Always with You, Vietnam! (1967)

Documentary №6396, 1 part, duration: 0:09:45, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Eshurin V.
Camera operators:Sologubov A.
Text authors:Shragin V.


The film tells about a month of the Soviet and Vietnamese friendship and solidarity with Vietnamese people who fight against the American intervention.

Temporary description:

U.S. planes drop bombs on the territory of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Vietnamese aircraft fire from rifles, antiaircraft guns. Vietnamese pilot sits in the cockpit, the plane in the air. Drop burning an American plane. Stay in Moscow, the Vietnamese delegation in connection with the Soviet Union in the Month of Solidarity with the struggle of the Vietnamese people. A meeting of solidarity with the Vietnamese people in the Izmailovo Park. Speaker Soviet cosmonaut Titov. Visit of the Vietnamese delegation of the Moscow factory "Red Proletarian", the Moscow Road Institute (MADI), cinema "Coliseum". Members of the delegation present at the play "Intervention" in the theater of Satire. The opening of the House of Friendship with the Peoples of Foreign Countries and the photo exhibition of paintings of Soviet photo artists and painters. Artist performs Glazunov. There is DRV ambassador to the USSR Nguyen Tho, Tien.

Reel №1

Street of Hanoi - LS.

Vietnamese girl, armed with a rifle on duty on the roof.

Vietnamese youths studying rifle, young men and women work out methods of firing a rifle.

Vietnamese dig trenches for shelter from bombardment by American aggressors.

U.S. bombers raid on a peaceful city DRV planes drop bombs.

Civilians shelter from the bombing.

Bombs are falling on the ground.

Explosions on the ground - are different.

Vietnamese fighters firing of the guns at the planes.

Vietnamese girl and boy shooting with machine - MS., CU.

Explosions taken from the plane - LS.

Delegates applauded - standing and Directions - MS., LS.

Fire in the peaceful village after a raid by U.S. bombers - LS., MS.

A woman with a baby crying.

A woman holding a dead child - MS.

Vietnamese soldiers fired anti-aircraft guns - LS., CU.

Flaming U.S. plane - LS.

Fighter-vetnamovets - CU.

Moscow - LS. (Summer).

Newsstand, a man buys a newspaper - MS.

Newspapers with articles about events in Vietnam.

Letters of Soviet citizens to be sent to Vietnam.

A meeting of workers' representatives in Moscow Izmailovo park of culture and rest after the meeting with envoys of the fighting Vietnam - LS., MS.

Rally participants welcomed the Vietnamese delegation, which arrived in Moscow for a month of solidarity with the struggle of the Vietnamese people.

Chairman of the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship cosmonaut Gherman Titov makes a speech at the rally.

Vietnamese guests, Muscovites applaud.

GS Titov hugs and kisses Vietnamese guest.

Representatives of the RTD at the Moscow plant "Red Proletarian", where machines are made for plants in Vietnam, workers greet guests.

A Soviet-Vietnamese Friendship plant - LS., MS.

Machine-tool plant "Red Proletarian" in the halls at work at the machines.

The crane moves on the shop ready machine.

It takes a train with cars for Vietnam.

The inscription on the car, "fighting Vietnam from the Soviet people," leaving on a convoy of vehicles.

Loading of vehicles on a ship in port - LS., MS.

Loading tractors to ship to Vietnam.

Soviet ship "Solnechnogorsk" under loading in port.

Loading crates of goods, machines "Ambulance" on the ship to be sent to the DRV.

Soviet ship at sea - LS.

One of the new areas of Moscow - LS.

Vietnamese boys and girls enrolled in Soviet universities, along with other students go to institutions.

Vietnamese in the Classroom Institute: lectures, meet the board.

Vietnamese rice field at one of the farms are taught by Soviet specialists working with agricultural machinery.

Combine rice removes state farm field - different.

Vietnamese and Soviet lead mechanic harvester - MS., CU.

Vietnamese leading processor - MS.

The theater building is "Satire": the movement of vehicles on the street - LS.

Playbill theater "Satire" - the play "Intervention» - CU.

Spectators are in the theater.

Vietnamese are the theater, the audience greets them.

Cinema building "Coliseum» - LS. (Summer).

Poster for the movie theater, "Nguyen Van Choi" on the facade of the cinema "Colosseum» - CU.

Moscow audiences meeting with directors and the heroes of the film "Nguyen Van Choi" in theater "Colosseum" - several.


The House of Friendship in Moscow - LS.

Opening of the exhibition of Soviet photography masters dedicated labor and feats of the Vietnamese people.

DRV ambassador to the USSR Tho Nguyen Tien opens the exhibition.

Customers visiting the exhibition.

Photos of the life of the Vietnamese people.

Soviet painting by Ilya Glazunov on the life of the Vietnamese people.

Glazunov talks about the brave people of Vietnam, of the above images of the Vietnamese people.

Air raid on the U.S. aggressors DRV, explosions on Vietnamese soil - different.

Vietnamese soldiers from anti-aircraft guns were firing on U.S. aircraft.

In one of aviation training institutions train Vietnamese Soviet pilots for aerial combat - different.

Vietnam combat aircraft in the air.

Vietnamese man at the controls of combat aircraft - CU.

Flying combat missile - MS.

Falls missile downed American plane - MS.

Radar antenna - MS.

Radar screen with the image found in the air target.

The missile strikes in the air enemy plane.

Burning plane crashes - LS.

Runs taken Vietnamese prisoner, an American pilot - MS.

Vietnamese fired from rifles - MS.

A meeting of solidarity with the people of the Soviet people fighting Vietnam - LS.

The slogan "Shame American aggressors" in the hands of the protesters.

DRV is a Representative of the rally.

The demonstrators applauded - LS.

Vietnamese - CU.

Wave the flag DRV - LS.

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