Tonwoche № 523 (1941)

Newsreel №63992, 2 parts, duration: 0:15:11, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Skiing summer skiing with a special coating from the hill, skiers doing slalom, jump from a springboard.

USA. Michigan, water skiing behind a boat, a man tries to jump off a small trampoline in the water, but falls.


Locusts, swarms of locusts fly over the field.

Horse tail waves away from insects.

A farmer riding on a horse, looks around the field.

The competition among the waiters in Barcelona.

The judges at the table, the participants receive a pin and the numbers on the suits.

Running with trays in hand, on which are a bottle and glasses.

Spectators cheer participants of the running.

Some the bottle falls to the ground.

The finish, the winner in front of the camera.


The ship arrives in port.

In Lisbon is a manifestation of protest against the claims of the U.S. for the Azores.

On the street marching sailors.

Portugal reinforces its garrisons.

The President of Portugal, General Carmona comes to inspect, he passes the troops.

American citizens leave Japan.

Landing them on the boat in the Japanese port.

Demonstration on the embargo of Japan, the Japanese have banners to protest against the decision.

Sino-Japanese war.

Japanese aircraft flying in China, bombing of Chun-Qing.

On the ground flying projectiles, the views over the countryside to the river.

Workout Fusiliers in Germany.

Views of snow-capped mountains, snow are soldiers.

The soldier wears special boots to climb the rock, clinging to the cracks, up the narrow gorge, pull on the top rope.

The descent from the summit of the peak.

Launching new submarines.

Boats in the port, the sailors climb on the boat.

The return of the submarine from the voyage.

On the shore the team meets Vice Admiral Doenitz, friends and family of sailors.

A woman holds out the sailor on the boat a bouquet of flowers.

Doenitz shakes hands with the crew.

The woman brings the captain a bouquet of daisies.

Rewarding crew members.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Fighting near Odessa.

Coming German armored car, then to jump, the soldiers ran across the field, shooting on the road.

Meeting with the Hungarian part, the officers collate their actions on the map.

Artillery hits artillery shells on the town across the river.

The German offensive in Kherson.

Infantry goes on the attack.

The soldier releases the flame from the flamethrower.

The seizure of a Soviet bunker.

The battle for Kiev.

The soldiers fled in the twilight.

The ruins of the city.

Soldiers ride on the machine gun, unhooks gun fire along the street.

Soldiers firing rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers.

The street is the tram on the broken paths.

The ruins of the plant. pnrm. on abandoned vehicles, guns.

German trucks on the road.

Soldiers unload canisters of gasoline.

Soldiers marching, fleeing through the countryside, shooting at the houses.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, fleeing across the field with their hands up.

The Soviet commander raises his arms up, takes the rifle.

Hitler meets with Mussolini train.

Duce greet Ribbentrop, Keitel.

Mussolini and Hitler's generals go on the platform.

They are in the Fuehrer's headquarters from the map.

General Jodl reported on the situation on the map.

Hitler and Mussolini arrive by car to the location of headquarters of General Brujita.

Enthusiastic reception of their division soldiers.

Of Hitler and Mussolini welcomes Goering.

Mussolini and Hitler travel by plane over the area of hostilities on the Eastern front.

Mussolini looks out the window.

Arrival in the Italian division.

At the airport, welcomed the Duce's generals Kluge and Kesselring, in the retinue of Mussolini, the Italian Ambassador to Germany, Dino Alfieri.

Women give flowers Mussolini and Hitler.

They drive on the front road meet columns of cars, trucks with soldiers.

Demonstration of military power of the German troops.

Soldiers marching on a dusty road, galloping cavalry, riding armored vehicles, mechanized artillery, tanks.

The barrel of a gun looking up.

Close-up of tank tracks.

V sign - victory, victory!

Key words

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Germany, 1941, world war 2, Hitler, Mussolini, statesmen, personalities, visits, military leaders, soldiers, equipment
Germany, 1941, world war 2 soldiers, cavlary, artillery, tanks

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