Tonwoche № 530 (1941)

Newsreel №63995, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:16, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

The exhibition "the Economy of the occupied Eastern territories."

The flags flying over the territory of the exhibition.

Pavilions and stands.

The extraction of minerals.

Oil production in the Beskids mountains, the layout of the oil rig.

Girl in national costume weaving bobbin lace, the audience watching the work of masters.

The woman shows the finished lace.

In the window of pottery articles.

Food products: eggs, preserves, cheeses.

In the courtyard is a display of various equipment and machines.

A man demonstrates the drill, they drill the brickwork.

Display of the work of paver machines.

In Latvia is collecting items for soldiers on the Eastern front.

Women in national costumes piled in heaps, bags, separate things.

A large pile of beautiful mittens and gloves patterns.

The solemn transfer things from the warehouse, the local authorities, representatives of the German army in the presence of the Commissioner of Brikama.

Girl puts things a placard with the wishes of victory.

The state of San Marino not far from Rimini in Italy.

There are official celebrations on the occasion of the opening of Parliament.

A steep street in a marching squad of guardsmen stop at the guard at the Palace.

Members of Parliament are marching to the building of the meeting.

After the meeting, the Regent appears on the balcony of the Palace to the people.

People applauded, raising their arms in a Nazi salute.

At the docks of Bilbao is preparing for the descent of the stocks of the new steamer "La Coruna" on the leader of the monarchist josé Calvo Sotelo, who was killed in 1936.

Go up to the podium officials and warlords.

The priest conducts the rite of consecration of the ship.

On Board breaks a bottle of champagne.

The ship goes down the slipway and out into open water.


The construction of the pipeline diagram on the map.

Construction work, an excavator loads the ground in trucks.

In one of the areas is laying the pipe in the dug trench, welding of the seams.

Record flight in a glider over the Alps.

The pilot puts on helmet, gets in the car.

Fly gliders soar over the mountains.

The types Copenhagen, fans flock to the stadium, where a football match between teams of Denmark and Sweden.

The poster of the match.

Moments of the game.

Violent reaction of the fans in the stands.

Funny scene: several men stand on four bottles, placed under the shoes, to rise higher.

Team Denmark scored the only goal and wins the match.

Seeing the Nazi Dutch Legion in Antwerp for the struggle against Bolshevism.

The leader of the Dutch Nazi Anton Mussert makes a speech to the legionaries lined up in the square.

Girl soldiers handing out bouquets of flowers.

The Legion marched through the streets of the city, residents welcomed them, throwing flowers.

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Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The oath of the SS battalion.

Western front.

German convoy in the English channel.

The movement of transport ships under cover of aviation and fire of the shore batteries.

German submarine accompanying the convoy.

German coastal battery produces shooting.

The soldier rises to the vantage point.

The shelling of the British positions and radio stations.

In the distance you see the outline of the British coast and the city of Dover.

A huge howitzer on the platform shoots at Dover, the fire continues and at night.

The Northern section of the Eastern front.

The movement of German and Finnish troops between Ladoga and Onega lakes.

Field Marshal Mannerheim in combat positions.

A German tank moves forward, it jumps Finnish soldiers are fleeing the attack.

The firing of anti-aircraft guns, soldiers running with guns.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

The fires in the village.

Military actions near Leningrad.

Spanish generals muñoz Grande and Lauf discuss the military situation.

The soldiers of "Blue division" at a halt, they sit near the hut around the campfire, cook soup in the pot, fry the bread in the fire.

One of the soldiers hands out cigarettes comrades.

The southern sector of the front.

Traffic backup Italian, Slovak, Hungarian and German divisions to the sea of Azov.

The transport goes off-road, trucks, wheels on rough pavement, go carts on horseback.

Stopover, a view of the carts in the field, soldiers are holidaymakers-cyclists.

Cooks in a field kitchen.

The soldiers organize the Laundry, hang the Laundry.

Distribution of dry rations.

The commander of the armored vehicles coming out of the dugout, they present a huge loaf of bread.

Panzer army Kleist moving to Melitopol, tanks driving over dirt roads, puddles.

Tanks, camouflaged with hay, on the source positions.

German bombers bombed the Soviet positions.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Burning town.

Tanks driving on the streets of Melitopol, soldiers moving through burning streets among the ruins.

Residents are watching the movement of troops.

The invasion of the Germans in Mariupol.

The SS passing through the city by the building of the Elevator.

Artillery bombardment of the island fortress in the Black sea.

The crossing of the Strait on landing boats, the landing ashore.

German soldiers inspect a captured fortress casemates.

The Central section of the front.

The movement of German motorized units, tanks and infantry in the forest area, river access.

Crossing the river on inflatable boats under the fire of artillery.

German soldiers at captured Soviet positions, from the trenches pull the Soviet soldiers, sent to the Assembly point.

The fight continues tonight.

The continuation of the battle the next day.

German "Stuka bombers" bombed the Soviet positions.

German soldiers waving a greeting to them from earth.

A view of the city of Vyazma monastery, the German soldiers go over the bridge, toward him across individual residents.

Army moves on to Kalinin and Kaluga.

On the road going equipment, soldiers are on the road.

On the field of German artillery fires are broken Soviet tanks.

The dead horses and Soviet soldiers on the battlefield, is carried out by prisoners.

A column of prisoners on the way.

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