Tonwoche № 665-1 (1944)

Newsreel №64047, 1 part, duration: 0:11:19, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A solemn day of Hitler's youth in Flanders.

Parade at the walls of the old knight's castle.

trumpeters played in period costume on the wall of the castle.

Marching troops youth with Nazi flags.

The troops lined up in the courtyard, the flag rise.

Close-up of the coat of arms with a lion on a wall.

Starting ceremony of the new banners, which are awarded orders volunteers-veterans.

Building Paris Theatre "Gaumont Palace".

In front of the passers, passing cyclists.

In the hall hang anti-communist slogans.

The meeting serves the son of the British Minister of State for India John Amery, he speaks of the Anglo-American air terror in France.

Soldiers of the German division "Feldgerngalle" a guest of the German submariners.

Soldiers jump on the boat.

Sailor wheel gives the visitor.

In the cockpit drinking tea, chatting soldiers and sailors.

The boat approaches the dock.

Naval officer leads the story to the soldiers.

German military factory.

Tour troops shock troops in the factory, they are in the hot shop, a large press.

Working in the shop for lunch.

Soldiers visiting the shop, talk with the workers.

Soldier treats workers cigarettes.

The minister of armaments Albert Speer at a military factory stands in front of the workers, taking place in the crowd.

Fighting in the area of ​​Monte Cassino.

Reflection of the Anglo-American attack.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft battery, German minomёtchiki.

Fragments of the battle, the soldiers in the attack, they throw grenades, shoot rifles, machine guns.

Prisoners of Americans are on the road.

The ruins of Cassino.

German soldiers among the ruins, they prepare for the defense.

American planes in the air, they bomb Cassino.

German soldiers in hiding among the caves.

Shoot the German anti-aircraft gun, it falls downed American plane.

Bombardment of the castle ruins, the captured Americans.

German soldiers in the shelter.

Fragments fights.

The Nazi flag over the wall at the gun.

Karpaty, district Iasi-Chisinau.

German and Hungarian soldiers built fortifications, digging the ground, install barbed wire.

Soldiers on vacation.

Amphibious vehicle down to the water, floating on the river.

Several cars-amphibians floating on the river, swim to the shore, continue the way by land.

German and Hungarian units go to the front.

Fragments of a battle with Soviet troops.

Infantry goes behind the tanks.

Captured Bessarabian village, the Germans among the ruins of the village.

Stick out burnt chimneys.

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