On the South American Arenas.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Gutman I.

Operators: Gutman I., Usanov V.

Composers: Flyarkovskiy A.

Anouncers: Khmara L., Arkanov A.

Text writers: Arkanov A.


On the concert tour of the Soviet Circus around Latin-American countries.

Historical background

History: the summer of 1966, a group of artists of the Soviet circus performed on tours in South America.

Temporary description

The film tells about the tour of the Soviet circus artists in South America: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela. Argentina. City of Buenos Aires. Streets. The residential quarter of the city. Posters cinemas. Showcase art gallery. Artist Benito Kinkala Martin talks with visitors. Paintings of the artist. River Plate. Soviet artists on the boat. Gymnasium "Luna Park". Auditorium. Performed room with a wheel. In the arena of clowns Makovsky and Rothman. The audience laughed, applauded. Performers are jugglers, tight-rope walkers. Room with bears V. Filatov. L. Torres, C. Aznavour among the participants of the submission. C. Aznavour give the bear an emblem of a circus. Area of Santiago. Artists of the Soviet circus on the street. Street vendor, the people on the streets. American circus tent. Performers are tight-rope walkers, clowns. In. Filatov among artists of the American circus. Rio de Janeiro. Cars on the street. Monastery. Beach. Copacabana. Skyscrapers in Sao Paulo. Statement by the Soviet circus performers in the hospital - a boarding school for children. Filatov with the bears. University of Sao Paulo. Speech by Soviet artists at an improvised manege. Performers are acrobats, performed a dance with a Russian matryoshka doll, stand clowns Makovsky and Rothman, tight-rope walkers. Speech circus artists in the gym "Ibirapuera": group Venedikt Belyakov, S. Black (number of coils), Makowski and Rothman, E. terrible (plastic etude), rope-Magomedov, Filatov with the bears.

Reel №1

Animation: Map of South America.

The streets of Buenos Aires - LS. (With us, with a / t).

Livery cabs on the street - MS.

PNRM. buildings, on the street.

Residential quarter - LS.

Along the street are buses - MS.

Living on the streets - LS., MS.

Poster of the Soviet film "Father of a Soldier» - MS.

The facade of the theater - LS.

Art Exhibition - PNRM.

Artist Benito Martin Kinkel with visitors at the exhibition - MS.

The artworks - MS.

Hall School of the Museum of Art, the artist has built with his own money for teaching gifted children: sculptures in the hall, Benito Kinkel Martin talks to visitors, including the Soviet artists - LS., MS.

Port - LS., PNRM.

The artists of the Soviet circus on a boat on the river La Plata - LS., MS.

River La Plata - LS.

Building "Luna Park» - LS., PNRM.

Spectators come to represent the Soviet circus in "Luna Park» - LS., MS.

Performed room - LS., MS.

In the arena of clowns Makovsky and Rothman.

Is a woman-juggler.

Playing with equilibrists Perche.

The arena trainer Valentin Filatov with bears.

Filatov - MS.

The audience applauded at the circus, laugh - LS., MS.

A nun in the audience - CU.

Parade of the performers at the end of presentation - MS., LS.

Soviet artists presented with flowers - MS.

The audience thanked the artists - LS.

Among the parties to provide the Argentine actress Lolita Torres with children - LS., MS.

The famous French actor and singer Charles Aznavour among Soviet artists backstage, shakes paw bear cub Max - MS., LS.

Charles Aznavour give emblem Bear Circus - MS.

Reel №2

Santiago residents go to the circus in the Soviet view room "Kaupolikan» - LS.

The area of ​​the city (with a / t).

Street - LS.

Living on the streets - MS., LS.

Pitchman - LS.

Soviet circus artists in the street talking to the Chilean art school students, sharing with them autographed - LS., MS.

Street and the facade of the American circus premises.

American circus artists and bands: trapeze artist under the dome, the cyclist-balancer on a rope, clowns.

Backstage talking Soviet and American artists, give American colleagues flowers - MS.

Filatov talks with the artists - MS.

Bus driver in the cab driving - CU.

Highway (with traffic) - LS.

Is a herd of cows - LS., PNRM.

Soviet circus artists in the bus - MS.

Rio de Janeiro (among mountains and bays) - LS., PNRM. (With a / t).

Observation deck - LS.

Tourists pass - LS.

Cost Filatov - MS.

Passing cars on the streets - LS.


Holidaymakers on the beach - MS., LS.

Coast - LS.

The city of Sao Paulo - Brazil's industrial business capital - LS. (Top).

Skyscrapers - LS.

The streets of the city - LS.

The people on the streets.

The Category of the Soviet circus in the hospital, a boarding school for children who have had polio (Clowns and Filatov with trained bears).

Children laugh and applaud - MS., CU.

Bears put on a bus, a bear's head in the bus - MS.

Bears and artists in the bus - MS.

PNRM. the building of the University on the outskirts of Sao Paulo - LS.

University students in the balconies, in the windows of the building, applaud - LS., MS.

Presentation of the Soviet circus in the open area in front of the university: Russian dance performed.

Playing acrobats on swings, acrobats power Canario and Lavigne, clowns Makovsky and Rothman, skaters Fomin.

Parade of all the participants view.

Road signs directing to the place of performance of the Soviet circus - MS., PNRM.

Circus Poster - MS.

Crowds before the submission of the sports hall "Ibirapuera» - LS., MS.

Vendor performance programs - MS.

Viewers buy and read the program - MS.

Reel №3

Presentation of the Soviet circus: Benedict's group Belyakov - acrobats on the Russian swing.

Acts Stanislav Black - balancer.

Clowns in the arena Makovsky and Rothman.

Plastic etude played Eugenia scary.

Playing ropewalkers Magomedov.

Speech Filatov with trained bears: the arena leaves trio of bears, bear down the two staircases, bears on the scooter, a bear box.

Spectators watch, applaud and laugh - different.

Interview with the audience after the performance: teacher sisters say Dos Santos, police Zhimanays Alvaro de Santos, the wife of the deputy of the Federal Parliament House of Signor Silva, architect Harold Leon (synchronous) - MS.

Photos of spectators in the circus during the speeches of Soviet artists - CU.