Tonwoche № 670 (1944)

Newsreel №64052, 1 part, duration: 0:12:10, black-white
Production: UFA

Reel №1

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June 21, 1941.

The clock shows 5:30 am.

The announcer said that Germany was forced to begin the fight against the Bolsheviks.

Berlin, Wilhelm-Platz, Reich Chancellery.

Goebbels enters the room.

The radio broadcast a speech about the beginning of military operations against the Soviet Union.

The press conference for foreign journalists, the statement Ribbentrop.


The German troops, artillery battery in the forest.

In European countries it begins voluntary recruitment into the army against Bolshevism.

Estonian SS Battalion marches before the commander.

Close up of a patch on the sleeve, "Estland".

Story of Estonian volunteers in the square in Tallinn.

Ukrainian volunteers, SS badges.

Slogan. "For Ukraine, for freedom, for honor, for glory»

On the street in Lviv Ukrainian squad marches.

The soldier with the banner.

Officers bypass operation.


Marching soldiers.

The soldier with awards on his chest.

Volunteer of the French march through the area.

"Wallonia" Patch Belgian battalion.

The detachment marching down the street.

France, on the street marching unit in black uniforms with flowers in their hands.

Officers bypass operation.

The soldiers on the parade ground at the barracks.

Bypass system.

Conducted at the station.

A poster with the face of a German soldier.

Soldiers marching on the field.

Rewarding soldiers.

Meeting officers over the map on the ground.

Shoots gunner.

Shooting from guns, cannons.

Explosions and fires.


channel map.

At the invasion front.

Combat activities of German aviation.

At the airport the planes preparing for flight.

One of the German night fighters shot down 100 enemy machines.

Close-up of a pilot, he smiles.

Take off aircraft guns on the background.

Traces in the sky.

Anti-aircraft battery in a battle with British and American planes.

Tracer bullets.

The plane falls to the ground, its fragments.

Pilots take captive searched.

The announcer says that "the liberators of France" without regret turned everything to ashes and ruins.

Frustrated city conflagration.

The return of refugees.

Tens of thousands of French civilians were killed.

People cry.

Images from the city of Le Havre.

On the stretcher the wounded and dead.

Refugees leave the city after the bombing, sit in the trucks, loaded the injured in the machine.

receives a message stating that the southern area of ​​England and the City of London during the night and the morning were bombarded by a new type of explosive projectiles of the heaviest caliber.

Story officers.

Lieutenant-General Meindl, commander of one of the corps of paratroopers (in the suit) is talking to a knight of the Order of the Iron Cross Knight's degree Major Ondergayste.

Meindl leaves by car, the officers escorted him.

Head of Intelligence Detachment says his group combat mission in the street near the house.

A pointer to the town of Saint-Loup, are the German tanks.

After a heavy battle the Anglo-American tanks, which temporarily managed to move forward nearly 10 km have been driven back to their original positions.

They're coming soldiers with guns.

The fighting on rough terrain have a special character.

Soldier with faustpatronom talking, smiling, digging in the road.

Signaller with radio.

German paratroopers moving forward, armed with the means to fight.

SS soldiers, paratroopers lay in the depths of a dense forest.

Grenadier SS division in readiness to attack.

Officers from the map.

The soldiers are wounded.

German soldiers are waiting for the signal.

Heavy tanks are ahead, behind them soldiers.

Shoot mortars.

The soldiers squatted beside the road, fleeing the attack.

Explosions in the forest.

It is broken and burning tanks in the area of ​​Saint-Loup-type "Sherman".

PNRM. on broken American tanks, anti-tank guns, dead bodies of soldiers lie.

Main road to Saint-Loup, riding cars.

On the side are burning cars, tanks, war trophies.

Along the way are the prisoners, sitting in the camp.

The German bombers were preparing to attack.

Meeting at the headquarters.

They drive up to the aircraft missiles.

In addition to the bombers, heavy artillery crews involved speedboats.

Pilots preparing for the night flight.

Cannons fire at night.

Burning of the enemy transport ship.

With the boat sent a torpedo.

Burning ship.

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