We Are Trade Union Members.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Sofronov V.

Script writers: Kozlov A.

Operators: Golubov G., Zemcov G., Lebedev O.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


On the activities of the Soviet trade unions.

Temporary description

Staying members of the Norwegian delegation of trade union "Northern Rock" in the USSR: An Exploration of the Norwegian guests with Moscow, travel to Sochi, a visit to the sanatorium "Arctic". Vacationers sanatorium play badminton, ping-pong on the playground, sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea. Norwegian guests talk with the miners, resting in a sanatorium. Types of the Yenisey River, the port of Dudinka, ship, floating in a river. Types of Norilsk: streets, traffic, pedestrians on the streets. Miners of coal mine "Western" working in the mine, cut the coal. General view of the mines, "Bear creek" and "Lighthouse". Production processes for copper and nickel refineries. Building sanatorium nickel plant. Factory workers accept the procedures, dinner in the dining room, relax in the reading room. Types of Tashkent. Construction of new residential and administrative buildings. Streets and squares of the city.

Reel №1

Norwegian miners, union members "Northern rock" Frank Conrads and Carl Larsen in Moscow, on the guest Mausoleum during the May Day parade of troops and workers' demonstrations - CU.

On Red Square are columns of troops - LS.

Passing missiles.

Athletes parade on Red Square.

It takes a column of demonstrators carried portraits VI Lenin, slogans, posters, banners, flags, flowers.

Anti-war slogans in the hands of protesters, "abolishment of nuclear weapons", "No to War in Vietnam", etc. - MS., LS.

International visitors to the guest platform greet demonstrators.

On the mausoleum of VI Lenin: AI Mikoyan, NM Shvernik, General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions Louis Saillant.

Guests from Norway: printer Johannes miner Larsen share their impressions about the celebration of May 1 in Moscow (synchronously).

Sochi resort - LS. (Removed from the movement).

The resort hotel on the Black Sea in Sochi.

Blooming roses - MS., PNRM.

"Friendship Tree" in Sochi - MS.

Signs on the tree of friendship.

Norwegian guest Larsen instills a branch of the tree of friendship.

A sign of the sanatorium "Arctic" Taimyr district committee of trade unions.

Employees of enterprises of Siberia and the Far North on vacation in the sanatorium "Arctic."

Of employees in the northern parts of the country have a rest, have fun.

Of the spa building faces family who came to rest from Yakutia.

Girl goes to school at the nursing home.

Family miner Anatolia Ryzhikov from Norilsk to rest in the sanatorium "Arctic."

Holidaymakers on the bus go on a trip to the coast.

Sochi highway passes by bus.

Sports and playgrounds resort - LS., MS.

Vacationers on platforms play badminton, ping-pong - LS., MS.

A boy playing ping-pong with adults.

Norwegian guests on the balcony of the spa building.

Beach: vacationers sunbathing, playing ball, chess.

A woman with a baby bathe.

Vacationers water-ski.

Speed-boats at sea - PNRM., LS.

Miners England, Sweden, Norway, on a walk through the territory of the sanatorium "Arctic."

A meeting of miners in England, Sweden, Norway and the Soviet Union in the sanatorium "Arctic."

Miner sinker from Norilsk Chekaldin Michael tells visitors about the working conditions of the Soviet miners (synchronously).

Norwegian Larsen says (synchronously in Norwegian).

M. Chekaldin welcomes foreign miners to visit in Norilsk (synchronously).

M. Chekaldin and guests raise their glasses of wine.

Hydrofoil "Meteor" races across the Yenisei - LS., PNRM.

Barge on the Yenisei - LS.

Buoy on the river - LS.

Passenger ship sailing along the Yenisei - LS.

Captain on the bridge of the ship - MS.

Sunset over the Yenisei - LS.

Polar Dudinka - LS., MS.

Driver of a gantry crane at work - LS., Hitting, CU.

Crane takes a truck.

Basil Tsaplin crane operator at work on tap - MS.

Dudinka, shot from the cockpit of gantry crane - LS., PNRM.

Public safety inspectors Tsaplin bypasses land port, checks the technical condition of valves, requires the chief port and the chief engineer of deficiencies in the work.

Are in disarray cargo containers - PNRM.

Crane loads the vessel's hold.

Yenisei River - PNRM., LS.

Reel №2

Norilsk street, people on the street - LS., MS. (Spring)

A woman with a baby carriage in the street.

It takes a man carries a bag of fruit and vegetables.

Young men go with backpacks.

Fashionably dressed girls of passers - MS.

Along the street are miner sinker Chekaldin Michael and his wife.

Winter landscape of the tundra - PNRM., LS.

In the coal mine, "West" is part of vans with the miners, who took on another change - MS.

Michael Chekaldin other miners in the mine at work - MS., CU.

It takes part of trolleys with coal in the shaft.

Tundra in winter - LS.

The explosion in the tundra on the spot ore deposits - PNRM.,

Open pit mine "Bear creek» - LS., MS., PNRM.

Excavators working in the quarries of the mine, the ore loaded on the machine.

Structural engineering of the mine "Lighthouse" Talnakh deposit.

Copper smelter Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine - LS. (Winter).

Copper smelting.

Founder member of the CPSU Central Committee Alexander Sheremetov at work at the copper-smelting furnace.

Pouring red-hot copper - MS.

Nickel Plant Mining and Metallurgical Combine - LS. (Winter).

The smelters at work at the smelter.

Refilling nickel smelter - MS.

Smelter operator Anna Novikova at work at the console - MS.

Board control panel with control devices.

Novikov - the chairman of the shop committee of trade unions and trade union committee member steelmakers in the office talking to the workers, offering trips to dispensary (sinhronno.).

The building of the factory dispensary - LS. (Winter).

After working a shift coming to a dispensary.

Bedroom for guests (without people) - LS.

In the office of a doctor measures the blood pressure resting - CU.

Vacationers in physiotherapy room taking procedure.

Sliced ​​watermelon on a plate - CU.

Vacationers in the dining room at dinner dispensary; plate with a piece of watermelon on the table.

Resting at the library chooses dispensary book.

Vacationers in the reading room - LS.

Taimyr district committee meeting of trade unions.

Committee Chairman George Yurchenko said of the Regional Committee of Trade Unions (synchronously).

Landscaped streets Norilsk (summer).

The building of a swimming pool - LS.

Children bathe in private children's pool.

Boys and girls are engaged in the ballet studio - rehearsal at the bench - LS.

Norilsk - LS. with a / t (fall).

People on the streets - CU.

Michael Miner Chekaldin at home with his family.

Crumbling house in Tashkent, affected by the earthquake - LS., PNRM.

Face of the old Uzbek - CU.

Residents of Tashkent and the people who came to the aid of the city, rubble, building new homes - LS., MS.

Panorama on the walls of houses under construction, the inscriptions on the walls: "Siberia - Tashkent", "Moscow - Tashkent» - MS.

Workers all over the country working on the construction in Tashkent - MS.

Construction of a new residential area in Tashkent - PNRM., LS. with a / t

People on the streets of Tashkent - LS.

Passers-by in the alley of the park.

Girl on the street buying flowers.

Kindergarten building in Tashkent - LS.

Palace of Culture - LS.

Sports hall (interior view) - LS.


Moscow - Trade unionists from different countries take place in the Palace of Culture of the plant.

Likhachev - MS.

The meeting of representatives of trade unions from different countries.

Welcoming remarks, Chairperson of the All VV Grishin.

Vice-President of the World Federation of Trade Unions Louis Saillant, Benoit Frachon, and other leaders of the international workers' movement in the stand.

General view of the hall of the Palace of Culture of the plant.

Likhachev, during a meeting of trade unionists from different countries.