Days of the Rumanian Culture. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Voroncov A.

Operators: Monglovskaya G., Khavchin A.

Anouncers: Khelemskaya G.

Text writers: Leonidov L.


The demonstration of the graphic art of Rumania, concerts held in Moscow on the occasion of the 23rd Anniversary of the Socialist Republic of Rumania.

Historical background

In August 1967 in Moscow, the Romanian Cultural Days took place on the 23rd anniversary of the liberation of Romania from the fascist yoke.

Temporary description

Presentation of the Romanian ensemble during passage in Moscow on the Day of the Romanian culture. Exhibition Masters photo essay "Romania today." Visitors to the exhibition. The achievements of Romania in the development of national economy. Work in the shops of enterprises, the construction of power plant, harvesting the fields, construction of residential houses. Meeting of Romanian filmmakers and audience in Moscow. Among those present director of the film studio "Bucharest" D. Fernachi, film actors I. Petrescu, S. Popescu, A. Pel. Visit Romanian artists of the plant, the Lenin Mausoleum, Armory. Gorky Street. Decade Book of the Socialist Republic of Romania in the bookstore "Friendship". Hall store. Buyers. Exhibition of Fine Arts. Works by contemporary artists of Romania at the exhibition.

Reel №1

Ensemble "Romanian Rhapsody" performs "Mountain Dance" (synchronous).

At the opening ceremony of the Days of Romanian culture and other Soviet artists Soviet cultural welcome Romanian guests, present them with flowers.

Photo exhibition "Romania today" at the House of Journalists, the visitors visiting the exhibition.

Pictures that reflect the success of socialist Romania in the development of the economy, science, culture - MS., CU.

Meeting of Romanian filmmakers with the Moscow audience in the cinema "Drummer", where a festival of Romanian films.

Director General of the studio "Bucharest" Dmitry Fernachi, artists movie Irina Petrescu, Stela Popescu, A. Pel from the scene of cheering onlookers - CU.

The audience applauded - LS.

A group of Romanian artists at the Moscow plant "Ball", the workers greet guests.

Romanian ensemble soloist sings for workers (synchronously).

Guests are presented with flowers.

Red Square - LS., Summer.

Lenin's Mausoleum - MS.

Turn passes to the mausoleum, the Romanian artists are held in the mausoleum.

Warrior guard at the mausoleum - MS.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin Wall - MS.

The eternal flame at the tomb - CU.

Romanian guests at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier - MS., LS.

Romanian culture and art acquainted with monuments of the Kremlin, visiting the exhibits of the Armory.

Bookstore "Friendship" on Gorky Street - MS.

Storefront "Friendship."

Decade Books of the Socialist Republic of Romania in the shop "Friendship" - buyers choose books, talking with a girl.

Chairman of the Writers' Union of Romania Zechariah Stancu talks with buyers of books.

Romanian books on the shelves of Moscow store - MS.

Art exhibition hall Romania visitors visiting the exhibition.

Paintings of prominent contemporary artists Romania Ionescu and others on the show.

Artist Ionescu among visitors - MS.vystuplenie ensemble "Romanian Rhapsody" in the Moscow Operetta Theater: Romanian folk dance performed (synchronous), Russian Dance (synchronously).

The audience applauded.

Artists of the ensemble on stage after the performance.