They Became Soldiers.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Eshurin V.

Script writers: Braslavskiy L.

Operators: Panov I.

Anouncers: Zadachin A.


About preparations of Soviet young people for service in the Sovier Army.

Temporary description

Sights of the city Zaporozhye: city streets, vehicular traffic. Young trained youth of premilitary age: play sports, engage in class technology DOSAAF, in the class of radio engineering. Lease provisions icon rsp (ready to defend their country) in the military sports camp on the banks of the Dnieper DOSAAF: participate in a bicycle race, throwing the nucleus, grenades, in the high jump, long, in swimming, in cross-country race in motocross, participate in the tactical game.

Reel №1

Kiev - LS. (With a / t).

PNRM. the street.

The people on the streets.

Three young men with the balls in his hands.

It takes a young man - CU.

Blooming Chestnut - CU. (With motion).

A young man reading a newspaper on the go - MS.

Volodya rides a motorcycle - MS., LS.

Motorcycle wheel - CU.

Volodya Volodya Victor sits on a motorcycle, both passing through the streets of the city - MS., LS.

Friends come to the Zaporizhzhya plant small cars are on its territory - LS., MS.

General view of the welding shop.

Victor at work in the factory laboratory - MS., CU.

Devices - CU.

Volodya in the shop at work assembling vehicles on a large conveyor - CU., LS.

Other workers - MS.

Announcement of the training on the delivery of a new set of rules GZR - Ready to defend the homeland - CU.

Factory Stadium - LS.

Training at the stadium: running, exercise on the bar, throwing the core - different.

Friends train.

Drill on the ship and a submarine: sailors take their places at the guns and devices, shoot.

Self-propelled rocket launchers - LS., MS.

Faces of the soldiers - CU.

Victor of other young men studying motor in one of the organizations DOSAAF (in class) - MS., LS.

Vladimir and others are in a class of radio engineering.

Volodya in radio - CU., MS.

Hand taps key "Morse code."

Winter landscape, boys skiing - LS.

Spring Creek - MS.


HPS on the river, rushing water - CU., PNRM.

Cherry blossom - CU., PNRM.

Victor trains in empty stadium: running, jumping high - MS.

Victor is a truck - CU.

Streets Zaporozhye - MS., LS. (With us, with a / t).

Victor Street helps the driver to solve the problem in the motor trucks - different.

Military sports camp on the banks of the Dnieper DOSAAF - MS., LS.

Sleeping boy - LS.

The chef prepares breakfast - MS.

Victor comes out of the tent, performing exercises on the bar - different.

Volodya by the river reading a book - different.

Exams (passing standards on the icon GZR): boys shoot, throw grenades, pushing the core, jump in length and height, take part in bicycle races - LS., MS.

Reel №2

The 100-meter race, the finish - LS.

Start cross 1.5 thousand meters - LS.

Harrier run on the bank of the Dnieper, in the woods, among them - Volodya and Victor - LS., MS.

Running legs - MS.

Hand with a stopwatch - CU.

The tops of the birch trees - MS. (With motion).


Volodya, Victor - CU.

Participants swim 100 meters at the start and finish of the race - MS., LS., CU.

Competition in motor boats, participate Victor - LS., MS.

Boats approach the finish line - LS.

Volodya coach - CU., MS.

Volodya at the start of motocross - MS.

Motorcyclists on a cross-country race - LS., MS.

Passing Volodya - CU.

Skydivers jump in the air, land - MS., LS.

Dnepr - LS.

Is youth with banners - LS., MS.

Militarized game: youth sailing in boats, landed on the shore, "Attack» - LS., MS.

Volodya have radios communicating - LS., CU.

Victor acts as a motorcycle messenger: transfer officer package - MS., CU.

The guys running with the flag up the hill - LS., MS.

Flying aircraft - LS.

Youth listening recollections of the Civil War - MS.

Pioneers placed on the grave of the deceased soldier wildflowers, PNRM. the inscription: "Eternal glory to the hero» - MS.

Young people around the grave - LS.

Dnieper dam, the water passing through the dam - LS.

Systems division is a soldier - LS.

Among the soldiers - Volodya and Victor - MS.

Walking foot - MS.

Badge on his tunic GZR - CU.

Soldiers on exercise: overcoming the obstacle - LS., MS.

Fly fighters - LS.

Radio antenna of the car - LS.

Volodya in the radio in the cab - CU.

During the military parade on Red Square wheeling rocket - LS., CU., LS. (With a / t).

Spectators in the stands - LS., MS.

African - CU.