Single and racing motorcycles with sidecars took place in cloudy weather in the highlands.

Moments of the race.

Before the party Congress in Nuremberg, the stadium hosted a performance of the Wehrmacht.

Running infantry, galloping cavalry.

Planes bombed targets, they shoot anti-aircraft guns.

Goes motorized artillery, guns ready for battle tanks.

Planes flying over the Cathedral.

Watching the maneuvers of Hitler and Hess.

In the stands sit the generals, the soldiers and the audience.

Flying airship.

Hitler speaks.

There is a parade.

On the podium Goering, General field Marshal Blomberg.

Marching sailors.

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