Hearts are Open for Friends. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Zhukovskaya I.


By order of the Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. The film is dedicated to the various forms of international relations of the Soviet Union.

Temporary description

The arrival of foreign guests in the Soviet Union: the guests descend on the ramp, passing in buses, in taxis, on the machines. Hotel "Russia". Guests at the registration, included in the elevator to the rooms. Sleeping room hotel. Restaurant. Service Bureau. Tour Desk. Avenues. Moscow (top view). Manege Square, Red Square, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Palace of Congresses, the Assumption Cathedral. Sightseers on the observation platform. The building of Moscow State University. Hungarian Janos Tar student at the Ph.D. defense at the dacha outside Moscow to play ping-pong, for dinner. Foreign students near the University of Friendship of Peoples. Youth Camp Friendship in Petrozavodsk. Students played volleyball, swimming, listening to a Finnish singer. Pioneer Camp "Artek". Pioneers on the beach of Sochi. Square Hotel. Lake in the mountains. Barbecue outdoors. Advertising cities of the Soviet Union (multrabota). Leningrad. Neva with drawbridges. Summer Garden. Fountains of Petrodvorets. Read the foreign cameramen. Guests on the island of Kizhi. Protection of the Virgin and the Church of the Transfiguration in Kizhi. Vilnius. Castle Gedeminasa. Musician R. Guchas performs bell symphony. The streets of Vilnius. The city of Rostov. Rostov Kremlin. Vologda lace weave lace. Palekh boxes. Moscow. Construction of houses for foreign professionals. Soviet master probation young Afghan builders. Aviation festival. Planes, helicopters on display. The aircraft performed aerobatics. Exhibition "Intergormash-67. The conclusion of trade deals at the exhibition. International Exhibition "Clothing". Fashion at the reception with a demonstration of a unique collection of historical costumes and evening gowns, organized by the Italian company. Foreign guests shared their impressions on the visit to the USSR (synchronously).

Reel №1

At Sheremetyevo airport is landing plane Indian Airlines - PNRM., MS.

Train approaches the station - MS.

Militiaman checks documents driver.

It takes a combination with foreign tourists on the roads of the USSR.

At the Leningrad railway station in Moscow greeters greet tourists arriving on the "Friendship Train" from Czechoslovakia.

Out of the plane foreign visitors arrived in the Soviet Union.

Foreign visitors in buses passing through the streets of Moscow.

Drive through the streets of Moscow French tourists in cars model 1900.

Policeman-regulator smiling French tourists.

Muscovites welcome French tourists.

Cars pass along the quay to the hotel "Russia» - LS.

Hotel «Russia» - MS.

PNRM. with the hotel "Russia" in the car tourists.

Foreign guests are in the hotel.

Registration of guests at the hotel.

Foreign tourists visiting assigned them a room at the hotel "Russia", hall, bedroom, dining room.

A man and a woman, Indians, walking down the stairs in the hotel.

Go through the hall African restaurant guests (male and female).

Foreign visitors to the service bureau, the tour desk.

Tourist brochures - CU.

View of Red Square with Gorky Street in Historic - LS.

Red Square - LS.

PNRM. from the cathedral to the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - LS.

Tsar Cannon - MS.

Tsar Bell - MS.

Tourists visiting cathedrals in the Kremlin.

Moscow from Lenin Hills - LS. PNRM.

Foreign visitors to the observation deck on the Lenin Hills - MS., LS. (Autumn).

MSU in the Lenin Hills - MS.

Monument in front of the Lomonosov Moscow State University - MS.

Foreign youth at MSU.

PNRM. the building - LS.

At the Institute of Steel and Alloys, defended his thesis graduate student from Hungary Janos Tar (synchronously).

Teachers and fellow congratulate Janos Tara successfully defended his dissertation.

Dacha outside Moscow - PNRM. (Summer).

János Tar at Moscow dacha his Moscow friends playing badminton.

Dinner at the cottage.

János Tar and his Soviet friends at the table toasting with champagne - MS., CU.

Foreign students of Africans and Europeans in front of People's Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba - MS., CU.

Camp Friendship Soviet and Finnish youth in Petrozavodsk - PNRM., LS.

The flag of the camp - CU.

Campers play volleyball.

Girls and boys are changing addresses - CU., MS.

Campers Finnish singer sings a song on the lake, a young man (Finn) on guitar (synchronously).

Girls and boys are listening - MS., CU.

Russian young man plays guitar and sings in a group of young people (synchronously).

Autumn Landscape Karelia - LS. PNRM.

The waves beat against the Black Sea coastal rocks - MS., LS.

International summer camp "Artek" on the Black Sea in Crimea - LS., MS.

Pioneers on the beach - MS.

Tan boy - CU.

Pioneers of different nationalities pantomime.

Girls say goodbye when leaving the camp home.

According to the resort open road passing buses with tourists.

The beach on the Black Sea coast, vacationers on the beach - LS.

The modern building of the hotel "Magnolia" by the Black Sea in Sochi - MS., PNRM., LS.

Poppy on the mountain rock - MS.

Lake Riza - LS.

Restaurant "mountain village" in Sochi.

Waiter in clothing highlander gives guests dishes of Caucasian cuisine.

Tourists at the table.

Brochures depicting various cities of the Soviet Union: Rostov, Tallinn, Leningrad, etc.

Reel №2

White nights in Leningrad: Monument to Peter I, raising bridges, iron fence of the Summer Garden, arch, a walking couple fisherman with a fishing rod in the bridges, a young man with a guitar walking along the Neva, past the cruiser "Aurora" boat floats "Rocket."

West German filmmakers in Leningrad making a movie about the white nights, the city on the Neva.

Fountains of Peterhof - LS., MS.

Fountains "Samson," "Gladiator," "Grand Cascade" and others.

On the bank of the pond Mariinsky Ballet dancers perform a scene from "Swan Lake."

Read the cameramen - CU.

People on the Embankment in Leningrad - LS., MS.

Bus passes on a city street.

Tourists at the Mint - MS.

Admiralty Building - PNRM., LS.

Monuments of ancient Russian architecture on the island of Kizhi - wooden churches, built a windmill - MS., CU.

General view of the Kizhi island with ancient monuments.

Vilnius Gediminas Castle - MS.

Castle tower - MS.

Musician Rimantas Rugas passes the tower, rises to the bell tower and play the bells.

They ring the bell in the tower of Gediminas (voiced) - MS., CU.

People on the streets of the city in the evening (the city heard the bells) - Various.

The streets of Vilnius - LS.

General view of the city.

The narrow old street - MS.

Bell tower in Rostov Veliky - MS., LS.

Vologda lace tat - CU., MS.

Woman's hands weave lace bobbins - CU.

Vologda lace products masters - CU.

Handmade ceramics masters of Vologda - MS., CU.

Palekh boxes - CU.

Funny dolls and toys, wooden dolls - MS., CU.

New residential quarter in Moscow - LS.

Construction of residential buildings - PNRM., LS.

Foreign experts on manufacturing practices for new buildings in Moscow.

Afghan construction workers receive training in the factory of reinforced concrete structures - MS., CU.

PNRM. the shop of the plant during working hours: on the line finished parts of a house.

Soviet specialists help in Afghan builders.

Aircraft at the airport on the day of air show - LS.

French pilots of Air Regiment "Normandie-Niemen" who fought in the war with Soviet pilots at the Moscow airport for the air show.

Performing aerobatics.

Foreigners are watching the flight of the aircraft - MS., CU.

Streets and buildings in Moscow in the days of international meetings (decorated with flags of countries).

International Exhibition of new mining equipment "Intergormash-67" in Moscow - LS., MS.

Foreigners visiting the car on stands, submitted by different countries.

Representatives from various countries at the "Intergormash-67" to conclude trade deals.

The participants of the International Exhibition "clothing" in Moscow: fashion, fashion models are at the mall in a Moscow park, sit in the bus.

Reception hosted by the Italian companies participating in the exhibition "clothing", in «Soviet» - CU., LS.

Show specially prepared for the festival events in Moscow a unique collection of historical costumes and evening wear at a reception hosted by the Italians.

Foreigners: Italian, French, German, American, Hungarian Janos Tar, Finnish singer - say about the hospitality of the Soviet people (synchronously).

Foreign tourists on the observation deck on the Lenin Hills, PNRM. at Luzhniki and surroundings - LS.

Monument to Peter I in Leningrad.

One of the streets of Vilnius - LS.

Kizhi - LS.

Youth camp near Petrozavodsk - LS.

Moscow Kremlin - LS.