Tonwoche № 553 (1942)

Newsreel №64004, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:05, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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On the square in front of the city theatre in Pressburg, held a rally dedicated to the anniversary of the liberation from Bolshevism.

The President Dr.


The parade to the podium with the President.

Marching infantry, cavalry rides, mechanized artillery, vehicles with spotlights.

The building of the Belarusian people's house.

The square housed a horse and carriage.

In the hall there is a meeting.

He speaks about the agrarian reform.

People leave, smiling.

At the rally, people read the text of the program.

On the podium of a German officer, and farmer presentations.

A view of the Cathedral, where was held a prayer service in honor of this event.

On the porch the officer acts.

Women hold icons in their hands, crying.

Priest stands.

The occupied region of Russia.

View of the snow ruined the Pskov Kremlin, which the Bolsheviks used not for religious purposes.

A small house with the words "buffet".

Near the Cathedral are the beggars, begging.

People give them.

Monastery ruins, a road on which the car traveling, go people.

Everyday life in Pskov, a man is across the street, a horse, a woman with a bag, people stand in line to the Newsstand with a sign "German print".

The local market in the square which came on carts farmers sell their agricultural products.

The counter to women selling milk.

Tent with sign: "the haberdashery Stall and the flower".

People trade the market, a woman with a birch broom under his arm, considering something from men in the basket.

Shelves with baskets, jars, earthenware pot.

People in shopping malls.

Boys driven in the snow a girl on a makeshift sled.

A woman with a yoke gathers water from the pipe.

The boy binds a single ridge on the boots and rolling on the road behind him, the man on the scooter.

Ice drift on the river Daugava near Riga.

On the river floating ice.

The types of Riga from the river.

Water with ice floes floating the ship, overlooking the bridge.

Soldiers and residents are watching ice soldiers photographed.

In Valencia there is a restoration industry.

On the territory of the plant harvested two tubes nearby.

Work welding machine sawed the pipe stand, it falls and drags the second.

Workers observe this process.


Sports bowling.

Athletes in different lanes knock down pins, balls returned to them on a mechanical track.

Latvia (?) Women are involved in water sports.

Diving in the pool.

A row of girls sitting on the curb, turns back and fall into the water, like a fan.

Underwater photography sailing girls, girls perform motion in a circle.

In Berlin in the hall of the Olympic stadium hosted a concert of the army orchestra.

Performed popular tunes, the audience pritoptyvaya in tact.

The soldiers in the audience.

The famous French actor albert prejean, Daniel Garrie and Viviane Romance go from Paris to Berlin by train.

In Germany they were met with flowers.

Actors on tour in the city, taking pictures of landmarks.

Then they visit the Studio during filming, communicating with German colleagues.

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Reel №2

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Production processes at the factory incandescent bulbs "OSRAM".

Manufacturer of bulbs on automated lines, individual operations.

In the shop are women.

Products "OSRAM" is exported.

The view from the Windows of the warehouses on the vans with the name "OSRAM" on the sides.

Hitler met at the station the train arrived from Bulgaria king Boris III shaking hands with him.

In the entourage of the führer's foreign Minister Ribbentrop and field Marshal Keitel.

Everybody is going to bet.

The king accepts Goering, leads him to his estate Karinhall.

King Boris signs the book of honorable guests.

The fighting near Leningrad.

German engineers build the railway bridge blown up in return.

We attracted local residents.

Welding of structures.

A few weeks built a new bridge, view of the finished bridge.

Undermining the remnants of the old bridge.

German troops and convoys moving in severe cold conditions, on the road blowing snow swirls.

Soldiers are wrapped in blankets.

Snow-covered village, the locals are passing German convoys.

Clearing roads of snow.

The German heavy guns ready to fight, carry ammunition, shoot.

See the suburbs of Leningrad at the river.

The explosions in the city.

The position of the gunners, soldiers carry shells, wrapped in matting, shot gun.

Away visible Church.

Guns beat in Leningrad.

Soldiers in camouflage looking through binoculars.

The appearance of Soviet tanks, German artillery reflect the tank attack.

Burning of wrecked Soviet tank.

German soldiers at the destroyed tank.

Soviet tankers surrendering.

German tanks occupy new positions.

Military actions in France at Saint-Nazaire.

The night show the court the burning of the American airborne troops.

German anti-aircraft guns fired at the town, go street fighting.

Soldiers with rifles on the waterfront looking up at the sky, the sailor shows the sky soldiers.

Soldiers make their way through the ruins of the city.

On the streets lie the bodies of dead British and American soldiers.

Down the street are prisoners.

Captured British paratroopers caught from the water, German soldiers interrogating them.

Derive from the house of prisoners and the wounded.

A column of prisoners passing by German soldiers.

The prisoners put in a truck.

View of the ruined and waterlogged English boat, the remains of a burning ship.

Key words

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Western front, France, 1942, world war 2, Navy, Marines, ruins, killed, captured

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